Favorite ever | Reviewer: Edward | 8/3/12

as for me this is the favorite song of the favorite album. I think it described a situation where a boy confessed to his best female friend and got refused so their friendship came to an end. But maybe they are both trying to do something. I loved the song because I have the same feeling

thought | Reviewer: tropa | 11/18/11

as for me, the thought of the whole album, in particular to this song, that, two person can't be together, on is really pursuing the other, but refuses or something, or they can't be on that level that they can understand each other i mean accept or just settle with things

Gives me shivers | Reviewer: Drug Addict | 12/29/10

I think maybe what he's trying to portray is someone who's been hurt before and is hesitant to love again, in case they get hurt the same way. I can relate to the feeling, but then again, I may be misinterpreting it

Another Twist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/10

This song can also mean a confuse love triangle. You have a person who is trying to mend a broken relationship yet at the same time, he becomes infatuated with the person that he turned to for comfort & she becomes a true friend to him. His dilema is not giving up on a broken relationship (obligation) yet he feels spiritually connected to his savior friend. There lies the struggle...

to get away from it all. | Reviewer: chris martins future wife:) | 1/26/10

i am totally obsessed with coldplay! this song is my favorite especially because i just love the music but the lyrics speak out to me when somthing has happened and i just have to get away from it all. It reminds me of somthing out of a dream but yet it is so real. Its like your trying to breathe underwater and and you don't know which way is up. which is how i feel somtimes. it really expresses emotion and im sure it relates to everybody one way or another

GAHHH! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

Wow. dude same here.
My ex and i , i guess we both hurt eachother, (because we broke up)
and we hung out together for the first time in a VERY long time, we started getting feeling for eachother again.
This song is PERFECT!
it describes how were scared to attempt it again. and he is like my bestfriend.

Story of my life... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

I think this song really relates to a love story. falling deep in love with someone who is emotionally broken and then trying to make it all better for the both of you together and the wild ride love takes you on in the process.

Wow... | Reviewer: Mona | 9/5/08

My God. I love Coldplay to death, and I just listened to this song for the first time and I literally just started to cry. I can't believe how emotional it made me, seeing as how I'm not that type. I hope Coldplay doesn't stop making music for a long, long time.

dreamy... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

its soo dreamy yet so realistic it makes you confused...the lyrics drag you to...the very bottom of the seas, i guess...you sink into it and dont want to come out...i love Coldplay...i cant go a day without listening to them...

the best I ever heard....... | Reviewer: natalia | 10/15/07

I've never paid attention to the lyric of this song, but once I did, it was awsome, it really make me feel an amazing emotion, its the best song ever heard.......

WOW | Reviewer: Raine | 10/2/07

I never really paid attention to this song then one day, it hit me. I totally love it! It makes me cry and feel brave at the same time!

we all... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

this song is such an emotion-giver, makes you miss, think, philosophize, conclude- the beauty of coldplay music.

beautiful.... | Reviewer: j.d. | 7/13/07

This song is really something, it's takes my breath away...or something simmilar :) I can listen to it even 10 times one after another and it's still fills me with nice feelings , emotional feelings :)

Wicked | Reviewer: Benji | 2/13/06

I think that the song is great, has an amazing vibe to it. Makes you want to listen to it agian and again, Really is fantastic.

X AND Y RULES | Reviewer: Danyelle | 1/26/06

i think this song is great it has awsome lyrics...i love this song....CHRIS MARTIN IS HOTT IN COLDPLAY RULES