Just love the song | Reviewer: Laura | 10/28/08

Just love this SONG! Maybe it will part of the movie King Lear his wife Gwyneth Paltrow
has coming out in 2010! Although, the song seams to be more about the rain of king Louis the XVI of France during the revolutionary war of 1792.
It really does not matter I love the mood of the song. I also love the effect of video and the way it looks like a painting from that time.

Ivonne | Reviewer: Ivonne | 10/23/08

The song is definitely about Louis XVI. The two comments from Anonymous are correct. The rest... boy! review your history classes or take one. Nevermind, for sure they are Americans... who show up at the Opera wearing flip flops and shorts.
That is why they talk about puppies in other comments.

Jesus? God? People, Jesus and God dont rule the world. They let us do whatever we want (we are supposed to do good and be like Them but we are too busy with a selfish attitude), that is why we are messing up weather, disrespecting everything/everyone, and spreading all sorts of diseases, and infections. The True King, is about to start His Kingdom... Soon, very soon and when He comes back to earth... I just hope i have done enough good to present as a gift...OR AS A SHIELD FOR HIS JUSTICE.

ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS - The road to hell is filled with good intentions | Reviewer: Antonio | 10/27/08

This song is about awakening to the wisdom that absolute power not only is a fantasy played out by our ego based on fear but it also destroys us and the world around us. Nevertheless this destruction on all fronts is important to awaken us to an all-inclusive, more elevated vibration of love. It uses figurative wording that talks of Christian crusaders, impossing their beliefs in a violent way to a world foreign to them. How the illusion is not only isolating but it can also be hypnotizing, acknowledging the "dark" within ALL OF US is primordial to this process of awakening. The best part of this song is the title "VIVA LA VIDA" which in Spanish means "BRAVO TO LIFE" and in my opinion it's there to let us know that at the end of the day it all will be fine, that we will awaken to this truth. Celebrating life as the classroom that it is for our souls and conciousness.

VIVA like HOORAY is used to express joy, approval, or encouragement

The word Missionaries is placed instead of Crusaders for obvious reasons. Missionaries don't carry swords and shields like the song says.

When he says Roman Cavalry choirs are singing, I think the word Cavalry is placed instead of Catholic to avoid controversy, since it's obviously speaking of a militaristic approach to faith. It makes more sense to say Roman Catholic choirs, doesn't it??

It uncovers the marriage of the powerful and organized religion that was the norm during the middle ages between the European nations and the Vatican.

if there's an actual channeling from a past life, It will have to be the king of either England, France or Spain during the middle ages crusades. These were the nations champions of Christianity, puppets of the Vatican. They brought Sheer terror over the arab world particularly Jerusalem during the crusades

Power combined with Love and Wisdom is invincible

When the Love and Wisdom aspects are missing, their place gets taken by either Fear,Hatred or Ignorance. In this case Power is LETHAL
ABSOLUTE POWER corrupts - "Once you'd gone there was never Never an honest word. And that was when I ruled the world"

it's for everybody who thinks they are kings | Reviewer: christabelle | 10/14/08

the song for me is for everyone who thinks they are the kings of their own world. it's a realization that whoever we are now, however great we are, and whatever riches and power we have, we will be kneeling down when the time comes(if that time is true).

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/08

This song is definetely about louis the XVIth, indeed we have many way to guess: la liberte guidant le peuple, litteraly freedom leading people of france is a painting where you can see Marianne as a leader, she is a metaphore for the french people that gets rid of the king. then the king was send to jail, and became homeless. as it is said in the song, "Revolutionaries Wait
For my head on a silver plate" it is pretty clear, as you know we (french people) cut his head of on public place, i know it is hard!
"My missionaries in a foreign field"; louis was helpng the usa to be free from ingland, so there was no soldier in france, not enough to protect him when the people came to kill him and his family. it is also one of the reason why he was blamed: spending to much money while the people is hungry. there is also the thing about saint peter ad the religion, explained in a previous post "la liberte guidant le peuple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/2008". you must also know that as soon as the king dies, the son becomes the ew king the minute after his father died: "Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"
"Once you go there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world", this refers to the atmosphere there is in the court, where many hypocrits acted like they understood the king's decisions but as he left, talk about him as a stupid and too young king. he became king very young, too young, and he were killed."Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn't believe what I'd become" the people came to take him because he failed in his mission to be a good king, (what the people always hope for when a new king appears), and he ruined the country (but made a great ally in the usa). "Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?" no one after him!
good night!

about "viva la vida Lyrics" | Reviewer: joseph mizere | 10/7/08

Absolutely love this song!! What strikes me is the apparent theme of repentence (& recompense)... of changing one's ways & leading a humbler simpler life. Bye the way, is that a REAL ochestra I hear!?! They don't come much better than this really... wow.

