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Performed by Coldplay

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lost my chance. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

I miss him, I feel like I will never get my chance back with him in this life time, I pushed him away when we were so close to finally being together.. and we cooled off for a while we ended up again in the same place of feeling deeply for each other making plans to be together and then I pushed him away again, because of our circumstances, and now I doubt I will be graced with his presence. He feels more distant now then he ever has before all the years we've known each other seem like they were real.. I will never get to be with him in this lifetime, but i will look for him again in the next and I'll do my best to remember to wait for the one. I love you.. I miss you.

X's and O's | Reviewer: Lucas Giglio | 6/10/10

This reminds me of my ex girlfriend that I dated back in 2008. Our love was the drug that I was wanting to OD on. Sadly she wanted to leave me for whatever reason. And till this day I still think about her and think of how our love was oh so strong. This world is not fair..

my baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/10

Well 3 years ago i started dating this guy after breaking up within a very messy relationship from my first love. we were seeing each other for over 2 monhts and i started to feel things for him but then made excuses not to stay with him so we went our separate ways. He got married and had a kid and yet i still thought about him but got myself into another reationship that finished 5 months ago but fell pregnant with my first with my ex partner then emails came out of the blue from "the one that got away" the one i kept thinking about. we met up and found out his marriage had broken down and he explained that he coudnt stop thinking about me even when he was happy in his marriage and didnt talk for years..... weve now been together for 3 months and do u know what, somehow this time, i know for deffo im not going to let him go this time!! He then started playing this song to me and said it reminded him of me, I cna see why coz it reminds me of him too and makes me smile to know i have been given another chance! xx

afraid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/10

This song perfectly fits in my situation. I had a relationship with this great guy but I didn't know if I loved him. I still don't. But one thing I am sure about - I was happy, I was. And I had to mess up everything, as usual. 'I started looking for exuses", I tried to convince myself, that I would be happier without him. But now I know, "the truth is...I miss you".

My Guy | Reviewer: Sara | 5/12/10

I was engaged to get married when I met this man Guy that completely changed my life.I fell so hard but didnt have the courage to start something with him so I stayed with my fiance. One year later and still I hadnt gotten over him...dont know how many times I heard that song those way too long months but he really was someone I passed by without discovering. So 3 months ago Guy came over to see me here in Norway and he never left. If that is not love I dont want it.

thanks for putting my pain into words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

This song everytime breaks me down all last year when i thought of my ex girlfriend this song went round my head, like it was was ripped from my heart every chord/lyric pulling at my soul. I ignored all the warning signs and by the time I wanted to go back there was no chance to rediscover that island.

Messed up | Reviewer: lee | 3/14/10

This song reminds me of how i messed up... I was with my fiance for 4 years. we'd done so much together. we were engaged and ready to get married. i got scared, thought i was too young to settle with one person and wanted to be one of the lads.I left... a few months later i realised being a lad wasnt really what i wanted i wanted her. I tried to win her back, she nearly gave in and gave me a chance but in the end she stood firm and didnt come back.Now im alone looking back on the best thing ive ever had, some one who loved and would do anything for me knowing i threw it away for no real reason... 'you were an island and i passed you by...'
Maybe one day she'l come back, i doubt it but i have to keep faith. its the only thing keeping me going... Miss you bean x

My Warning Sign | Reviewer: Kerri | 3/13/10

I was in highschool after the worst experiences of my life, and I met the boy that I soon fell for. We were clued to the hip. Always talking, always with each other in between classes. He saved me from myself. From the pain I inflicted on myself. He truly became my family. My love. My life. He was my everything.
He made mistakes and those mistakes hurt me and drew a wedge between us. He then dated around, and I couldn't bring myself to date anyone else. But I realized that I couldn't ever move on if I didn't force myself to. I started dating someone, and it hurt so bad. The love of my life came rushing back in once he realized that I was what he wanted and I was terrified to go back to him. I didn't. Then he dated around again, trying to fill the space I left in his heart. Soon I started dating a different guy. Wasn't ANYTHING that I wanted. I want him back. I wanted what we had. After he got back from Marine Boot Camp he found contact info on me and told me that he was stupid for ever letting me go and he couldn't do it. He didn't want to lose me. He said "Standing in the cold and wet weather really makes you think about everything you did wrong. And when I tried to think of happy thoughts the only thing that came to my mind was you. All those times we stayed up all night watching movies and laughing about being over tired and stupid, and all those middle of the night whataburger trips. I miss you. I can't lose you."
That brought me back. This true and this is deep.
The truth is that we've always been for each other, just blinded. We ALWAYS found our way back to each other. We are the two magnets and we can't be separated unless we're out of each other's path, anywhere near each other and we're glued. Impossible to stay apart.

