Yellow | Reviewer: Bee | 2/19/09

I sang this song to my daughter in the womb (skin & bones turning into something beautiful) she is now nearly 8 and loves the song herself. I had the pleasure of seeing Coldplay perform it live at the O2 last December - it was sooo special.

... | Reviewer: Malinda | 12/15/07

i first heard this song when i was much younger and i thought it was crap. i listened to it the other day and it is so powerful and amazing and deep. coldplay are brilliant.if only all guys were like that lol wherever they get their insipration from i hope it never runs out!

Wow | Reviewer: Ezik15 | 12/14/07

i luv thiz sonf so much!!! the fisrt i listened 2 thiz was wit my boyfriend. I just felt in love wit thiz so cuz it's so real,it isn't just words.....there's feelings too...i luv it!

mmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

this song sings right to my heart. like a love letter from Christ. He made the stars and bled himself dry out of love for each of us. amazing song!

WOW | Reviewer: Katie | 11/4/07

Wow, ya kno, alot of songs out there are just so junky with lust, but this song expresses so much love and true feeling! When I first heard it, it made me want to cry b/c of all the emotion put into the song. It made me feel good...

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

my boyfriend burned me a cd with this song on it and said it was how he felt about me and now he always tells me he would give me all the stars in the sky. he's the best.

Uplifting! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

I just heard this song in my car the other day...
had not having the best day but it lifted my
spirits for the rest of the day with it's snazzy guitar,
singing, and lyrics... very awakening and real!

uplifting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

I just heard this song in my car the other day and was
amazed by how it lifted my spirits for the rest of the day-
great guitar and singing! (I admit yellow is also my
favorite color...)

romantic | Reviewer: andi | 8/27/07

Could this song be more romantic? could the word yellow express more than it already does? this is real love seing the person you love in yellow wanting to bleed yourself dry for them jump across and see them shining like stars

Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

dis is one of da best songs. i just luv coldplay. it rox.

Yellow | Reviewer: Alex | 8/13/07

Incredible "breakthrough song" by Coldplay. It reminds me of friendship and love. Uplifting and euphoric. It reminds me of a really nice girl I met in Australia...

love. | Reviewer: carol :] | 8/8/07

i love this song SO much. i'm pretty sure, though, that chris said it's not necessarily about a romantic relationship, and also that he chose yellow because no other color fit:
'Lead singer Chris Martin has said that the lyrics are about being devoted to someone, wanting to do anything for them - writing a song for them, swimming across the sea for them and so on. He said that it's not necessarily a romantic devotion, but someone that you look up to and would do anything for, a brotherly love.
..... According to lead singer Chris Martin: "It was simply because that word sounded nice, it just seemed to fit, no other reason. None of the other colors would have sounded right really!" '

--but, that's just songfacts. i guess it could be wrong. anyway it doesn't matter, because this song is beautiful and coldplay is amazing!!

Amazing song... | Reviewer: Josefine | 7/28/07

I just LOVE this song. It's so beautiful. They make wonderful music, can't live without their music!

hey | Reviewer: jake m | 7/7/07

this song alows me to understand how i really feel about sum ppl. most more than others, but i like it alot and i hope coldplay is making another song like it...

the guys on "40year old virgin" were WRONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

a line in "40 year old virgin" goes
"you know how i know you're gay?.... you like coldplay"

i love yellow.
begst song ever.