Jenny | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/4/08

I LOVE this song!!! Whoever thinks there is no deeper meaning is nuts. All artists write about something meaningful, and often in a code that's hard to crack; however, I too believe this song is about Jesus, or someone who fell from graces and experienced a humbling life because they were tired of their old ways. Love it! Great message.......

I don't think that they are talking about Jesus | Reviewer: JD | 10/6/08

I don´t know of who are they talking about, but what I know is that it is not about Jesus, because San Peter was after Jesus, he was his apostol, ok he ruled the world but he never will express it like that, by the other way is more alike a normal king, a person which was given a reign by heritage, he don't ask for it, maybe a king from long ago, for ruling the world they could refer "the world" (it´s main part) or also when the king's nation was the world's leader in that period, although I can't tell or assure which king.

Viva | Reviewer: kai | 10/1/08

Well for me it seems almost obvious he is talking about Louis XVI but still its just a guess. I mean that painting by lacroix on the cover and in the video tells alot already, but the whole lyrics kind of makes me think that way.

A possible link to the 60's? | Reviewer: Ruth | 9/30/08

The ambiguity of the words and the inability of listeners to decipher the meaning leads me to conclude that this is a modern version of the 60's song "American Pie." Yikes!!--I'm still trying to figure out how to drive my Chevy to the levy--don't ask me who ruled the world!!

Jesus reflects. | Reviewer: Chris | 9/27/08

It is possible that this song could refer to the condition of being a leader, how it becomes neccesary to lie to get to and stay at the top, and realizing that if he ever wants St. Peter to call his name it is time to step down off the pedestal and adopt a humble lifestyle sweeping the streets he used to own as penance for all the deciet and duplicity of his former life. It all gets too much for him...Who would ever want to be king.

Wellll, | Reviewer: Bunah | 9/26/08

I've listened to this song many times over the course of the summer due to the fact that they over play it. At some parts I believe it's about some king, though it's very unclear which it is. It has a lot to do with war, and many the kings that leads them to war. Possible it's about a king leading his men into battle. Although the lyric "Seas would rise when I gave the word" so maybe it's not about a king, or Jesus, but maybe it's about God as a whole.

Although most kings were thought to be gods or "born from god" which is why they were given full reign over everything that was in their kingdom.

I bet cold play is possibly reading all of our reviews and laughing at us because we can't come up with it and it probably has to do with like their love for puppies or something.

Maybe we should just let music be music and stop looking for context clues to find "the deeper meaning" in it when there probably isn't one. Let's just use the songs to stick them to a time and describe a certain way we felt at once, or bring us back to the car ride we had with someone while we laughed and this song played in the background.


It's about puppies.

la liberte guidant le peuple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

well, i'm french and i see no reference to Napoleon. for all french people it's clear that this painting is about the Revolution...
in fact, i don't understand the link with Napoleon o_O
then the song could be about Louis XVI because you have to know that the french kings were called "le roi très chrétien" wich means "the very Christian King" and it was very difficult for Louis XVI to fight the catholicism during the Revolution as the people asked him and he thought he could'nt go to the paradise because he didn't protect enough all the priests who were killed.
then "my castles stand upon pillars of salt..." could be a reference to him too. indeed, after him the monarchy has he used to know desappeared in France...

French revolution? | Reviewer: Nubes | 9/22/08

Are you all really sure he is talking about the French Revolution, why? album cover?.....I think is just a history review, the cover is about the french revolution but that is just part of the history.I think it is more about what we have been doing from the beginning of our history.

I used to ruled the world.
seas would rise when I gave the word (
is that Napoleon or something like that? then I missed something in the French history.)

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Calvary choirs are singing---jesus calvary and dead by the romans in jerusalem
Be my mirror my sword and shield--do like me, fight like me, be my protection by spreading god message
My missionaries in a foreign field--apostols.

I think is more like talking about jesus. In times of jesus when he ruled the world, things were bad but now after all, things are even worst. It is like saying that jesus gave up on his labor because nobody belives now and so he became just one more of us.
He knew he was going to die- I know saint peter will call my name
People couldn't believe what I'd become--he was the king, but everybody though he was just a fisherman
Revolutionaries Wait
For my head on a silver plate--traditional church wanted him dead in jerusalem
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?--he was god puppet, he sacrified himself for us, who would ever want to be the king?

One minute I held the key--they open him the doors of jerusalem
Next the walls were closed on me--they day after they wanted him dead
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand----the traitor was between his colleges.

Now in the morning I sweep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own--he became one of us, nobody belives anymore.

I see it pretty clear, everything has sence this way.

Napoleon | Reviewer: mel | 9/8/08

i definitely thought of napoleon the first time i heard this. and then when i saw the album cover for the single with the french flag and wounded soldiers that kinda verified it for me. it may not be but it seems that way. i don't think this was originally intended to be a metaphorical song, but as with all songs, they are metaphorical and mean something different to everyone despite the orignal intended message of the song....i just like the beat and strings man it's tight! jeah!