addicted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

I feel the need to listen to this song every single day. I don't know why but i have an attatchment to it, and it reminds me of my first love. Even though we technically werent together, i honestly love him so much. He was the first guy i was ever really close too and he was my bestfriend. Although, i had just met him that summer, we really got to know eachother. we texted non-stop every day, and not about stupid things. I could tell you his favorite color, food, place etc.. We hung out all the time, and we would just sit and talk to eachother. He listened to my problems and i listened to his. He would always tell me how he wanted to hook up, and i would always put it off, even though i did want to. He wanted friends with benefits but i knew i couldnt do that without geting hurt and he didn't want a relationship. After a while he stopped talking to me. I was so depressed it was pathedic. I guess we weren't such good friends, and even though he said he loved me that doesn't mean much anymore. I now realize that he was an ass who wanted to use me, but i still love him. I think about him every day. And even though they say you should never give up on someone you think about every day, i have to. When chris says "and the truth, is i miss you" i always tear up. whether im in school, at work, or just sitting in my room this song makes me cry. But i'll love him forever no matter what

love is a beautiful torture | Reviewer: the broken hearted | 2/15/10

when i hear this song my eyes start to get heavy, especially when it says i miss you. i was and still am in love with this girl, she's still my world... she broke up with me saying were better off as staying bestfriends, i hugged her one last time with teary eyes, when i was walking away i was crying, it hurt so much hearing her tell me that, everyday i wake up, i wish it was just a bad dream, but now it just feels like i'm living in a nightmare, life is just a depressing story that we all must read...

broken.. | Reviewer: stephanie | 2/9/10

this song honestly reminds me of my ex husband. i did love him with all i my heart, and to this day i miss him so much that i have to put this song before i sleep. i could say that i wish i could go back with open arms, but knowing him he will never want to the fact things ended wrong. this song i will never get tired, even if it brings memorys back and with a broken heart.. but its the only close thing i have of him...
i just wish i could have him back in my arms..

Not a day goes by that I dont think of you | Reviewer: Jenny | 2/2/10

Coldplay was his favorite:
So in college I feel in love with a great guy from the east coast. He was stationed in a town close to my univeristy and we met. I loved him so quick. Til this day I have never wanted someone so bad but never acted like I did (I think he couldn't tell). When the song says warning sign that means so much. I was always waiting for him to mess up - warning signs to prove he was lik the rest you know? He never did. He was so good to me and fun. I remember looking at his skin once in the sun and thought how I could want nothing more. After months of intense feelings he was transferred. I begged him to stay. I could not leave because I had just started graduate school and him being logical said finish and then we can work it out. I was furious. I was mad he didn't beg me to quit school and go with him. The day before he leaves he tells me he loves me. I said what took you so long to tell me and he said he didn't know. He left, then he called and I never answered. I changed my number. I don't know why. I do know why I didn't want someone I loved so much to rejct me, so I rejected you first, so it wouldn't hurt. Brillant I know. This was 6 yrs ago and even now I laugh assumed at how my throat gets tight and I swear my heart aches and the truth is I miss you Mitch....everyday.

Excuses | Reviewer: shawn | 2/4/10

it seems in all my relationships i've had this way of convincing myself that this person wasnt for me, i see now that this was a way for me to protect myself from being hurt. id blow up over small things. i've realized that no one is perfect. and i cheated myself out of a great relationship. those warning signs were false and made up. i wish that i had put more into the relationship now, but its too late. like Chris says, she was an island and i passed her by, there was so much more to discover in her, in us. this song is so true to my heart.

longing for the past | Reviewer: zavier | 1/20/10

When I listen to this I am reminded of my ex girlfriend of over a year. We fought a lot, more than we should have, but, like the song says, the truth is that I miss her. If I could go back I would undo so many things that I said and did. I would give anything to be able to wake up tomorrow knowing that we were still together. I really fucked up. I didn't realize just how much she meant to me until she left me. I have only myself to blame, but I wish I could just go back and start all over with her. She was my first true love and dealing with the pain of no longer being to together has been EXTREMELY difficult. I wish I could just crawl back into her arms...only then do I think I would feel...right.

helpless loving, just like the Sun is shining | Reviewer: Mr. Maggie | 1/19/10

there are no words to describe this unbelievable feeling of loving someone. because of that I do love music! because you can send all emotions playing guitar or piano. And music is the only place where I can hide when feel so low, or really miss the one, who is so close, but so far....
And this is really great song, you know....
hey, love and be loved!

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