just like a dream | Reviewer: motse | 7/26/12

This summer I had an experience that felt like I was living a dream.I was in Slovenia and I met this one girl and I fell in love with her right over. Last night I was there we slept together and we spent all morning hugging and kissing ... we only had 3 hours because I had to leave...and while we were kissing the radio starts playing Yellow and it was like the world stopped in this moment... Now I'm back in Greece and I wonder if I ever meet my dreamgirl again...Hope I will someday...

yellow for my novel's character | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/11

i'm working on writing a novel. One character i have,Nusa, has a pure love to a cheerful,independent,smart,girl: Hening. Nusa is good at writing songs. One day,when he was on his way out of the town he listened to this song that made him realized that love can't always bring his queen of his heart to him. Yellow... A pure and true love that is difficult to find, yet exist. For u i bleed myself dry, coz they're all yellow :)

"red" does not represent TRUE LOVE... yellow is better :) | Reviewer: lucy | 9/18/11

- red to me means danger, stop. heartbreak... last week, i realised there is a much better, purer more unconditional love that exists. i had a phone call from an old college mate, one of our good friends had passed away a whole year ago! and we didnt even know. a fateful plane crash. this friend happened to be the one i slept with for the 1st time. i remembered the song he used 2 sing to me... YELLOW the lyrics were amazing, i thought back to our very strange year long relationship through college... we hardly spoke at all. it was so intense we just were too shy. then i remembered the reason i woke up every day, excited, looking forward 2 one thing.... when our eyes met. his eyes always met mine the same time, it was almost as if it was enough, we knew, a way of comunicating. we were 17. we left college and lost touch.its been 5 years and i have just found out hes been dead a year.
i keep reading YELLOW lyrics, its almost as if he is speaking to me, something we only used to do when our eyes met... i believe, even though our relationship didnt last, there was something more there. i have felt a missing part of my soul for a year now. he is my twin soul. i cant stop thinking how i now can see that when i look at his eyes in photos. i know! one day, we will be reunited....until that day i will honour this... i recently met up with all my really old close friends who i lost touch with.the ones i want for life.if i lose touch, i will only regret it.they have this YELLOW love about them also, they sort of fill the missing part of me no longer here anymore. this love is so true, so purer then "red love" it is YELLOW. LIGHT. i will never lose touch. until our souls meet one day, i will always look to the stars, and imagine ur beautiful eyes, i now realise every time our eyes met THEY SANG THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG by colplay, about TRUE, yellow love xxxx I have no more words :( just those eyes ..... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Our song | Reviewer: V | 9/1/11

Oh God, listen this song always make me stood still and barely can't speak.
It felt like ton of water in my chest and make me so hard to breath.
3years ago, my ex give this song.
At first ,I just confused . Because I dont know this song. He just said, this song describe me in his eyes.
When I played it, I know how deep his love for me and so do I
Sadly, our relationship must end after 10months. But, my love never die for him until right now.
tomorrow, This day and next day he is always be my yellow. :)
I wish you know

Love Email and Yellow by Coldplay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

I'm not an avid fan of Coldplay nor their songs. In one occassion, my boyfriend surprised me with a love email. He sent me this poem:

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

- Courtney Kuchta -

while "Yellow" playing as background music. I was so moved. Never I met a guy who is sweeter than him. We are celebrating our 28 monthsary then and I feel like I am more in love with him than before.

Yellow :D | Reviewer: davidooo | 11/4/10

So this song really just breaks me down because it makes me think of my one and only Megan. i decided to make it our song even though were not dating. though if she wasnt moving away to Tennessee this would most definitely be our song if we were dating. "Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful", this is my favorite part because megan is truly beautiful. Hope you read this megan.

102608 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/10

My first love asked me if i liked him when we were both watching SNL and coldplay was performing this song. I was the happiest girl alive. We went out for a year and eight months. But his love faded away. So he broke up with me. I still love him and i always will. This was our song. I hope he never forgets me and that he will be mine again someday.

Eight months of happiness | Reviewer: Matthew | 7/11/10

I am so in love with this girl. She's my baby, and we have been together for eight months. Ever since I heard this song while I was with her, this has become our song, and whenever I play it on guitar or bass or drums or sing it, or whatever, I always think of her. I love you Ella my baby, thanks for sticking with me for so long. You're my number one. I'll never leave you.

Beautiful song! | Reviewer: Katherina | 4/25/10

I love this song so much, Whenever I listen to this song, I think about my bf. I would do anything for him like, write a song, sing for him, and anything for him! I love him so much and I dedicate this song for him! I love you so much! :) Coldplay Forever! :)

... | Reviewer: Jack | 1/13/10

a while back, i saw this girl named Monique, and i gotta tell you, it was love at first sight. well, for me. she didn't give a damn about me...she was too happy next to her boy friend. for a long time, i tried to win her over, all a complete failure. then i heard this song, and i felt as if all my emotions were being described. i've managed to kill my feelings, but i will always remember the girl who i first fell in love with, how i felt, and this song

loved it since i first heard it | Reviewer: badlab | 1/2/10

when i heard this song coldplay was a nobody and really that was the greatest song ever, i remember my dad listening to at he took me to my grandparents. First song i remember actually taking a interest into and trying to find the cd.

iiepic!! | Reviewer: landon | 9/22/09

i heard this song when i was seven and i had seen the video for this song and it is one of the first things i remember in my memory. one of my favorite songs ever. i often song this song when i am sad, happy, excited, etc... this song will not die.

beautiful | Reviewer: fudge | 9/2/09

I heard this song a while ago and felt so serene bc of the beauty of it.... I was captivated ever since... at work today I couldn't get it out of my head... I heard this song when I dated my ex boyfriend a while back.. I used to wish he felt for me this way... but now I listen to this song thinking of my current boyfriend... we've been together a month and a day and he always says he would buy me the universe to make me happy.. this song reminds me of my feelings for him.. love =]

idk | Reviewer: titus | 7/2/09

yellow is my best friend's color and i think i'm in love with her. i give her all these hints about it, but i don't think she notices them all. when i met her, her smile stunned me, haha. she is a beautiful girl, very smart, also outgoing and talented. she is amazing.

That one moment.... | Reviewer: Spencer Ortega | 5/25/09

A while ago I met a girl. I never realized that it was love at first sight until later. I had a feeling but I've never felt it before. When I talked to her, I asked what her favorite color was and she replied "yellow". Ever since then I considered it her song. I've fallen deep in love with her... I'll always love her. I played this song on a stage for her. I sang and played it for her and it was the first time I've performed like that. I was shaking and I felt light headed but played it because I love her. She was the first one I've ever told I love you to and I've written songs for her myself. She can't love me now for some reason... but I'm never going to stop. If it weren't for this song and her... I would have never found love. thanks. and if somehow you ever read this... I love you Katie, I honestly do. I'm lost without you.I will ALWAYS be here for you, I love you!...