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Performed by Coldplay

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my life | Reviewer: vvv | 12/5/10

this song is my life and life ofmy friend. we used to listed to this song. Just several days before his death i watched on youtube, looked at him and cried, i couldnt say a word, i felt like something was going to happen. He showed me the Jesus Christ portrait and in 2 or 3 days he was killed. It was several months ago, I looked at the video again and allthose memories swept me.

powerful meaning | Reviewer: Amy | 11/25/10

you can relate to this song on so many levels.

It reminds me of when a very close friend of mine passed away, and how frustrating it was after almost a year of grief I couldn't get to go away.

I just wanted to go back to the way it was before. I was angry because no one said it would be that hard and I hated that I knew it could never be easy.

I felt like I was in a vicious circle, and just wanted another chance to have her in my life; I wanted another chance to tell her how perfect she was and how much we all needed her in our lives.

I searched for answers that there were never answers to and tried to believe I was getting better when my insides were always being torn away at.

I found the song really powerful and feel it goes deeper than people realize. There's so much more to love, and you don't know until you lose it.

More coldplay drivel | Reviewer: provocative | 10/12/10

Arggghhh. Why do people worship Coldplay? Sure music is a taste but all their songs sound the same (i.e. dirge). The lyrics are not deep and meaningful. Listen to almost any Queensryche lyrics (try Silent Lucidity) or many metal bands whose lyrics go way deeper than Coldplay, despite what you'd think (e.g. Iron Maiden). As for musical talent, Dream Theater would wipe the floor with Coldplay. I wonder if Coldplay could play Dance of Eternity or the Glass prison. Coldplay are hugely overated but the media grovel at everything they do. I hate mediocrity.

The Break Up! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/10

Me and my boyfriend broke up after four months and we still hung out because we still wanted to be in each others life. Well we would hang out and he played a keyboard like kind of a piano and he would play and sing this song the scientist and I Would Just Start missing what we had and like i always wondered why did he play this song and he would look at me while he would sing it and i could n't take it ne more and i figured he was over me because he asked my friend out and it tore me apart because i still had feelings for him and i still do!!!!

just wonering what you think... | Reviewer: maddy | 5/29/10

What a wonderful song. It has such a true message. I don't think people can analyze love, define love, etc etc. Let's just hope it exists!

Not that I would know, but that's the point! No one knows! Haha.
I wonder if I will ever fall in love... Do you think even people, who don't generally connect with others (not just romantically, but with friends and family) can everexperience it?

Anyway, I'm just wondering what you guys think.
Cya round!

ps: Please, no one refer to women as "bitches" and "whores" and "pieces of ass". You may be joking, or you may be threatened by women, or you may have had some bad experiences with them that has soured your perception of them, but really you shouldn't be saying these things. It's disgusting.
I don't want to be annoying, but I think it's for your own good.

Ugh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

"Better then everyone", if you are going to insult people, please spell everything correctly and use correct punctuation. At least look like an educated idiot instead of just a regular idiot. :)

P.S.- This is, by far, my favorite Coldplay song. They are amazing. :D

wow. | Reviewer: carlos | 2/14/10

well these lyrics are the bomb. never paid attention to cold play until i heard see you soon which is a great song i can relate to. and that corn stain who wrote bout bitches and peice of ass needs someone to slam a paddle on his ass. people like them end up alone when their time comes, hope he opens his eyes instead of screwing aroubnd. more men shuld stop looking at girls' ass' and look them straight in the eyes. women like to be respected so do that and yuu'll get somewhere in life. peace.

love is...? | Reviewer: cesco in new york | 2/12/10

y'know, love seems so simple on the's quite complicated when you feel it and you go through all of the highs and lows that accompany it. but, it is definitely worth it when you have someone that will be with you on your worst days. She's there when I'm cocky as HELL (most of the time), she's there when I mess up big time, she's there when I'm crying, and sometimes I take that for granted. For a little while recently, I was really unsure, really honestly insecure about my feelings - I was questioning my love, and that was really upsetting me. We're, I guess you could say, "ahead of the curve", cuz we're physically passionate in ways I guess we're not entirely ready for. Probably that love insecurity was because of the sexual things we were doing with each other - running off to secret spots to get naked and please each other like addicts (no sex or oral sex though - I respect her). But we're really taking steps to cut short all that naughty stuff and rekindle the genuineness we had before the sexuality stepped in. And now, the simple pleasures, like kissing, are starting to become once again much more intimate and inviting and special, not just a "warm-up" to the naughty stuff. So, I guess that's what love proves, that if you love someone, you stay by them even at their worst. I used to think we were flawless, and we were - but no couple is perfect, but that doesn't keep me from loving her. And I DO love her. With everything. I'm secure about that now :) We're only 14, but I know that love isn't perfect. I know that, however good being sexually pleased feels, it was damaging our relationship. Without it, we were SO MUCH HAPPIER. So I'm gonna try to focus on loving her and rekindling that warmth now. I love her. Love is worth it.

Response to cesco in new york | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/10

I agree with you completly. i just turned 14 and im inlove. Yes for us its a diferent kind of love. One that no adult can experience. I always told myself to wait until i was older to fall inlove but the right one came along and im inlove with him. You never know what could happen in the future.Its not about sex at all. Its a feeling you cant explain

:D | Reviewer: cesco in new york | 1/24/10

very nice last comment :DDDD below that, seriously dude, grow a pair and stop using women. sure ok, you're young and sexy to the ladies now, but with that asshole attitude, you'll be alone when you're past your sexual prime :D when you're 35, 40, 45, 50, and you've lost your sex appeal to women, when women don't find you sexy cuz you're too old, which is going to happen naturally with age, you will have NOBODY. Jason and I should be set, with the lovely women we have, WHO WE ACTUALLY LOVE, and distance doesnt matter, buddy :) So go ahead, keep banging those "bitches" and "pieces of ass", while you're still young and fresh. No one will want you when you're older if you're a user. You will be ALONE. Good luck, well, actually, i cant help you cuz you're kinda hopeless...

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