Coldplay is FOREVER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/08

I absolutely love this song. I'm an english teacher n was looking for the lyrics to do a listening activity. I think coldplay is the one band that sings about things that so many ppl of different temperaments can identify with! I love all their songs but this one is the best ever!

Can't get enough | Reviewer: Johann | 1/29/08

I think I've heard this song like million times but everytime I do it it's special Coldplay is an Institution to me.

my favorite band ever.
could anyone please take me to one of their concerts :P

:P | Reviewer: ella | 1/7/08

i was just looking for the lyrics too.. and i saw the.. :P coments, well i love Cold Play because i found their music very sensitive, is soft-light but profunde and i´m not saying the words... is all that smashed.. the voice, the notes, the words, those are the band´s caracteristics for me..

come on people, be a little bit more original | Reviewer: Nathalie | 12/15/07

I was looking the lyrics and just by coincidence found that people here write what they feel when they here this song. Well... ok... cool.. but please, you're all saying exactly the same things: my life, my family, memories, I cry... shit man, I love coldplay and went to their concert and it is such a different feeling for anyone. Chris Martin and his band didn't make this song to make people suicide themselves or cry, this is not Emo Shitty music. It is really good, but Coldplay can't be called the best band of the world when people like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed or even the Beatles had existed.

Save the music and be true.

holy crap! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

as always coldplays songs make me shiver, because they remind me of my life perhaps. cheers to chris martin and the rest of the members in this incredible band.

------ About the song Trouble performed by Coldplay | Reviewer: Coldplay | 9/26/07

Coldplay 1 of best bands the world, for me they are always #1. I like all of their songs, it reminds me in my life, make happy, or emotional sometimes. anyway, I wish all the best for them.
Well Done.

Tha best* | Reviewer: Stepha. | 9/19/07

I'm from Belgium, Coldplay is here a great band, this song is the best in the world.. I just wanna say that this song isn't for people who think that their depressed. It's a song with feelings and if you hear a song like this you're gonna think about life.. x

listen | Reviewer: julia | 9/16/07

this song isnt about little kids thinking their depressed, like there boyfriends/girlfriends breaking up. Okay, if your family members has died,i understand, but dont go looking for songs that make you want to cry. Whats the point? So you can write some emotional quotes on myspace? Why do you people listen to songs that make you upset? Stupid.

ty coldplay :) | Reviewer: Napa | 8/25/07

since the first time I've heard this song I looked for the piano tabs... now I sing this and other songs of them in a piano-bar in Milan, and to sing and play them is something magical... jordan has a magcal touch, the tabs are "simple" but the notes are wonderfull.. like in clocks...

Trouble | Reviewer: Alex | 8/13/07

It reminds me of all stupid things I've done and the times when I've sinned... Amazing song.

TROUBLE | Reviewer: MJ | 8/6/07

This is a truly awesome song and it is 1 of the best songs i heard for a quite long time. Coldplay got to be proud of themselves when they made this song.

you guys are retarted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

its easy and simple what hes saying..just read the lyrics lol stop trying to go in depth with them and turn in into a science project

GR8! | Reviewer: Lina | 8/5/07

Coldplay best band ever!!
this song is so deep,everytime i hear this song,it just take me to other world,where the only thing i found is memories!then i start to remember a few things i left behind..and then all the tears falls down on my face..

What I think it means... | Reviewer: jbrianc | 7/30/07

First, after The Scientist, this is their best song. I think it basically follows an "Addiction vs. A Loved One" theme. Kinda like that AA saying, "Man takes a drink, drink takes a drink, drink takes the man..." It's as if he's explaining how "something" could overtake someone so much that it destroys that person's relationship with his partner/family.
In the ending ("they spun a web for me" (x3)) there comes the part where a person would acknowledge how one's "so called friends" could make it difficult to break a cycle.

But all of that is just my opinion. Just the same, what a powerful song.

Just the best | Reviewer: Sam | 7/25/07

Iv got to say that the lirics dont make much sense, or maybe its just that i dont understand it much. But the piano music is class, i love it to bits. I want to download the ringtone for the piano part of the tune. Does anyone know how i can get hold of it?