Love it | Reviewer: Alma | 7/23/08

I'm not wuite sure about the meaning either. A lot of what was stated makes sense. The first time I heard "revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate" I thought of St. John the Baptist, who was beheaded and his head was presented on a silver plate to the daughter of King Herod who granted her any wish she desired for dancing for him and his guests (she requested St. John's head for his condemnation of their family affairs) . It led me to believe that this song is about no war in particular, perhaps no specific time period, but maybe referring to death and martyrdom through the eyes of death and the struggle with church and state, in a time where this overtook the world. Almost as if impending death in singing. Feeling fear in enemies eyes in battle..etc. Anyways, no matter how you look at it and interpret it, Coldplay has done an excellent job making us think!!!! Love it!

The best things | Reviewer: Fabio | 7/19/08

I think this song is very actually. The most people want only money, famous and power. But they have forgotten ,in the life, there are things most important like love, justice and peace. Great song!

King Herod | Reviewer: ken earl | 7/20/08

I believe this song ia about King Herod,who sent Jesus to death and later succeded Ceasar after his assination. The Jews called him a puppet and he turned into a terrible person killing many, Thats why he says that he knows St Peter wont call his name. If you google King Herod,many things in the lyrics of the song coincide with his life explained

Best of Coldplay without a doubt!!!! | Reviewer: Joyce Dutrisac | 7/19/08

The lyrics to this song go way beyond kings and ruling the world or religion. It is very deep and I agree with aicila loosing and acceptance is at its very core. Awesome lyrics, music and addictive as hell. I must have listened to it several hundreds of time already.

Viva la Vida vs. Vive la Vida | Reviewer: Orlando Lopez | 7/15/08

As a native spanish speaker, just want to point out that Viva la Vida does not translate as Live the Life. Vive la Vida would de the appropriate spanish wording for that.

Viva la Vida (with an A at the end of the first word) is more of an exclamation of joy, it has no direct translation to english but it could be something similar to saying Hooray! La Vida!.

Just wanted to point that out as trying to fit the meaning of the english sentence "Live the life" in the interpretation of these lyrics seems to be steering comments in a direction i personally feel have nothing to do with the song.

Great song altogether.

anything to refrence | Reviewer: jessica | 7/16/08

I agree with most of the opinions (with an exception of the ones that say it has no meaning) It really has an opening for a lot! I haven’t read much on this but; I herd about wars in Ireland? Roman Catholic’s, Christians slaughtering each other and what not. The Romans use to rule the world at least in Europe. Maybe the a possible relation to that and also Jerusalem, the hole ordeal with the fight for the "Holy land" I could be wrong but that’s what I was thinking about, as other opinions that were already voiced, such as the reference to Jesus, the Romans were the ones who gave the word. And most Romans disliked Christ.

What matters?! The artist's video! | Reviewer: JB Keyser | 7/13/08

All I can say about this song is that the video did not match up with any of the song. The song had bright spontaneous colors and effects. Sure great video effects. I personally think if you are going to make a video make your audience give better guesses about the song.

I know this sounds like I'm a crazy person but from what I've learned of history I think of the French Revolution. All the crowds cheered when the old king died, he had put the country in debt going into the american revolution and eventually that helped poor king louie who was a gluttonous ignorant fellow to the downfall of his power. He didn't sweep streets, but he swept it with his dead body in a sense. I just think French Revolution.

And with that is my opinion. But the video gives you no clue what they did it for. Anyone have any quotes about viva la vida is about from the band Coldplay then I would love to see it.

Powerful, symbolic song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

The lyrics of this song are symbolic and universal to humankind! Forget about the politcal and religious agendas!  Viva la vida means live the life!  We've all heard the phrase "This is the life!"  That usually implies a life of luxury and affluence, being on top, feeling powerful and important, even omnipotent, as if we ruled the world.  The person speaking in this song felt on top of his game, had achieved great success in a way that he thought was "the life".  He had it all, or so he thought, but he found instead, that never an honest word was spoken that it was corrupt and hollow, that he was only a lonely puppet on a string having done things to get there that severely separated him from who he truly was.  However, it isn't until his castle built on pillars of sand collapses(because it isn't built on the true sustenance of the soul and can easily crumble, as it has for many in life) that he realizes this, that he comes to see it as a blessing because now he is truly free.  He hears Jerusalem bells ringing, and Roman Cavalry choirs singing. These general religious references symbolize his feelings of connecting to God again, to his core and essence now that he doesn't "rule the world". He asks God to be his mirror so he can truly see himself again, his sword so he can fight for what he knows is right, his shield so he can protect himself from corruption. He lost everything, but in essence he has gained everything because he finds his soul again and now truly is "living the life".  That's why he feels St. Peter will call his name and he will be forgiven. I feel the music and the lyrics convey joy and exhaltation.  He is liberated.  He no longer has to live a lie.  Cunning business men know that competitors would want their head on a silver plate if they could manage.  The lyrics are metaphorical and don't have to be taken so literally!  It's just a suggestion. This is poetry and songwriting at its best. It's a phenomenal song and the music helps convey the message beautifully and brilliantly.  Songs like this don't come along every day. I loved it immediately and it gives me chills every time I hear it.

