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Performed by Coldplay

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reminds me of someone i knew | Reviewer: elaine | 1/7/08

Sparks is one of my favorite songs from coldplay, and it's mainly because of the way the music and the lyrics just cling to your soul and they stay there until they are able to take a hold of you. it's really beautiful to find a person that makes you feel different, special.

coldplay is genius.

brilliant work | Reviewer: jowler. | 12/5/07

especially when it applies to one's own life. coldplay is the cycle of life... obviously chris martin feels the same pains that I do, and thats why i love this band so much. its not cliche, its cliche in a whole new way. a way that a lot of people relate with. a cliche that millions of fans, across all nations, learned to love and respect. so heres some advice to cchris22... just have a good listen to their stuff. you'll be impressed by their lyrics and the technical aspects of their music. have an open mind, or be a faggot (like george dubyah bush) and have no light in your soul, and a closed mind. but don't let me decide that for you, thats for your own heart to make up. this band is my absolute favorite.

Same ol stuff... | Reviewer: cchris22 | 12/2/07

Almost every line is cliche. Same ol story too. Boy gets girl, boy loses girl. "I saw sparks"? I've heard that a million times. I wish he would leave out all the worn out lines and just do all uhs and ohs. Less predictable that way. Puhlease, someone, some mainstream artist, give us something new. Kudos for lovely music though.

Oh, sing one we know | Reviewer: Angela | 11/24/07

The lyrics and tone of this song have encouraged a precedent. Applying the feelings this song encompasses to my own life. I've found that the person I'm seeing now cannot even begin to come close to giving me the emotions that this song ensures. Which now has decided for me how I am to be sure of what kind of presence the guy I wish to be with should carry with him.

Ahhh..... | Reviewer: Lauren | 11/6/07

This is my first dance as husband and wife at my wedding. It puts to words how we feel about each other, i will sometimes let him down... as will he. but we get through it and ill always love him and watch out for him because there will always be "sparks" to keep our love alive

Soothing | Reviewer: Rohit | 11/2/07

i dont care about love and other mushy shit.....this song soothes my nerves thats why i love it....and thats the case with most of the Coldplay songs...

Tosser | Reviewer: G | 10/30/07

Whatever to what you guys say. The point is that we live in a planet of murder (just watch nature) and the institute of a relationship these days is two people holding on until they are bored of fucking each other. Every now and then an exception breaks loose and simply reinforces my rule that if you think you're in love... wait for the wave to break. If at this point your sand and pebbles aren't dragged back into the deep... you might be onto something. I'm bitter, cynical and warped by my surroundings but boy people don't think this shit through. Massive universe, tiny planet. It's all forgotten anyway. Love is the test of time. When you realize that you've awoken in the bed that your best friend, your greatest admire/accepter has died in. You may have found the magic. Other than that.. You're talking shit. Quit the bollocks.

know yourself & be happy | Reviewer: Jason | 10/17/07

Hey to everyone round the world I would like to say a few words from Australia. I've had some bad run ins with the ladies and thought ill share a bit of wisdom :) "Falling in love is to dam hard" But I have come to realize that above the moment above the heartache and the loss of breath cause the thoughts of your ex leaves scars in your heart & mind or what ever...Look inside yourself, really your searching for you, are we trying to find happiness in our partners? Are we trying to find refuge in the loins of our one true love? cause if you are your setting yourself up for massive failure and you will be constantly in the whirlpool of the helpless romantic...If you think what I’m saying is full of shit then go wild but believe you me you cant be with someone else unless your happy with who you are, unless your at peace being in the presence of yourself... I believe that she or he will be able to see that inner joy and confidence being in your own company…they will like being around you....then you can both say….”I saw Sparks”.

wow | Reviewer: shannon | 10/10/07

this song makes everything change about a first time kind of situation... like if you think about it, if u think yu know someone for as long as 3 days like in the movie, and you felt sparks, kinda makes you think that their is someone wonderful, standing right infront you. You shouldnt rush anything, because it wouldnt end the way you want it. To be honest...there are some decent guys out masterpiece said. and I think shes right styll..
and.. no matter what, keep your head up high!

cheer up | Reviewer: look at the stars | 10/10/07

cheer up mother fuckers. we are all probably going through the same stuff. men and women both suck equally. you cant trust them. but there is hope for everyone. don't let someone hold you back from what you really want which i'm sure is happiness. why give up the world for one person? there is still hope. i'm going through the same thing right now and it hurts so bad but i know there will be a day a while from now when i'll be laughing at this situation i'm in. coldplay is amazing and their songs really do touch a lot of people in different ways. this song is meant to give hope- not to hinder you from continuing to love just because one person messed it up. keep your heads up!

iffu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

i play this song every day on my guitar... i dream of the day i'll play it for her... and everything will be all right again...

Les étincelles | Reviewer: Jo | 9/27/07

Il y a beaucoup de choses dans la vie qui nous impressionne mais rien de plus que le mystère de l'amour et l'étincelle dans la chanson est une excellente métaphore. Le rythme de la musique me donne le goût de dancer, de me coller et de passé d'excellent moment avec une personne qui a beaucoup d'importance a mes yeux. C'est très langoureux. Je suis surpris de voir qu'il y a autant de gens qui adore cette chanson comme je le fais. J'ai lu tout les texte et je remarque que nous avons tous le besoin d'aimé. Il est clair que cette chanson rallume l'émotion du désir. Bref merci Coldplay pour ce chef d'oeuvre !!!!!!!!!!!:D

sparks!I love it!!<3 | Reviewer: jackie-o's | 9/23/07

I love this song I can listen to it all over and over again very powerful comforting as encompasses every emotional feeling that the human can have. Also I can envision a person next 2 his or hers lover looking at fireworks and gazing in to each others eyes being there 1 last night together that he'll always look out 4 her...and promising her the stars and everything as she walks away leaving behind a dust of sparks!<3

I know I was wrong | Reviewer: Joe | 9/9/07

This song has a lot of meaning, you see sparks in someone, so you try and take that leap on it. I really wish that girl could of saw how I felt about her.

sparks | Reviewer: Me | 9/8/07

gf just left me ..i know it has just been a month ..but i saw sparks .and she didint ..what a shame ..i know i did something wrong ..but forgiving is a word inthe dictionnary .. i saw sparks ..:(

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