Pain | Reviewer: Lokke | 12/9/11

So theres this girl i was mad about, i loved her more than anything or anyone ive ever loved before, but... she loved somebody else, somebody better. so i couldn't blame her for it, she has every right to choose who she loves, but she was to afraid to tell him, so i told him for her, i knew it would violate her trust i knew it would make her hate me, but i didn't care.. if she was happy my pain would be worth it, now they are together, and they are in true love. That's all i wanted, even if it meant giving up my own

secret admirer 4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

whenever i listen 2 dis song it brings bck my memories live..
I donno whether it happens 4 gud r bad but it happens and a phase of life but finally never ment 2 cause u trouble..
Luv u coldplay

Help | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/29/11

I love this boy soo much my friends thought I did but I said I did not and I think he boy loves me I can't ask him out or anything because I would be nervous and my friends would loose there trust in me because the would figure I lied to them one of his best friends is my neighbor one time we were walking home I walk home with my neighbor and the guy I love his name is Carson A. Was going to his house I was like freakin out cause I was walking home with Carson to Carson and I are good. Friends and I dream about him a few nights ago I had a dream that I held out my hand to him in a scary problem and he grabbed it and we just looked eachother In the I I was so excited when I woke up and then I was like o it's a dream I have been cry when I think about him ever since then is something wrong with me

my friend and i like him | Reviewer: kelly rae | 11/10/11

im in a pickle... my best friend since fifth grade recently asked out her crush, but he said no. but at the same time, i liked him. well, i thought he was cute, i dont know much about him. anyway, ivwasnt upset at all because i didnt have a huge crush on him and i told her that i was sorry and she was better off with someone else. today that same boy asked me out and i found out she still likes him. and ever since he rejected her, my crush for him grew. so i like him and barly know him, she likes him and he likes me. this song discribes my mixxed emotions right now

its not the same anymore | Reviewer: veaney | 10/25/11

Well how can i begin i liked this guy from the start i even told my friend she was happy for me becuase i dont crush easy so anyways i told her and the next day she says im going out with him i wasnt gonna be mean i went with it i said im happy for u then they brokup and she got me and him together he has likes me since 7th grade so i went for it plus i still liked him so then it turns out my so called friend kissed him when i was with him i was very upset i brok up with him and said i was done with the pain then It turns out he said he loved me so i gave him another chance then it turns out my friend was all over him at lunch i left it i even told him im done and he still tells me he loves me but idk what to belive then my friend comes up to me and says why are u mad? i looked at her in the dumbest way ever i said really and the first thing she says is im sorry i cryed for 3 days becuase ur not my friend i looked at her like are u serious now i know whos my friend well idk what to do :/

Im in love with a "stranger''.... | Reviewer: miss i dont know what to do... | 10/2/11

Yes.Im in love with a boy from my school(sorry for my mistakes but i dont know english well cause im greek.)I have an obsession about one year...He is one of the most beutiful boys in my school and im a...nothing.He is a "stranger" for me but i care so much about him and i search a lot of things about him and i found some things about him.Last year in my class 3 girls were in love with him ME,and two classmates Emily and Maria...but now im the only girl in my class who is in love with this guy cause he called her (first Emily)bitch,slut and a street walker and the same things said to Maria for nothing from nowhere...I know he is a jerk and he is a TROUBLE and im afraid that he will do the same things he did to the other girls but i love him so much (every day is a adventure cause every minite happends something with him for example he is looking to me weird,he falls on me by mistake and other weird things...)any way i love him so much and i thank God every minite because he didnt tell something bad to me at least in front of me and the funniest thing of this story is that i feel strange things for this person and i love him without knowin the reason and i can do anything to have him forever...Ι thing the whole thing has made me depressed and i will waiting him forever...I love you J... and please the only thing i asking you is:plese dont break my already broken heart...<3

I feel so Guilty when listening to this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

Three years ago, I had a friend, she meant everything to me and I feel like she's my sister, we had problems and I was very angry so I wanted to get revenge, so I talked bad things about her in front of everyone, and I hurted her in very bad ways, and now she hates me, I did all these things unconsciously, I never meant to hurt her, and she say that she had forgiven me but she can't forget what I have done to her that's why she can't treat me anymore like any other person, I feel so bad, so guilty when listening to this song especially he says "And I lost my head,
The thought of all the stupid things I'd said." and "So I turn to run,
The thought of all the stupid things I've done" I feel like this song is written for me, and a feel like I'm stuck in a spider web, and I don't know what to do.. I just want her to forget everything I've done and to become friends again.. any suggestions?? :( :(

resonse to the hurted guy. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/11

It seems as if you think she did what she is donig with you with the guy from work.
I don't belive it's true. I can only reccomend you will read the book "in the name of love."
it describes ways to deal with this kind of emotions and has case studys as well.

