strenght | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/6/13

No matter where we fall
We got to be strong enough to face the trouble
Whether it was about love , friends or other
Sometimes we create our own hole with no attention
We gotta be brace , patience and have good reasons
To do whatever we do.
Coldplay tought me this and more !

One of the best heartbroken song | Reviewer: M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 10/12/12

The title says almost eveything. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands. I regret having gone to none of the concerts they performed in Brazil. Chris is a great guy, very intelligent, very funny. The last time he came to Brazil he didn't behave like most stars do. At least I could watch the concert live on TV.

Amazing song | Reviewer: July :P | 8/15/12

What a wonderful song, luv this band, luv this song. They're just a great band. Chris is such an amazing songwriter,his genius simply knows no limits. Totally identified with the song

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Loreno Galaxy | 6/15/12

To me, this song is mean anything about
when we were in the complicated situation,
either about love(liking someone but acci-
dentaly hurting them), family, friends.
And feel sorry about it.
what a beautiful song

Cheated | Reviewer: Strong | 5/21/12

I'm in love with someone who cheated me...we are together 1 year and today 3 months...he say to me that he hasn't do anything with his ex but I don't know what to heart is broken...from now on I can't trust him anymore neither my self...i'm totally mad about him...and now he tries to hold me...but now everything is cold between us...

Love isn't always happiness | Reviewer: hermes kelly bags | 2/22/12

im in a pickle...Two good mate split up and I decided I was going to help them both, so I did. I spoke to them daily to see if they were both okay, from here things progressed and she decided to like me. I liked her aswell but felt that everything wasn't right. I've now found out that she's always texting my best mate and is with him all the time. I would have rather known I wasn't good enough instead of being lied too. Not only that i'm struggling to move on and sort everything out, this song makes me relax and just think, what if? I just want to be friends ...

he is grate.... | Reviewer: Marrissa | 1/27/12

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My heart is always broken | Reviewer: Soft | 1/16/12

Evryone I come across,they use me,sleep with me nd abonden me,leaving me feeling cheap nd previous boyfriend dumped me after a month of dating coz he got back together with his ex girlfriend..he said nd I quote "shes all I knw nd im she knws,nd she cnt live without me"..Im so hurt!!
This song was the first song I played after he dumped me..I still cnt believe he dd that...

I have loved you with all my heart, yet I've never hated someone more. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

I became friends with this boy when he first came to my school, about 2 years ago. He had always had a thing for me- would do anything for me. Everyone knew he was obsessed, following me around like a lost puppy. Finally last summer- when we started to hang out like everyday we were watching a movie, he started crawling up to get his face next to mine- for obvious reasons. He kissed me, and I gave in. Why not? I don't want to live with the regret of not knowing what if..? He told me he loved me more than anything and asked me out- I said yes. I eventually fell in love, but from the beginning of our relationship he had been lying, smoking, and flirting behind my back. I had never felt that much pain. I broke up with him, we had dated for about 6 months. Now a month later it's still hard. We've been off and on, but I found out he was talking to girls again, I fell out of love. Now I'm stuck, we were so close- 2 years before we even dated. It's so hard to give up, but he still loves me so it's hard to be just friends... I don't know what to do anymore. We're seniors and I have my whole life ahead of me... But this one boy is holding me back

Aftermath of Love.. | Reviewer: Troubled soul... | 1/13/12

3 years ago, I fell for this really amazing girl. Unlike any girl I had ever been with before. she was bold, she was strong, she was caring, she was spiritual, always honest, very intelligent and beautiful beyond measure. She loved me too, madly! It was crazy and it was electric. It was the most significant aspect of my life then. I had never loved anyone like I loved her. We even moved in together, got engaged.. but then things started to go downhill.. intrusions, questions, quarrels and sob-fights. Communications were breaking down and I felt no matter what I did for her, she didnt totally appreciate it.. may be she did, the best she could. And I dont know how the most beautiful, precious, perfect thing in the world between us was turning so heart breaking. That day was the worst day of my life really. We broke up, I felt both our hearts break. But there seemed no other way. I still cant believe it happened. This month it will be 6 months since that day. Initially it was all sour, I was happy to be away from her. But then my heart flipped. I started missing her. Her warmth, her touch, her words, our funny conversations, our connection. I tried at other things but I just couldnt get interested. I want to reach out to her. want to know she is ok.. she is fine. Hopefully she has gotten over me? She deserves better, the best. I hope someday, even if not love then at least we can be friends. But probably she hates me. I pray not. I wish for more. So confused, so full of emotions feel like my heart and head are bursting open. And all I want to do now.. if I could, if I had the courage.. is go to her and sing this song to her, looking into her beautiful, deep brown eyes. Love you all... best wishes.

