Love this song | Reviewer: maria | 3/20/13

I love this song because its lyrics is great,, make me remember about the crusaders in past long ages. They fight to Jerusalem in the name of Christ. And of course, I remember about the movie like Kingdom of Heaven,, Ibelin (the French person who lead the people of Jerusalem to fight with Muslim and finally they deal that Muslim can take the Jerusalem without hurt people in the Jerusalem and pick them up to the port). Ibelin is a wise leader and think thatthe Kingdom of God cannot be given because it is in our heart and in our mind.

you have no brain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/12

did you know that the album cover for viva la vida is a french painting and has a french flag but the words viva la vida from french to english mean viva la vida! because viva la vida is spanish and from spanish to english mean live your life! idiots! check it out on google translate and get it right!

Viva la Vida - the Catholic atrocities of the crusades | Reviewer: WCW | 11/19/10

I have read, with much humour, the above responses in regards to Cold Plays song. It is quite simply about the Roman Catholic crusades (circa 1150 CE)which were instigated by the Catholic Pope to conquer Jerusalem in the middle ages. Ironically, Judaism became Christianity in the mid 4th century, spurred on by none other that St. Peter, and consecrated by Emperor (Pope) Constantine and the council of Nicae in 325CE.
The first and second crusades being successful, were commanded by the French Kings under the guidance of Rome. They were commanly known as the "Puppet Kings" of Rome, supported by the warrior monks (ie; Knights Templars, or Roman Cavalry). In the third Crusade (saviour of Jerusalem from the Islamic hordes), the Christians were soundly defeated and the survivors became slaves, literally sweeping the streets they used to own.
The song is quite literally about the 'woes' of a defeated (French) Puppet king under the guidance of Rome, who having lost the city of Jerusalem, considers his fate amongst the conquering Muslims of the time. The Roman cavalry (monks/missionaries)who solemnly sing a song of defeat, try to repent their defeat and hope that the gates of St. Peter are still open to them after their defeat. Of course the lack of an honest word represents the lies the Vatican told to the Crusaders, as the whole goal of conquest was not about salvation, but money and power.

96/100 | Reviewer: Kevin Drewett | 11/8/10

This song is immaculate in most ways. the only reason it is not perfect is because it is not my personal ideal of song topic. And as everyone knows when making reviews personal likes affect how much you love the song. i could not find any flaw other then that the topic we not ideal for me and i believe that this song will last for decades to come.

The lyrics are magical enthralling and beautiful; while at the same time meaningful and moving. The song is about gambling and what you have to gain and lose by it. Most artists (as in a good 95%) fail to see that soul and meaning in the song is needed as well as sound. The unique flavor and sound of this song also add to its level of amazement. The use of orchestral instruments only adds the the depth. Each note adds into the soul. and the reactions of the artist in the video only complete the aunsomble. The bells are just the Coup De Gra that ensnares your attention for the duration of the song. There is nothing to hate on this song other then that it is to god damn amazing and awe inspiring.

it's a love song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/10

It's a love song, but it could be about any loss. In other words, "I used to be on top of the world, felt I was King of the World", then I lost my love and the foundation of my self-confidence went when the lover went. Now, nothing is the same and I have no self-confidence, no joy, can't stand up to my enemies, people are wanting my head on a plate, (read: wanting me dead) or so it SEEMS, feels--not only have I lost my love, I lost my power and even worse than that the tides are turning on me and the evil forces are now after me. Where once I could hear all the beauty that one would hear if one was king of the world--Beautiful choirs singing, beautiful bells ringing--(that was when I ruled the world) NOW I know St. Peter won't even call my name (call me to heaven)--meaning I know I'm going to Hell.

**** | Reviewer: Leon Strife | 4/23/10

Yeah, I give this song a 4/5. It would be a perfect 5, but i'm not much of a sucker for instramental music. Oh, as for all of you religious "saviors", Coldplay didn't intend for this song to be religious!

Re: Ivonne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/10

ok so Ivonne. your right that Jesus and God don't rule the world. because in the bible it says that Satan is the god of this world. and we don't just be "good" and like them. we have to believe. so your view is a little off.

any way i love this song i was blown away by everything they did for this song! great everything.

and WE as a people don't do half that stuff at all. spread disease, and the weather. everything is in balance and we just have o-zone in the wrong places. so don't comment on things that you don't have any proof. and by balance i mean if there was any more Oxygen spontaneous combustion would happen all around us and any less we would be "dead meat" to say.

