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Performed by Coldplay

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i miss her. | Reviewer: xac | 11/8/08

i can relate to this so song soo much, this girl was my best friend for 2 years, and i liked her for a year , we dated for a month but it didnt work out and now its never going to be the same,i miss her so much it hurts i would do anything to make things work out , but ive lost out on my chance and i know nothing will ever happen again,a whole chunk of me feels empty without her.i let her go and now i cant stand myself for doing that, it hurt my pride to tell her that i love her ...and i missed the chance to tell her that i care.

re:laurie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/08

I went through a similar situation as Laurie and Hannah. Except I have "lived to see the future" and have outlived other boy friends, been happy again, and have dated other people for even a longer period than him, but none of them can even compare to him. None I felt the way I felt and still feel about him. When you meet THAT someone that is special, you can go years without ever feeling simply anything again. I have never had trouble dating and have had the best boy friends in the world, but the truth is, that I miss him, I miss him so. Even though he has hurt me, even though he surely doesn`t deserve me and I'll never admit to anyone I still love him with all my heart, I simply think I'll never feel that way about anyone again and I fear I will end up marrying a great guy who turns out to be a great friend, but not him. I fear I will never have momments of happiness like those with him. The truth is, that I MISS HIM SO, even when I'm with him, even when I talk to him all the time. It still feels like I don't have him and I need him even more. He's an island that I let pass by and don't know what to do to get him back. Evrything with guys has always been so easy and planned out for me, except him. Sometimes I wish I could just tell him how I want to crawl back into his open arms but don't have I don't have the courage or simply the will of getting back together after all he put me through and made me suffer. My pride will never let my feelings and suffering show, but this song makes me secretly cry sooo bad. Does this happen to you? Do you listen to it on repeat? Oh dear god...

cliche | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

like everyone else, this song reminds me of an ex i care a lot about. he's the only one i've ever truely "loved"; at least, what i know of love. i miss him every day, i know we could be together but he's far away now.

re: hannah | Reviewer: laurie | 10/14/08

"this song is, ideally, what i want him to say to me. but i will let him go, and discover his "what-ifs", and hope that he comes back to me, or that, ( and this is so hard to even comprehend...) I cross paths with someone that will know what they have when they have it... but, what if he wants me and i'm no longer there for him...what if that, darling?"

i agree with you, hannah; i feel like you stole the words from my mouth in that paragraph.

although my story does not have tons of parallels to tyler's, my boyfriend dumped me and not long after, went back to his ex, who has never treated him well - he'll even admit it. we had a wonderful relationship and whether he ends up back with me or with someone else, i just hope that he remembers me with a smile but never forgets how much wrong he did me. and i hope he's happy too. i don't know why, as he's caused me so much pain...but i guess that's love for you.

he told me not long ago that he has his doubts that they'll last very long, and i hope that he does find someone who will treat him right...deep down, i hope he realizes that "he misses me so" and comes back to me, but at the same time, i'm not waiting on him. love is out there and i deserve to feel it again, whether it be with him, or someone who loves me and treats me right from the start...

I miss you. | Reviewer: michelle | 10/9/08

It's been 8 months now...but I still think about him and miss him. I wish love was easy to get over sometimes, but at the beginning it feels completely impossible. I really didn't think I would ever get to the point where I could go a whole day without thinking about him. I have though. The only problem is I saw him for the first time in 8 months...I knew he was going to be there, I didn't want to see him, but it was somewhere we both had to be. It's not like I could avoid him forever. I was a whimp and wasn't planning on talking to him. but he saw me and came to give me a hug. that was it. then he came and sat right next to me, but didn't talk to me. I had done so well not thinking about him, then as soon as I saw him and felt his arms around me, it started again. this song makes me think of him a lot. but I am finally abe to think about him, and not be sad, but be happy for him and for myself because I have so much good going on in my life, and he does too.

The Truh Is I Do Miss You Sooooo. | Reviewer: Chelsea | 9/27/08

i dated this man named "Simon" he was from England we were together for a year and three months and cold play was our band specially the scientist and yellow but we have been broken up for 4 months now and we talk he has another girlfriend now and all i do is cry because hes my first true love i loved/love him so much and every time i hear this song all i wanna do is run back into his arms and say look i know we had our faults but we know deep down we love each other and we do he tells me everyday he loves me and always will... i dont want to move on i just want to hold on forever to know one day maybe we can be together again :D

Come on in... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/08

It seems like we all need to move on... but it is impossible to me not to think about him everyday... my best friend.
He is like a piece of a puzzle... everyone fits in... but than... his image is out of place...
why are we always out of place?
I miss you.

i miss him | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/24/08

I have a "tyler" in my life...i read that posted response, and I can only hope that one day the guy i've fallen for realizes this as brought tears to my eyes...his story has so many parallels.

this song is, ideally, what i want him to say to me. but i will let him go, and discover his "what-ifs", and hope that he comes back to me, or that, ( and this is so hard to even comprehend...) I cross paths with someone that will know what they have when they have it... but, what if he wants me and i'm no longer there for him...what if that, darling?