I don't believe myself | Reviewer: Patty | 1/6/12

I have a friend. She is the most amazing friend ever. Recently though she left our school, heart broke, because i once loved her. She denied me but we always stayed good friends. Until when the day she was about to leave came she had these confusing feelings and started to ignore me. It gave away and we became friends again. Now's she's gone and i think i don't have anyother friends in this school. I still love her badly. She's what matters to me the most. She's gone and we still keep in contact. Only i have been too busy to talk to her recently and we have gotten distant. So schools about to start and I have only a couple of friends who really care for me. But not her. The other girl comes into the equation. I have also loved her once. She's pretty amazing only until I started to stalk her. Everyone thought i was a creeper so I gave up. This was when i wasn't that close to my other friend. I became unpopular and my life was ruined. Before this I broke up with my previous gf because she was talking behind my back. And i was also in love with this other girl. Now i am in utterly love with this girl, she has liked me at to some degree, but I don't know if she's lying or not because she has better connections with all the other boys in the class. So at the beginning of this semester she offers to be my friend and for me to hang out with her and her group. I dont know what to say. OFFER? Not really a good thing to do if you want to be friends. But she is a really nice friend. Everyone knows I am doomed to be an loner because they all though i was going out with the previous girl who left. I know i am a loner, so be it. Trouble is what i am having now. Everyone talks behind me about how I look like weird. I can't help how i act. I wish i was out of this web. They spun it for me!
Spelling mistakes are because of the trouble and the confused feelings. :)

I´m in love with a bisexul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

I´m Segundo and I´m gay I met on internet a wonderful guy, excepting for this girlfriend since 6 years, he was one of the best friend of my brother..when I was 10 years old then 10 years later i met him on internet...we made a very nice relationship too much love was not only sex...well i wanted him just for me...but he told me gave me time to do it...i gave him some months but it happend just in 3 days, we drunk a lot and in these night he broke up with her...then 2 months later mor or less He changed with me..too cold than before...and 2 weeks ago he told me Im so confious..I dont know what to do...I feel something big for her and you know it! omg I felt out....well he wanted think...but his ex girlfriend has other my boy dicide to dont make up with her...because he is very angry with him and she doesnt want to talk with him...he wanted to be friends with her as well.
so.. him and me talked and he told me..I have to make changes..But Im in love with him and I dont know if he will feel the same as he felt before for me..I´m so in love with him.. but he doesnt feel the same as i do

Love isn't always happiness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/11

Two good mate split up and I decided I was going to help them both, so I did. I spoke to them daily to see if they were both okay, from here things progressed and she decided to like me. I liked her aswell but felt that everything wasn't right. I've now found out that she's always texting my best mate and is with him all the time. I would have rather known I wasn't good enough instead of being lied too. Not only that i'm struggling to move on and sort everything out, this song makes me relax and just think, what if? I just want to be friends ... Charlotte <3

Surprising Developments | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

I've been good friends with a girl and a guy who are dating from old high school for a very long time now, about four years. After my boyfriend and I broke up this year, I became very, very close with the guy. We're best friends and I can tell him anything. We spend hours and hours talking to each other and he can always cheer me up. Things with his girlfriend are often a little rocky, but they love each other. And here's the issue. I've fallen in love with him. And it kills me inside b/c his girlfriend's my friend and trusts me with her/their issues. I never meant for this to happen. We just...we're so connected. We can spend hours laughing about the most ridiculous things, but then we can get really serious and talk for hours about that too. And what also kills me is that I could have had a chance with him. Before they were dating. But I didn't have the maturity or the feelings at the time. And now it's too late. He's with someone else, my dear friend, and we basically do everything boyfriends and girlfriends except the physicality. We just have this unbreakable bond. And I'm just tortured all the time b/c I never thought I'd be THAT girl. The girl who goes after her friend's boyfriend. Granted I'm not really GOING after him, b/c I don't want to hurt her, but the feelings are still there. UGH.

Happiness vs sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

This is the song I used to love... now it is a song that I have sung in my head to my ex-husband Patrick... who I love dearly...and is still my good friend...We spent 14 years together... pretty much most of them,.. I'd say 12 years were great, fantastic, memorable... and I miss him dearly... but we were just not right .... I wasn't the one.... This tribute is to him... for being a lovely man and taking me as I am... Love you forever Patch xxxx