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Performed by Coldplay

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Stars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

You used to joke that in a year or two, if weren't together you'd come back to my doorstep. well now things have changed and the course has transitioned but if i still feel this way next year or in two i'm gonna come back. and ask for your hand

.. i love you, and i want you to be happy
even if it's not with me

Science | Reviewer: Teena | 11/10/08

This is definitely on my list of "Great Songs" now. Today was my first time listening to it and I just suddenly felt this sort of mellowed-out feeling. Coldplay makes me feel like we can give humanity a second chance.

Truely Artists | Reviewer: Sunny | 11/3/08

Im A young 12 year old girl and I love this music like pink floyd alice cooper radiohead an queen this music emmits pure feeling into me it truely connects our own emotions to it. This music is beautiful and if only that foolish soldier boy stuff wasn't on now I know I am behind for my generation of people but this is truely art and I think that to live life I dont really care if others find me abnormal. This music isnt mindless senseless crap and for that I am greatful.

LOVE! | Reviewer: leah | 10/28/08

I just started listening to Coldplay's older stuff lately and I think this song is amazing. It's saying that Scientist, all he does he cure and fix things to make better, but you can't do that with an actual person. No matter how much he wants it to work out love is not something that can be put into a furmula and resolved.

mmm | Reviewer: m | 8/13/08

love this song it explains my love life at the moment... i left my one and only due to a long distance relationship that didnt work out because we never talked to eachother...he was my everything...i wish we would forgive me one day...he haunts me in my dreams and memories...and i tore him apart and wish i could go bak and fix everything....

xoxx my wabbit

It's clear about sufferings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/08

I thought this song told us about being scientists

Just like the tittle. It's about scientist's sufferings. They have to get back to the start after they got themselves confused.

I think it's something like that ...

The Fountain | Reviewer: milana | 7/22/08

This song reminds me so much of the movie "The Fountain"... a scientist in agony, trying to save his love, wishing he could go back to the start, have more time to save her. ahh! i've loved this song for years, and just saw the movie a few weeks ago. this song perfectly fits that movie! has anyone else seen it? don't you agree?!

A song that moves you | Reviewer: Nico | 7/21/08

The first time I heard this song was when I was searching Google for songs your heart stops beating for a while when you hear them. I found The Scientist. At this moment, I've bought all their albums...

antwone | Reviewer: CARACHi | 7/7/08

my friend played this song for me...and it reminded me of my MR. Big...i moved and i left no trace of me...he found my lil brother when he was working and he gave him my number...he called me and came over and after everything, in the morning i sang the first few lines to the scientist to him, and he loves it too now...perfect song!!!

wickerpark | Reviewer: margel delgado | 7/1/08

i first hear this song in the movie wickerpark by josh hartnett in the last scene where his lady love is down on the floor turning her back on him. the first time i listen to this song, i was amazed and eager to know the lyrics and who sang it. after a year, i hear again this song in one of the show in the television in which the title and the singer was mentioned. and now, after reading the lyrics, i remembered my past love life with my boyfriend whom was still my boyfriend right now. well, we are on our second time. we broke up before and then our love continues again. well, love is sweeter the second time around.

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