Twised/Deep/Dark Romance | Reviewer: Saul | 3/14/2007

The slow progression of Buckland's riffs building verse to verse is thoroughly captivating. Martin matches the building of intensity with his subtle low tones leading up to higher notes in the latter portions of the song.

Berryman's bass provides the aformentioned deep/dark sound to the entire song, never really playing any two notes too closely together in succession.

Champion follows the building progression as well on the drums, and by song's end he is just pouring his sweat and blood into his playing.

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a very beautiful song, one of my fav song of Coldplay | Reviewer: Jerry | 2/28/2007

a very beautiful song, one of my fav song of Coldplay

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My review | Reviewer: Coldplay Fan | 2/22/2007

I think in this song, the message that is trying to get sent out is clear in the lyrics, and also attempts to bring attention with the variety of guitar sounds from low to very strong at the chorus parts, to almost attract the eye of the listener to pay attention and really grasp the message being conveyed.

The slow melody of the songs depicts the sad progression of humanity in the eyes of Coldplay, and the sad chords help to catch the heart of the listener, so that a difference is hopefully made.

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Twisted Logic Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/2005

It's a very different kind of Coldplay song. You can feel the anger rushing through the song. At the same time, the bawdy innuendo is not so much innuendo anymore. It's vivid: "You go backwards, you go forwards again."

The slow melodic beat of the beat and edgy guitar add flair to the song. The lyrics are deep but simple. The outburst of sound during the chorus is typical for any song, but the Twisted Logic chorus in particular comes with a bit of surprise. It is not for a happy day, but it definitely complements any person roaming the streets on a rainy day.

9/10 (All Coldplay ratings are relative to Yellow, which is a 11/10)

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