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Performed by Coldplay

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awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

This song is an incredible reflection upon the fragility of relationships...and yes, I saw "The Last Kiss" and that movie(being as great as it was) brought out the true meaning of this song even more. It is really as if Chris wrote the lyrics for that movie...amazing song.

TO MY BABY MELISSA - I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: jimmy | 9/9/07

this song is so perfect for anyone who knows that they have that special someone. i watched the movie, The Last Kiss, with my girlfriend and it was one heck of a date movie. my girlfriend enjoyed it just as much if not more than i did. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD SONG AND MOVIE!

1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/07

1 out of somany songs always play with your feelings. I broke up with my gf lil more then a week ago. Now that i have i really regret it. And this song makes me realise that just more and more. Hurts to hear she wants some time for herself now... Guess ill just have to listen to this song and keep on hoping.

perfect | Reviewer: caroline | 9/1/07

this song is one of the greatest put forth by coldplay. and it fits perfectly into the movie "last kiss" you have to see it if you haven't...the song is just perfect in its placement in the film. i could not have picked a better movie, to have this song play in. damn i love this song and that movie.

about Warning Sign... | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/21/07

It remined's me of my boyfriend. How much I miss him everytime we are apart and how I realize how special he is to me and how I should never let him him go. How we should always be together because he is that island that I've passed by once already and now I know by all the warning signs that we are ment to always be together!

forgive me? | Reviewer: stacey | 8/9/07

its ilke u don't know what you got till its gone.. its like you let that one person pass you by.. you made one mistake that messed it all up and you wish you could get them back.. but you cant.. mistakes are mistakes and soemtimes they can never be forgiven.. it sucks but u just have ot live ur life.. and try to get over it

irma. :* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

yeye, great song.. amazing lyrics, it kinda makes you apart of reality, it matches in with what i feel so much, which is why i love the song so much, and all along why i love coldplay 2, love their songs & all the great lyricses.

for you. | Reviewer: nicole | 7/28/07

this song explains it all. i miss you, and i'm sorry i passed you by. we haven't spoken to each other in such a long time, but i think about you all the time. i know we could have had something amazing..the love you see in those cheesy cliche romance movies. i hope someday soon i'll be able to tell you how much you mean to me..

oh my godness | Reviewer: adry | 7/20/07

i cry everytime i hear this song, its so amazing and so beautiful, and obviously... my x passed me by too, i miss him so much and i hope that one day we meet eachother again..... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jeje

i miss you, so. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

I should have never let you go. I am too afraid to tell you how much in love with you I still am. We both know it was love this time, why didn't I tell you I still love you when you let me crawl back into your arms. Not one day passes when I don't think about you.. and I cry myself to sleep everynight wishing I could have you back....

Lisa Cutie Meets Abby Handsome | Reviewer: lisa | 7/2/07

Tell me why this sond provokes me to go mellow and ponder on this afghan?

beautiful song | Reviewer: KLR | 7/1/07

Me and my bf are going through a break...the lyrics to this were written for us they are so true..he put the title of this in an away message online..i looked it up, downloaded the song, and bawled my eyes out. it is a beautiful song..i hope he wont pass me by...he is the love of my life. <3 2/14/05

Just beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

Everytime when I hear this song, i get this sad feeling, but also a happy feeling, it's such a beautiful song !

Abdullah Zarabi Meets Lisa Cutie..But Go Down Like Dow Jones lol | Reviewer: Lisa Cutie | 6/26/07

I Always did Love This song But for some strange reason it came to fit what I felt all of the sudden. Too bad I can't be open about what I feel, listening to this is the only way to get it out of my system and reflect.
Sure did let this babe pass me by... :)
Was only for the best.

Simply Wonderful | Reviewer: John | 6/20/07

...i love this song. makes me remember my ex whom i love so much. miss her everyday. we will find each other again one day. i won't pass her by.

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