Sin | Reviewer: Trudy | 10/13/13

Since we are born with sin it becomes very difficult to not do becomes frustrating because we sin ask for forgiveness yet sin again....if the punishment of sin is death then il rather"live in a wooden house".... Aka coffin= least when you dead you are not worried about sinning again and again....making friends will be disappointment .

I wanna live in a wooden house... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/12

He's tired of his inability to change, and he just wants to leave the world (wooden house= coffin), live with his friends in heaven, where the sun comes out, where he can fly and never come down.

Dr | Reviewer: mavata | 12/11/11

gabriel hit the mark. I feel lyk chris is portrayn a character tht z tired of living according to the rules. The element of sin z wat judgez hs lyf. He want 2 continue living, and making friendz the way he wantz 2. He mayb refering 2 hs lover,parent or God. Because he is indeed refering 2 a single entity. He wud prefer to b 6ft undr wer he cn live hs life n make mre friendz away frm ths lyf. Hs reasn 4 nt acceptng or living according 2 ths entity z bkoz hs nt happy n he wantz ths persn 2undrstand tht we never change n he doezn want 2remain unhappy. Hence hm wanting to live in a woodn house (coffin) and paradise (place wer the sum cumz out)

What I think | Reviewer: gabrielle | 10/9/11

I dont see this song the way others are seeing it. I see it as very sad. He is basically saying he cant change and he is getting tired of it. I honestly believe the wooden house means a coffin...but I could be wrong.

pezizzle summed it up | Reviewer: dave | 9/11/11

ur spot on ! and its not always easy to please ur lover / other half and do the things you want to do as well ! just goes to show how how much coldplay influence people one of the greatest bands in the world i love there stuff , this song isnt one of my favourites but it still has meaningful lyrics

Reminds me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/11

Of Harrison Bergeron. How Chris says, "I wanna live life," and "I wanna fly and never come down," reminds me of the part in the ballet studio. And of course, We Never Change, could refer to the society in that story refusing change.

meaning. | Reviewer: pezizzle | 9/5/11

I relate to this song. I see it as telling a lover that they never change and sink into the same ol' problems/lifestyle. He wants to live his life his way but still make his lover happy at the same time. Between this stress he just wants to get away ("Fly and never come down") but can't just hide from it all.

i love this song... | Reviewer: ani | 8/22/10

i listen to this song million times... i always like when a song has good and deep texts, after that song can become perfect. i always think after reading this text- can we change to a good way?.. who knows.. i love Coldplay and the souls of its songs.

Idealism | Reviewer: Aaron | 12/2/09

This song is, in my opinion, all about personal ideals and how they manifest in our lifestyles.

I don't think that it is pessimistic. I think it is self-aware idealism, acknowledging its own naivety while saying it will hold onto the dreams anyway.

Saying "We never change" I think is speaking to a friend or lover, saying "we always have these crazy ideals, don't we". Saying "I sin a little bit every day" is saying that even while holding these lofty dreams, he acknowledges that he falls short of them in many ways.

Overall, beautiful song, meaningful lyrics that have the ability to speak to a broad variety of situations.

change | Reviewer: Tia | 11/18/09

this song has always held special resonance with me for a few reasons. the main one, which most listeners don't quickly identify with, being the struggle between society norms and who as an individual you strive you become. Embracing small desires and individuality that due to dichotomy's and social expectations become hard.

I believe the song is about discovery and self fulfillment

though which changes are we willing to make for our personal happiness vs. the consequence of possibly letting someone we love down.

and the power struggle between the two

Not really who we are | Reviewer: thinking out loud | 9/18/09

I think this song is about desire. Desire of one to be as one sees oneself, and the disapointment one feels when they realize that they really aren't the person that they want to be.

They aren't the self that they wish, They keep trying to be that person but revert back to the old failure that they want to avoid. All people struggle with this.

hmm | Reviewer: dan | 8/29/09

i always like reading other ppls comments on the web. especially for song lyrics, i like to see other ppls interpretation of the words and the message that the artist is trying to convey. i just downloaded the parachutes album and i've had this song on repeat for most of the day. everyone seems to connect this song to relationships. i just thought about the times when life was simpler and i just began to reminisce on the days where your biggest concern was which primetime television program you should watch on a friday night. then, as i began to read the comments on the second page, i started to think about my own relationships. i am now in my second "serious" relationship. i've had many other promiscuous relationships with many women after graduating from high school. i feel like it somehow made me more of a man to have a large tally of "bodies" on you list. anyway, back to the point. in my first relationship, the first 2 months were great. we were dating, laughing having a good time being intimate. but then, after a while, i felt like i stopped caring. i became negligent, careless, and reduced the relationship to a purely sexual one. it became unhealthy and it ended on a bad note. in this one, its be going on 5 months plus. after 5 months, it seems that i may be heading in the same direction. i feel like im falling out of love. i feel like as if i haven't changed since the last serious relationship. its crazy how well one can relate to a song's lyrics. with every effort that i made to somehow change, it seems that i never have. maybe i'm not old enough. maybe with time. or mabye i haven't found the perfect girl for me yet.

its a good song... | Reviewer: Nir | 8/16/09

I think chris say in this song a list of thinks for perfect world, and "we never change" meaning that we (the people) will never succeses to change this world to a perfect world.. its pessimistic song!

;( | Reviewer: barrett syd | 8/7/09

we never change, it's all about being accepted by others...
this man is sick and tired of everything around him, because people don't understand him as he wants. I think that is very bad thing in your life when you are not accepted by others, but you can't change you and your personality.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

I think by saying 'we' he means humanity in general and the things he sings about are just things that all people want/do and how humans have never changed snice the beginning of time e.g. wooden house and using simplistic ideas of being good and cruel. On the other hand it seems there is a want of an escape from this cycle, maybe wanting everything has brought unhappiness so he goes back to the basics.