trouble-review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

for eternity i think!so touchy no comment!it reminds me of dijana-my cousins colege friend with who-i blew it up!oooooooo stupid!i heard it on the radio today it was raining and i was crossing the dorm where she is staying at the moment!f**k,i think to myself she could be mine but some othertime!on the other world,i think!bravo coldplay!

sensational, touchy, | Reviewer: balaji | 4/20/09

You come across lot of songs you like when you hear them initially but this one truly remains in the top of my playlist ever since i have started listening to this one and never seems to slide down..... a song for early morning or in the night. the song surfaces self acceptance of the mistakes you made unknowingly and regret them.... The song is tribute for all the emotions that circles after the bubble of illusion bursts as thay say..

i love it waaaa!!! | Reviewer: louis | 4/16/09

I lovee this song.. this song for me is sooo special ..cause its make me remember to my ex girlfriend that i lost for my fault my stupid faulttttttttttttttt!!!! :`(!! now i live in my world alone as before life a dog without owner..i just wanna be happpy againnnnnnnnnnnn!!!...if uuu understand me add me please..i need helppp for this pain :( bye take care :`(

Will there ever be a place for us ,for the Pisces of the broken heart... | Reviewer: Moni | 4/8/09

First time I heard this song its been in my head ever since and i never stoped loving it. 'Parachutes' is a great thing to have.Me,Im always in trouble with myself and others.But I dont mean to hurt them Im just like that I guess.Im to sensitive and agressive and Im sorry.This song is for all of us who cant control anger,emotions,who are afaraid,who are making mistakes for no reason or with it,for us who have to find the way ot of the mess we're in and everything else.Correct me if Im wrong,Thanx and bye.Moni

Awesome | Reviewer: Jason | 4/8/09

I am 36 and have been a rock and roll fan my whole life. I started listening to the Beatles when I was 5 or so and I have always thought that they would never be touched as far as anyone coming close to their genius...Well, my friend just recently turned me on to Coldplay. It was love at first listen. They are the only band I have heard that I could reasonably put into the Beatles' category. This song is one of the best songs musically I have ever heard...

coldplay | Reviewer: ---------<3 | 3/5/09

coldplay is one great band. their lyrics are insanely good poetry & all their music goes right along with it. you can relate to this & interpret it to whatever. i looooooove it :D
& peter is gorgeous heehee

So good | Reviewer: Joel | 1/7/09

This guys are all amazing... I love them i love all the songs and i wish to see them one day ... This song rise my mind to forgive when i think i right while im wrong. God bless me and coldplay and this song and make people listen to this song.
Thank coldplay

thanks! | Reviewer: E | 1/1/09

Everyone can feel moved or touched by Coldplays songs, and thats what makes them truly amazing. No wonder they became big in such a short time.
I love all of their songs but this one has a special place in my heart. It was played for me as an apology i think, and i will always connect it with the person playing it for me. So thank you coldplay.

excellence | Reviewer: Maddy :) | 12/11/08

I think Coldplay are an extremely good band.
You could listen to their songs a hundred times over; and never get tired of a single one.
Chris Martin has a really unique voice, and I think its great.
Keep them coming Coldplay!

Magic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

Coldplay and what they do is magic...they have got this combination of tone,word,pain and joy at the same time in their music...even if, when u listen to "trouble" it hurts u somewhere in your heart,then it gives you a great relief,and pain goes away...thank to them for all they have done and keep shining,its a real true meaning of art...unique band!

Great Song | Reviewer: Josue Davis | 6/16/08

This is actually the first song I ever heard from Coldplay. I was like 14 I think.

This song means so much, is amazing, is magical. They show just how good and original they can be.

A very well done song.

Meaning | Reviewer: Faith | 3/16/08

This song talks about the media. It talks about him getting himself into trouble by saying the wrong things. He talks about his fans and says sorry for anything he said that hurt them. He also mentions spinning a web for him, this talks more about the media spinning webs of lies about him, the band and his personal life. It's a great song and they have to be the closest thing to the Beatles that we will ever get.

simp;y beautiful | Reviewer: dave | 2/21/08

to all the people moaning why the hell do you come on here and make people feel crap is your life really that bad ?? ..

anyways onto the song i don't think it has 1 meaning it can mean whatever you want it to mean , and thats why so many people love coldplay because there songs can be interpreted anyway that you want them too and relates to all different experiences and emotions , i love this song and love coldplay always have done since they released there 1st album <3

can't wait for the new album in a month or two i hope they carry on with there amazing melodies and lyrics <3

amazing !! | Reviewer: dave | 2/22/08

why are people arguing on a lyrics site over the net ffs grow up people can give there opinions if they want if you don't like it simple dont read it .. anyways

i love this song and love all of coldplays songs , i believe they dont have a meaning , the meaning can be what you want it too and i think there songs relate to us all in some way or other there melodies and simply beautiful lyrics are amazing <3 this is one of my favs along with fix u <3

can't wait for the new album :D hope its as good as the rest if not even better :P

MED ESCALANTE | Reviewer: claudia s. | 2/18/08

i just heard this song because my friend told me to listen to it. it truely is amazing! i love coldplay, all their songs have significant meaning to life, thoughts, feelings, etc.
does anyone know what this song means though? is it metaphorical? i need to know.

amazing song.
outstanding. honestly.

thanks med for showing me this song.