reflection | Reviewer: lime | 12/4/08

yes reflect how the kids attitude are up now... joinin' the gansta is thier only solution to thier problem but they would only realise that thier were wrong when they already in the edge of the line with no way out... like me livin' in gangster paradise before

A Respected Song | Reviewer: The Smart Sheep | 11/25/08

Very good song, emotionally stimulating by music and lyrics. Rap was originally created to exress the troubled emotions of gangs. Obviously people lately have been screwing it up, and now Coolio's 'Gangsta Paradise' is referred to as "Old School".
I usually have no respect for rap, but this I have respect for, because it doesn't give a personna of being cool, crude, man-whores laying their women and running from the police. It's actually just crying without tears with this song. The last verse Coolio sings study explains he is doomed for his actions and feels trapped for his actions. The last verse altogether raps it up. They realized their blind actions of the pain they caused, and regret it.

...And this is The Smart Sheep signing out. God Bless

its an okay song | Reviewer: wigga | 1/15/08

i must admit i heard better. if you want some real g-shit read the bible... no joke theres all kind of killing in there betrail murder lies put people to the tust and i t gives me a clearer image on people and what they do. laugh at me if you want. but even coolio reads the bible and young jeezypeace out.

sTR8 UP gansta | Reviewer: Clitoral Stimulator | 11/27/07

ok, so now ya see? coolio is a str8 up gansta u gotta realize this. just put this song on repeat ya herd smoke a blunt or summin u kno just kick wit ya forty coolio is the birth of gansta rap ya herd str8 thuggin thanx for makin the seen wut it is today word. pea-ce.
- T-Boner. oneWUUT?

A real life portrait | Reviewer: Rulo79 | 11/22/07

That song refects a sad reality of poverty and crime plagued life of most urban communities, expresing a no expectancies life,the "power of money" , loneliness, fractured families and crime life. It´s interesting to understand those people´s life, the other side of the modern society "progress" and the huge gap between different standards of living.

Nobody probably understands this song... | Reviewer: Natalie | 11/2/07

It's really sad!!! He's talking about how his life is screwed-up... I love this song!!! How do people get caught up in these types of lives??? It's sad to think about...
Tell me why are we so blind to see...
That the ones we hurt are you and me...

One of the Best rap Song | Reviewer: Jean Paul | 10/5/07

Coolio did it. If people were able to come back at any age level, I would love to have him coming back and do some more hits. This one is unbelievable.

COOLIO JR | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07


Gangstaaaaa :) | Reviewer: Yumeeee | 6/7/07

Our fave song with da's just totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) COOLIO FOREVAH!!!!! ;)

the best rap song evar! | Reviewer: tracie | 8/13/06

I love the song! It's so unbelieveably great! Definetely one of the best rap songs evar, if not the best!

The most spectacular review in the history of GAAAAAAAAAAAAY Tom lol stainsby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/04

The silly simon song is so good it is almost as good as doing MATRIX in mrs. lea's technology class. that class is so ridiculously funny with me n stainsby writin on the cards and shit. LETTUCE LEALA. newayz this song is song is S-I-C-K its so good its unbeleivable