Viva la Vida | Reviewer: Kerry-Ann | 11/10/09

It has political and religious content in it but its beautifully crafted and sung with a passion only Chris has its just one of those songs that you will put on repeat. Love it. Love you Coldplay. No.1 fan.

comment | Reviewer: Richelieu | 9/4/09

This song is absolutely amazing...I like all the historical and Bible references. It's pretty interesting how differently people interpret the same lyrics.
But I need to make a correction on Amelia's comment:

"King Herod in the bible saw a girl dancing beautifully and foolishly promised to give her anything that she wanted. Her mother told her to ask for the head of the Apostle Peter on a platter. Herod was terrified because Peter was very popular among the people, but he had to follow through on his word. Peter was beheaded and the head delivered to the girl on a plate. That story doesn't seem to have anything to do with this song."

The one who was headed is John the Baptist not Peter.

Two BIBLE references | Reviewer: Amelia | 5/26/09

"seas would rise when I gave the word" = Moses tapped the Red Sea with his staff and it parted letting the Israelites through (to escape their Egytian slaveowners).
"my castles stand upon pillars of salt" - a great line about how he had ambitions/dreams ("castles") which he thought he foolishly thought he could achieve with just his own skills. "Pillars of salt" is a reference to Lot's wife in the bible. An Angel tells Lot's family to flee his village and to not look back, Lot's wife looks back at the village in fear as she is running, and she is turned into a pillar of salt because she didn't trust God. I think this lyric means that the singer relied on himself alone to achieve his ambitions, yet he couldn't achieve them on his own. He wasn't in control of his future/fate - it was up to God or luck. He put his faith in himself and not in God.

"Revolutionaries Wait for my head on a silver plate" - I think a commenter above is correct, that this refers to a King being beheaded. My first thought I think is wrong, but I'll put it out anyway. King Herod in the bible saw a girl dancing beautifully and foolishly promised to give her anything that she wanted. Her mother told her to ask for the head of the Apostle Peter on a platter. Herod was terrified because Peter was very popular among the people, but he had to follow through on his word. Peter was beheaded and the head delivered to the girl on a plate. That story doesn't seem to have anything to do with this song.

people,brilliance,blindness,timeless beauty.simple. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

in that order,some people are too brilliant to feel the song for what it is.The song is a beauty.Simple.
I believe any sensistive democratic government should decapitate any fella that talks to much about the song.just hear it, close ur eyes,feel it,then breathe(u might just forget to do that).

sigh | Reviewer: johannes | 4/11/09

great, great song, but can we stop reading too much in to things? It's a song, not a history lesson. At best it's just a commentary on human nature, or as Boethius would put it, the fickleness of Fortuna's wheel.

Having read a reviews one thing becomes apparent. People who have a knowledge of history like to, and will project their knowledge on to anything and everything. Being a student of medieval history I see it daily. It is as if historians feel a need to justify themselves anyway they can. I really don't get it.

...right. | Reviewer: Devilz | 12/31/08

You're being serious?...
How can people believe that Chris is putting in words to NOT be controversial?! Did anyone READ the messages he used to write on his hands?..
He has no problem being controversial what-so-ever, This is just how he wrote the song...
Listen to it properly instead of reading deep into everything.. he's saying everything plainly for everyone to see!

Anyway, Immense song, love it :)


lovelovelovelove :D | Reviewer: Jennabbyx | 12/10/08

okay so. i love this song with like a passion and all. but i think it's really funny how that annonymous guy was getting all into the explination and stuff, but then he spelt england wrong. lmfbo.;) people these days. anywayy, great song. coldplay's amaayzinnng <3;))) ♥

The simple answer is usually the right answer | Reviewer: cag | 11/25/08

It's amazing what some people will read into this song - from 21st century political commentary on George W. Bush to ... well just about anything else.

Look guys, they already told us what this was about. Martin said it himself ... "it's about ... you're not on the list."

The band is inspired by the idea of looking back over your life at the end of it, especially if you played some kind of prominent role in society. The song is about the angst felt at the end of a powerful person's life ... did my choices condemn me? What happens now?