A vicious cycle | Reviewer: Ran | 2/5/12

It's very true that youth involved in gangs need to reflect upon their lives, but it's equally true that gangs are just a byproduct of an abusive country. If there weren't hatred and violence against the poor and people of color, there wouldn't be gangs trying to vent the abuse they suffered onto others. As a victim, there are two ways of coping with abuse: either you become depressed and self-destructive, or depressed and violent. Gangs are a classic example of the latter.
PS: Anonymous post on 1/10/12, don't be another Homer Simpson who thinks every problem can be solved with a gunshot. Grow up a little. And grow some balls. Real men don't need to carry around a gun to feel tough.

I hate people like you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/12

This song is absolutely legendary and pure genius, however, Mr. Anonymous down there is the reason why I conceal-carry an H&K USP45, there's been many a time when some little ghetto punk tried to fuck with me or one of my buds, only to be met with some well placed Magtech JHP+Power. There's a cure for these low-class, piss-poor, trashy, uneducated gangster/thug wannabes, and that's for responsible law-abiding Americans to get there Conceal-Carry permits and step up and do what's necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY HOOAH

Respect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/11

the other day i was on the subway and lisnin to rap the guy next to me told me to lisin to this song....i said i wasnt to gansta just a white boy lisnin to some true shit...he said "son true shit is exactly that true shit....coolio and many more put it down and its real" so i gave it a try and damn really makes me thnk twice fore i go and steal or smoke and live that life......Respect

the way things go | Reviewer: cherrypie | 11/18/11

I am addicted to this song its one of my favs and i can rap every word:)coolio is da shittt!and if anyone thinks wrong apparently they dont live as a gangsta in paradise cityyyyy!!!!!

Peace bitchezzz

read this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

I agree with the anonymous guy about the song but, its uneducated dumbass ghetto punks like you who fuck the world up. Yeah i understand the government thing but the crimes you commit ruin innocent peoples lives. thats what you gotta remember when you think your gonna be a badass and commit crimes. Try making an honest living, instead of stealing what people work their asses off for their whole life because you think your the shit when really everyone thinks your dick and want to hang you in their front yards.

original star | Reviewer: vikki | 10/15/11

just love coolio for this awesome song which reflects some people's lives and those were the days of rap which had truth,these days its all about money and girls,i thank coolio and all the people behind.

read dis shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

wtf you guys are getting it all wrong coolio didnt want people to quit living in a gangster paradise he wanted them to understand the concept of it all what its like to be in that with the mind set and the i dont give a fuck attitude he wanted kids to understand so that way most of them wont live a life of crime coolio didnt think he was superman out to change the world just open peoples eyes man this shit happens every day bro its like what plies said you need people like me with crime dumb fucks think about it wouldnt be all fine and fucking amazing its gonna be routine every day no law breakers every bodys doing the same thing every day fuck dat u need niggas like me to couse chaos with out chaos the government would already have full control but people like u that are afraid to break rules and shit ull be the ones to lose our country for all of us
i live in the greatest country in the world USA where thugs run the streets

accredition | Reviewer: oliver | 9/23/11

nice piece by coolio...this track shuld serve as a lesson to the youths of dis generation neva to indulge in crime knwing the awkward repercussion @the end...whenever i listen to dis track,i tink twice abt life #love u coolio...

The realistion of truth | Reviewer: Timmy | 6/26/11

The first time I listened to the song sometime in 1995, I realised that it was a moment of truth and somebody needed to say it. Thank God Coolio did. But how many people living in Gangstas Paradise truly appreciate the message the song conveys. Methinks that the song should be played regularly to enable more gangs/gangstas get the message. The song is evergreen, infact a masterpiece even though it bears its roots from Stevie Wonder's 'Pastime Paradise'. Love this song.

Really? | Reviewer: Really | 6/1/11

Coolio was the birth of.gangsta rap? Umm ever heard of nwa? Like 5 years before coolio? Gangsta rap was originally stories about poverty police corruption and how they rebelled to escape being statistics

grreatttt<3 | Reviewer: angie | 10/17/09

this is a truly great song. i don't even really like this music. i mean, i listen to shit like the smiths, devendra banhart, and interpol! but this song is really amazing. it portrays all kinds of troubled youth.

Stevie! | Reviewer: Bert | 10/8/09

I was soooo excited in 1995 when I heard this song, as it is based on Stevie's "Pastime Paradise" from "Songs in the key of life". As 14 year old boy, I listened to "The history of pop" and heard Pastime Paradise for the first time. I was in awe... An incredible song. And then Coolio took it and brought it to a new generation! Love U all

cool redux | Reviewer: a ann | 4/28/09

I guess no one knows that this great rap song is a redux of Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise" from his 1976 masterpiece "Songs In The Key of Life" album. Give the Grand Master (Wonder) his due credits for being the original genius behind this song.

pay respect | Reviewer: prince hew | 4/22/09

this is the only song i respect and love listening to.. i respect the song, the song writer, the person the song was dedicated to and Coolio.. some times i reflect my live on this song... walking around in gangs and whacking ppl.. wat goes around come backs around.. a hell of a good song made in history. power o respect.. being afraid is not respect.. having respect wit no power is better and fear of a powerful person. wat ever u think u are u dont have to be tat.. advice from me.. peace be with u.. God died 4 every 1

tru stories | Reviewer: shanky aka bashy's wifey | 2/20/09

I love the lyrics to this song he reflects on to youths these days wat there going through life aint easy at all and thos words minute after minute hour after hour its sounds so depressing like it tought every minute every hour every flippin second I love coolio his a boom chum :)