A meaningful desire rejected,but later given away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

My friend became my girlfriend within time,she loved how supportive I was and how I had soo much to offer in everyway. Within time I told her "I love you",she said it back but twice within 2 months she told me she didn't love me she just felt bad not saying it :( I was crushed,later I learn she was still in an obsession with another guy who only called her ofcourse before we dated for sexual needs and I didn't understand why she was soo stuck on him point being she was still in love with him hearing those words broke me within time she finally fell in luv wit me.I gave her everything in every sense possible and always the best and I was very expressive with her poems, instrumental songs for her you name it she had it. I kept wanting and wanting to finally get to show our love physically I desired that connection and powerful moment of passion with her so much but was always turned down,when we broke up she mentioned cause she wanted to change she didn't want to hurt me anymore for her and my good we split but two days later arguing and hating eachother we didn't talk for over six months till I wrote her an apology letter for the way I acted at the end and she apologized too we started talking romantically again and this time she fell in love hard I am now everything to her and she falls in tears with the tought of loosing me,all was good when we began dating again I had asked if she had slept with anyone after we broke up she said no,but 6 months in,about two weeks from today I asked if she didn't have any secrets cause I couldn't be in a relationship full of them,I then learned she had slept with someone from work 3 months after we split :'( I was devastated I had given so much before and I didn't deserve that but she gave that to someone within weeks of meeting and what hurt most was he was a taken man who's gf was home pregnant while they where together at work and finally had sex once,I felt betrayed ,undeserving cheated and played..she disgusted me and I told her with so many harsh words and screaming while I was in tears. What made it worse was that when we started datina dn she said she loved me she said I would never hurt you again,I felt decieved and lost..we are still together but I just listended to this song and found the apology letter I had wrote her and I'm crying and hurting in every sense I forgave her for denying it when I asked but somehow that mental thought she put in my head won't leave my head and it hurts everytime I think about it. I am lost not knowing what to do,I'm literally in the middle of a web and I don't knw what to do to survive this painful feeling. :'( I'm open to suggestions. -call me booboo.

Life | Reviewer: Sammy...<\3 | 7/7/11

I went to a party, where this guy literally fell in love with me at first sight. I didnt even really talk to him, because I was shy and insecure, but he kept reaching out until I finally admitted my horrible past, and my insecurities and eating disorder. He gave me a hug and looked at me like he was going to kiss me. In that momment, if he did, I would've...there was something so special about the look in his eyes. When he asked me out after the party, I said no, because I was currently "in love" with this stupid person. He went through months of pain wanting me and worrying about me. Eventually, it settled completely, after he had enough of me being in tears. I had liked him shortly before he "had enough", but he said no. After he kinda blocked me out of his life, I realized how much I wanted and missed and needed him, but remembered I was just gonna hurt me and he dosent care crap about me anymore, whether I die or not, no difference. I decided to become a nun...I tell people Ive had a calling and all but the truth is....I can't ever imagine myself with anyone but him, but I keep it held in, because it would scare him. He dosent care about me anymore. A few days back I became anorexic again, because I want him to care again. maybe hell notice I'm dying and reach out and give me the love I need again. I love you Luke <\3

Love hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

I went out with a friend i told him that Going out with me will just get him hurt... But he said " i dont care i like u an i know u wont hurt me" so we went out for like two Months until know that he broke up with me because i cheated on him... An now that i know i love him he doesnt want to be with me... An every time i listen to this song it reminds me of what i did to him... That i never ment to cause him trouble an i lost him for ever... I cant stop listening to this song... :(

Love my best friend | Reviewer: Secret admirer | 5/16/11

This song reminded me about a story. I have a friend and we've been friends for almost a year. what she didn't know was i'm actually in love with her. I tried my best to hide my feeling from her since i was afraid if i told her what i felt she would get angry. One thing i hate is i know that we can't be together, but the truth is i love her. just a couple of days ago, after a long and hard time, i told her what i felt. she smiled at me with the same smile which encourages me everyday and said that she felt the same but had no choice than ignored it:( that time i felt both excitement and disappointment, but i'm happy now because i'm no longer keeping my feeling in front of her. In fact, she still the one able to cheer my day up and i doesn't mean to trouble her:(

i think im inlove with my best friend | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/1/11

so this song reminds me of my best friend ive known him for 11 years almost ive never liked him or anything he has always been nice to me although he's said some ugly stuff to me but i keep forgiving him, this year weve become closer and ive never felt like this for him but now suddenly i love him and like him but he likes one of my best friends everytime i listen this song i cry and makes me feel sad just to think that in 2 months we're graduating and leaving school and i wont see him everyday and that there is a chance he will date one of my other best friends this song just makes me think of him :(

Trouble. | Reviewer: NickyG | 3/25/11

My ex girlfriend told me this was her favourite song and i only listened to it a few times and it made me think of her. When she broke up with me she said its because she didnt want to hurt me anymore. I was really angry at her for months until just this week when i listened to this song and id suddenly became clear... Perhaps she just didnt mean to cause any trouble and didnt want to do me any harm. I cant seem to work out if this is a good memory or a bad memory song yet ><

In Love</3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

I have a girlfriend and we've been going out for 1 year and 4 months. I love her more than anything in the world. But just a couple weeks ago one of my best friends told me when we first started going out he cheated on me. I didn't want to believe it. I asked her about it and she denied it. I was stupid and listened to her. A couple months ago I heard she cheated on me again. But she says the other person kissed her but she backed away. I don't believe her though ): . I let it go though because I love her and I thought she would change. And just barely a week ago we broke up for about 2 days. And she said she was still in love with me and she wanted to get back together. So I said ok. A couple days later I find out that while we split up she kissed my "best friend" ): . She doesn't know that I know though. So I've been hiding it from her and acting like nothing happened. *Sigh, love hurts </3