What I think | Reviewer: Olivia Moore | 7/9/08

I think it is the story of the french revolution, from the king's point of view- this is probably quite an obvious one.
It's just lines like
'revolutionaries wait, for my head on a silver plate, oh who would ever want to be king?'.

I really think people are digging too deep, all of the songs are about war- so maybe this one's the french revolution?

could be wrong though.

Troubled writer? | Reviewer: O D McPherson | 7/1/08

A lot has been written about the imagery of these lyrics with many references to biblical and political meanings. Maybe we should look beyond the literal to the symbolic?

Seems to me the writer is simply lamenting how good things have been for him in the past, but how he now feels it's all over. If I had written this, I'd hide behind all the flowery symbolism of intellectual ideas, but I wouldn't admit to the true meaning of the words. It would destroy the illusion.

Just my tuppence worth.

loosing and acceptance | Reviewer: aicila | 7/1/08

To me the lyrics of this song tell the tale of event that has happened to a person which has chaged them, rocked there foundations and sent them over the edge. It potrays their torture, pain, agony and anger, shows them torturing themself over the past and and letting bitterness and selfpitty drown them. I think the song shows them loose not a castle or a crown, but themselves, realising that they ar'nt who they were anymoore, they've changed, and they dont like the shadow of the person they used to be, that they have become.
Then somehthing changes within them, i think this song is the story of a person piecing themself back together and trying to become the the person they were again, but most importantly i think the song is about acceptance of whats happened. to finnish fighting and being upset. acceptance- this is the meaning of the song is to me.

its been such a long time scince there has been a song with real music and real lyrics that i can really relate to and understand on a whole other level. this is just fantastic.

I don't think it is a referance to anything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

Any song with enough thought could be made to say anything (like Green day's bouldevard of broken dreams was given a anti-war message by it's music video, where it was just a song about his father's death years ago) While I'll admit it has a few religious references, they could just be allusions to other things, like the "I know Saint Peter will call my name" line is an allusion to death, likely not anything religious. If it is based on anything Religious/historical it seems the King Louis XVI idea is likely right, based on the lyrics.

come on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/08

Bush? Jesus? Talk about inserting your own viewpoints into a song. Not that you aren't entitled to do so, but honestly, I think people are being way too literal about Viva La Vida. To me, this is simply a dramatic tale of a former King. The sound of the music recalls the Revolutionary period. This is a King who regrets being a king, because the glory was great, but the downfall painful. As for the St. Peter reference, I think it just refers to a King's tendency to believe he is immortal, perhaps a denial of his weak old age. After all, in Europe, Kings were considered "divine" and beyond the restrictions of normal men.

it's a reference to everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/08

this song is a reference to everyone, and it's not as religious as everyone thinks. granted it makes religious references and such, it has a lot to do with people of today and whenever.

viva la vida means "live the life", and the title in itself is ironic. everyone screws up in their life, we all feel the need to be "king of the world", take advantage of others, to get our point across. when that happens, we make mistakes along the way no matter how big or small and we come to realize that living the life we wanted, the ideal life when you feel invincible and in control, wasn't as worth it as you once thought.

we all ask for forgiveness as well, and i think that's where the whole religious references play in because usually when things go bad... that's when everyone turns to God. they all look for that godly figure in their life because they think they will be cleansed of their sins and made into this whole person just because they prayed for god for the first time in about 20 or 30 years. St. Peter is the saint you pray to when you are asking for forgiveness, and the narrator knows St. Peter won't be calling his name because of all the mistakes and sins he's committed.

all in all the song is about humans as a whole. we want to live the life and when we do, we screw up and ask for forgiveness. it's the normal human cycle.

Viva la Vida - A song for Jesus | Reviewer: steve | 6/29/08

I guess we are all seeing something different in these lyrics, as we do in any great work of art. I read it as expressing the way Jesus was feeling in his moments before crucifiction.
I used to rule the world - I controlled the seas (walked on water) and here I am now alone and enslaved, where are all my friends now?
I used to roll the dice (gamble, didn't know what the outcome would be) I believe this to be a reference to the miracles and the reaction of the crowd when they came off. Those who didn't want to believe, couldn't accept were frightened by these miracles and the reaction of the people to them, lauding Jesus as the saviour, the NEW KING. The Jewish elders, the Roman leaders - all frightened by the power this man Jesus seemed to possess.
One minute I held the key!! The people were all with me. That didn't last and here I am now imprisoned and waiting for death.
I hear Jerusalem bells ringing and Roman Cavalry Choirs singing. Sworn enemies together celebrating the coming death of this one man.
I could go on but you can see the rest for yourself if you follow this thread.
There are pleas to his disciples: be my mirror....
References to those that should be on his side turning against him.....wanting his head on a silver plate like John the Baptist before him..
Puppet on a lonely string...God's chosen one..but what a task to be given (crucifiction - who'd want to take that job on?)
I know Saint Peter WON'T call my name. A reference to Peter's denial 3 times.
I know Saint Peter WILL call my name. A reference to being accepted into Heaven.
I rest my case!!!!!