better song | Reviewer: Carlos | 6/17/07

Well, i thing that this songs is about everybody, and yourself can thing that its song is abou you want, women, god, or man, only is a beatyful song... sorry for my bad english | Reviewer: Alice | 6/12/07

yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, optimism and idealism. As to the inspiration - the song speaks to someone, because the lyrics talk about skin and bones, and act stupidity=love. I hope Coldplay is heterosexual, then I can safely say the inspiration was from a physically beautiful female.

Loving and Endearing | Reviewer: Lisa | 6/7/07

Anonymous, your name should've been CLUELESS! you really have NO CLUE! It symbolizes LOVE. Oh, but i guess that's something you wouldn't know about b/c LOVE is probably something you're not in. This song is amazing! I am so enamored by the lyrics. If Coldplay is ever in San Antonio, TX, I will be attending that concert!

Love It!! | Reviewer: Amy | 5/30/07

Yep, this song is talking about a girl.. and "Yellow", as Chris said, stands for sunlight.. it gets brighter as the moments pass.. beautiful song, Coldplay is an awesome band!!

lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

i really love this song.. =)
could be inspired in God
and that´s so interesting..
guys i love you..!

Wicked | Reviewer: Alex | 4/29/07

i saw them play in sydney this song was the best there, ITS WICKED!!! COLDPLAY BEST!!!!

:] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

I love this song so much.
It was the first song by Coldplay I had ever heard, it got me hooked onto them.

dang | Reviewer: m. b. | 4/6/07

this song makes me cry. I shall dedicate it to my kids and wife

Hi | Reviewer: Chris Martin | 4/6/07

The word "yellow" symbolizes for sunlight. realize how the sky turned lighter and lighter each moment.

emina the strange girl | Reviewer: Emina | 4/4/07

i love this song they cold me the strange becuase they don t like this kin of music but i love coldplay

maybe God | Reviewer: amanda | 4/1/07

You could be right, this song could be written to God.

joe | Reviewer: joe masalko | 2/17/07

Love this song i sing it to my girlfriend alot. love this song

Interpretation | Reviewer: Gods Child | 2/21/07

I dont know is this song was inspired on a Woman or man or GOD. Can somebody else tell me who you beleive inspired this song.

excellent | Reviewer: homer | 1/1/07

in today's generation of stupidcore music, coldplay's "yellow" was refreshing to me. The only problem is, I don't understand what it's about...

Whatt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/06

what the hell is this song about lol i don't understand the sybolization of yellow