Great song | Reviewer: dan | 4/28/07

Brilliant song, listening to it after breaking up with my girlfriend, the love of my life, after her saying, people never change, i cant do this anymore.. it brings back alot of memories..

love it | Reviewer: sam | 3/25/07

i sent he lyrics to my best friend when she moved to perth.
its a beautiful song.i love coldplay.
and i love you rachel.i hope you find this one day and i hope you see how beautiful you really are.
words can not explain how much i will miss you and i just wish i knew how to tell you how amazing you realy are.

Yah for coldplay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/05

This song is what everyone wants in life. I think he sums it up perfectly. Life is what you make of it, this song vocalizes that.