Lover? ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

Excellent song ... but I'm sorry to see all of us broken-hearted people congregating here.

I'm the same ... I like him, he likes her, she likes someone else ... his best friend, actually. I have to pick up the pieces, and make sure he's okay, while I know he's only thinking of her. Even if he says the opposite is true. So he loses himself in his work, she tries to keep it together too, and I sit and watch.

We never change. Do we?

change | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/09

For me personally,
i do believe in change, i also agree with this song that we dont change. I'm not trying to be clever.
i do know personal change can be made, i've experienced it... but more than that, i pray.
dont think religion, i dont go to church and cant stand religion.
But i do believe in Dad (God) Why? because He saves my but, and cares for me and for all of us.
if you say hooey, i know that place well too... the first 18 years i didnt know Him either. But as i get older He has shown me i cant change many things and just to give it over to Him. Just praying simply, "Dad, i feel lonely, i feel lazy, i feel selfish, i hate, i am heartbroken or whatever and then i give it to HIm and sometimes immediatly, sometimes over "time" i find in a moment i am changed.
i believe in prayer.
Dad sometimes gives me songs, many times they are songs by coldplay.

nthng | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/09

I'm in a very simillar situation Shawn, don't kill yourself too much over unreturned love from someone, it took me too long to realise it's just not worth it. Just follow your own way, live a spontaneous and relaxed life, if it's meant to happen it will eventually.

never change | Reviewer: Shawn | 3/3/09

i agree with a lot of what people have been saying here about this song about the fact that we all want a simple life with naught but what we need. but it could also have the romantic concepts to it.
over the past year me and my friend have been having fights about our relationship and when we should take it to the next level. recently this is has been brought up several times. the problem was that she has a bf that she likes as well. the strange thing is that we both have told each other that we love one another. but we cant go back to being just friends. I sometimes wish I could go back to when life was so much more simple but we never change. and now we arent talking so we can both move on

mehhhhh | Reviewer: Lexie | 2/16/09

I agree with the last reviewer. This song is so great because in encapsulates our deepest and most simple wants. Everyone wants a simple blissful life. Changes in lifestyle have told us we don't want simplicity any more so to counter act that we crave it. Mehhhh I just love this song so much. I'm doing a project on it.

wants | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/09

I love this song. And I really love this band. I love this song because it shows us that we all actually want the same things. We want friends, we want a house and a life and a person to share it with, and when it says "We never change", I think it means that mankind doesn't change. We are all inherently the same. And I agree with Trevor, that another aspect is that we all want what we can't have, but that doesn't mean that mankind stops hoping.

insight? | Reviewer: Trevor | 1/31/09

I don't think these lyrics are just about us never changing. I believe more of the song is about living a life where everything is good, peaceful, and nice. And he wants to be these things all the time also. Another factor is Chris wanting to escape to this place. And when Chris sings this song you know that it was created knowing the sad truth that this could never happen.

Something I needed to get rid of | Reviewer: A Young Person | 11/4/08

I can really relate to these lyrics. A couple of months ago, I started to have feelings for the best friend of my brother. He helped me through a tough time, when I was healing from the wounds that my ex boyfriend made. I fell in love with him, even though I didn't want to. Because I knew what would happen. My brothers friend is nine years older, and I'm still very young. When my brother gave a party, we both had too much drinks (not THAT much, but enough to do things that you normally wouldn't do) and we hugged all night. After that, we talked, and he said that we couldn't be together, even if we were in love with each other. He was right. But every time I see him we still cuddle much, without anyone knowing. And I use to listen to this song when he's gone. Because we really never change.

sad but true song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

My girlfriend broke up couple of days ago after a long and happy story... During all this time, I promised her I'd change the things that she disliked about me... I tried, I tried it very hard.. But he wouldn't be enough for her so she left me... We never change, that's so true.. I can't stop listening to this song now...

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/08

Changes happen in life, they rip us apart. For each one of them we are back to the real self again, ready to make new choices. It scares me, deeply. It scares me to know I lost everything I was, and here I am again, ready to lose my self over and over gin. For each loss, the certainty that nothing will ever be the same, but it will keep on being. If I can just manage to keep on breathing everything will keep on going. Even without you, even when I am no longer us and just me.
For when you choose, when you follow what you have to do, what you know you re, it was meant to be. It was meant to be over.
I regretted this until I started believing in love. Again.

k | Reviewer: nj | 9/24/08

Sometimes in life we done know where we are headed and who we are headed with. To this day I'll never know until ive lived my life. But every thing I know, you know. In reality, maybe to be so similar became such an obstacle in our lives that if we were eally going to make it work, it would. But for our point in time, our paths are headed different directions.. But somewhere I know truest in my heart I can feel you here. I feel your presence and I know we will come back to eachother. No matter how many alterations that might arise unto us in the future , you will never change my darling, I will never change. It will always be me. Just me, like the day when you made me mrs. you. You are my crazy. Beautiful. Love

Parents.... | Reviewer: AB | 3/17/08

Click off the phone with the parents, click off an email to them, and click on this song. The call, the email, breaking up, sort of. A please stop asking when I am coming back because it breaks my heart every time, because to be honest, I can never come back, even with my body there, my heart is not. We've grown, so far apart, so distant. Life is to be lived and every opportunity to jump taken, and I have just jumped too far to fast too happy to ever come back to this house of gloom and doom and negatitivity. I may visit, one day, but, my heart will never arrive, never glow in the sunshine of the gloom and doom. My heart lives in the happiness of adventure and passion and life lived, not scorned. I can never ever come home, so please, please stop asking me.

lovely | Reviewer: pilar | 2/2/08

its a really good song. its amazing how chris martin can explain want he felt in that moment. and i hear every single day, because its exactly what i felt when i broke up with boyfriend.i just love this song

can't get it out of my head! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

i just love this song, even though it breaks my heart everytime i hear it. i love coldplay they know how to say things right and just when to say it.

what we want | Reviewer: raul banderas | 7/28/07

this songs express many things we want in our lifes, i just desagree with the last part cuz, i do have a soul to save and im trying not to sin each day..this is my conviction, i deeply respect other opinions... but great songs, and really great band...