Anyone who has had a religious convertion experience knows what this song is about. Long Live the King! The king of this world and all of the entrapments and shallow emptiness is dead but the King of Kings lives forever. He is hearing from God and his eyes and ears are open for the first time. And yes, St Peter will be calling him at the end of his days. All Hale King Jesus

Brilliant lyrics | Reviewer: Rucker Durkee | 6/27/08

The songs lyrics are brilliant, it blows me away that some ones mind could think of a story like this, and at the same time put it in a song. I don't believe their will be a song written better than this in a very long time. you must read the other reveiws to figure out what is going on in this song, because i still do not completely understand.
Ty for reading my reveiw

"Wake up call for US" | Reviewer: neruda | 6/24/08

I completely agree. The song is metaphorical and to some degree allegorical. Bush at the end of his reign (and lets be honest - Bush behaved like an elected king for 7 years) reflecting back on the power he had and lost, the changed perceptions of him in the US and abroad as his lies - his mendacity - was uncovered, his own role as a puppet in his own administration, his grandiose and simultaneously greedy quest in Iraq (missionaries in foreign lands here being soldiers in the middle east), his deluded sense of himself as having been anointed by god to lead the US at that moment in history, and his belief (driven by his gut as he cant articulate a reason) that he is destined for heaven, personally beckoned by St. Peter and praised and lauded by cavalry choirs and Jerusalem bells.

At a broader level it is about hubris and its consequences, about the vain and empty quest for power and glory.

Best song ever | Reviewer: ColdplayFan | 6/25/08

I rekon, of all the songs coldplay has done this one is one of their best, Fix yu and the scientist are 2 of my favourties, but this one is fastly approaching number one!!! This song is awesome! Just thought Ide share my feelings on it! :)

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

The guy was king who used rule the world and he was a good king but then he 'discovered that his castles stood upon pillars of sand' and decided to make some bad decisions. Then the people Turned him away because he had changed. Then he avanged himself by saying 'mirror sword and shield', meaning he needs to be aware of what he's doing. Brilliant!

Wake up call for USA? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/08

The song itself is fantastic. After listening to it several times, however, I think it's a "friendly" jab at the US and our foreign policies. While it may hide behind a different historical reference,if you swap out the king for let's say, President Bush,the song becomes much more relevant and meaningful. It's a timely and accurate political commentary.

genius | Reviewer: luvin CoLdPlAy | 6/17/08

This is a brilliant song and how anyone could come up with something so perfect absolutely blows my mind. This is THE song of 2008 and there is no replacing it. The song is so easy to learn, sing along to , and understand. This may sound corny but thank you Coldplay for making such a great song.

Masterful, and Historical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/08

Coldplay definetly knows how to produce songs. From the Delacriox painting on the cover depicting the French Revolution, one can infer that the lyrics have to do with the French King Louis XVI. Although I am not 100% sure, if one puts the lyrics as from the king himself, all the symbols and imagery in the lyrics make sense. From the power of absolution with "the seas" and "the rolling of dice" to the national convention breaking into the Versallies palace and proclaiming the Tennis Court Oath, the song make entire sense. Although I am not sure what a "Roman Cavalry Chior" is, Coldplay is one of my favorite and most inspirational bands.

Stroke of genius | Reviewer: Chance | 5/14/08

They did it again. The lyrics to this song are artfully composed and take a wonderful detour into imagery and metaphors.

In my limited opinion and interpretation, the song is about an individual who lived the fast lane on a set of values--of which substance was lacking. At one point in time, these goals and mores suited his lifestyle, but he now finds that world he once "ruled" empty and void of anything that truly fulfills him.

His request for a "mirror, sword and shield" seem to be a cry for help--to keep him always aware of who he is (mirror), but to be his strength and solace (sword and shield, respectively). He is, arguably, referring to his soul, conscience, his sense of self, or all three.

"People could not believe what I'd become" suggests that he started out at the top of his game, but then eventually took it too far. He's a fallen god so to speak (Which seemingly ties in the historical references in the refrain.)

It is truly a beautiful song, and follows Coldplay's trend in writing songs that find a common thread of pain/love/joy/disappointments, etc., and then to create a sanctuary by letting us all know that we have all experienced that in our lives.