Green Eyes has a similar effect on me, as well.

i miss you | Reviewer: Spencer | 9/21/08

coldplay was my moms favorite band
then she took her life while i lived with her and i found her
but everything is fine now im 16 and the best and fond memory i have of her was listening to parachutes with her as a teen
and i couldnt ask for a better memory
viva la vida!

mom:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

unlike everyone else who is reminded of a boyfriend or girlfriend...this song reminds me of my mom.she lives in florida, and imoved back to virginia..i really miss reminds me of her because of the lyrics of course. and because she loves this song. on the way to the airport, we were listening to it. crying. im only 16. i feel so empty without mom..we were so close :( i wish i culd go home. but i cant..

and the truth is, i miss you. | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/28/08

this song is amazing, so many people can relate to it.
i've heard it a lot and never understood it till now.
i dated a guy from my hometown this summer for a little while, and i had been interested in him for a long time before, but i moved away the previous summer.
so while visiting this summer we didn't want to miss our chance and get together.
but i was so scared of getting close to him because i knew eventually i would have to go home, and i didn't realize that i had such a good thing at the time.
i ended up getting scared and cheating on him.
and i was so ashamed afterward that i couldn't even talk to him, and he wouldn't talk to me.
the worst part is i ended up leaving totally out of the blue, before i had a chance to tell him what went wrong, and how sorry i am.

The truth is. i miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/08

Theres one particular part of this song i relate to... "When the truth is, i miss you" My boyfriend has been away for a while. We're together but i don't see him. I get a letter in the mail every single day and i write him everyday. When i write i try to sound happy, because i know he wants me to be. But the truth is, i miss him. And i'm not as happy as i'd be if he was home...

Islands indeed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

Wow Tyler, your story holds so much similarity to mine.

Here's my deal. Our relationship wasn't long. It only lasted for 2 months, but "the truth is, that I miss you so". I liked this girl a lot, but then after month of dating I just tried to avoid her. I don't know what was in my mind. After the second month I just dumped her in the middle of a good relationship. That was one of the stupidest things I've done in my life. She obviously had strong feelings to me for a long time but I just tried to ignore her the best I could... Until now. Recently I found out that she's dating my good friend, and now I can't stop thinking of her and the mistakes I made in the past. This song tells my story. You were an island but I passed you why, you were and island to discover. And I passed you. The girl is great and I can't blame her for dating someone else. I was the stupid one who left her.

The truth is, I miss her... | Reviewer: Tyler | 8/11/08

I'm not too huge on Coldplay, but this song really gets me. The first verse is exactly what happened with me and a girl I didnt realise I truly cared for until it was far too late.
It was 5 years ago now, her and I had that slow kinda relationship... Talking a lot on the phone at first then always being with each other, although we weren't moving too fast physically but she still said and showed this real emotions for me. I should have been smart and seen how great what we had was and what was coming would only be better, but I was an idiot. I freaked out that at such a young age I was feeling like I did with her and that she felt it like I did aswell. It scared me, and I tried to find a way to bail out. I dont know what it was... If it was panic, immaturity, uncertainty, afraid to be 'tied down' forever. Whatever it was (looking back, probably a bit of it all)I started looking for things wrong in the relationship. As a grade A ass would, I used that we weren't moving forward quickly enough sexually as a way out, and then proceeded to be a cold shouldering ass as a way to distance myself and really wound up hurting her. Looking back to then and seeing what she was and what she is this day I can see it's the worst thing I have done in my life. I dont live life with regrets, but if I have one, it's surely that. She's with another guy now, she's really happy and we're still good friends to an extent. We had some on and off a few times in those years, but I managed to ass it up those times aswell with what I will still call immaturity. Grown up, I can see it was a truly dolt thing to do. If I could go back and change it, I would. Unfortunately, we can't all be super-heroes. I love her though, and I always will.

And Raquel, be happy, not everyone gets as lucky as you :)

our song | Reviewer: Giulia | 8/3/08

hi, i'm an italian girl.
in november 2006 i dated with a boy that i liked so much and we stayed togheter for only 3 months, then he left me.
i suffered a lot and for 9 months i couldn't think about anithing else instead him, even if uor love story was a simply one. we didn't talk each other during the whole time, but i saw im very often beacause we had the same friends..i knew that he was someone different and very very special to me even if i thought that i would never return to me..last year in november he gradually returned to me, and step by step, because i was a little afraid but very happy at the same time, we returned togheter..
tomorrow will be 8 months..
and today he told me that he thinks that warning sign can be our perfect song because it is our story..

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