Beautiful!!! | Reviewer: Namie | 4/30/13

I love coldplay. Nd i luv this song. Its one of their best. I can't believe im jus hearing it now. This song is stuck in repeat on my phone's playlist... Its so sad nd depression. Thats why i love it.

Coldplay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

it was during the India-Aus commonwealth bank cricket series, that I first heard the music of their song, CLOCKS, which was being used as commmercial.
After that I found it was theirs through the record of this song on Zee Cafe.
Then I heard another song, LOST, and there infatuated. With FIX YOU, I fell in love.........

I love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/10

The first time I heard ColdPlay I thought they were stupids. But a year later I don't know how but I fall in love with their music. Since then ColdPlay is my number 1 band, Every songs of ColdPlay is inspirational force for the people in trouble, pain, misery, love, problems and so on. Like this one "Don't lose your trust"

<3 so in love with this song <3 | Reviewer: Dephney | 4/19/10

In a bullet proof vest with the windows all closed....Words cant express how much this song relates to my life right now.The mellow melody takes me to another world n make wanna c the great things I have around me.Thanks for such an amazing song!don't lose your trust...

See You Soon | Reviewer: Lex | 9/6/09

Music brings out the more creative parts of a man like me, the second part of the chorus relates the most to me, you can figure out why on your own. But Coldplay makes me realize, life is not as bad as you may think... And for that I am thankfull...

love | Reviewer: naser houshmandnejad | 2/4/08

when i listen to them(coldplay)i remember how i was love in pink floyd, ok they arenot same as pinkfloyd, but i didn't hear some song that was near the pinkfloyd.
after them(pink , i come to love all the song of cold play), i love you

Great songs! | Reviewer: James Gibson | 1/25/08

I think that Coldplay have awesome songs. I actually have ALL their songs. This song is very mellow and I love it! One of their best. I especially love the live version on their album 'Castles'.

The Best Ever | Reviewer: Pete | 9/12/07

This is my favrite song ever right now, if it hadn't been done already I would like to have written it and dedicated it to my ex-girlfriend Lesley.

Real History | Reviewer: Nick | 9/11/07

Actually amber this is not the song that Johnny Cash made. The song he made and Coldplay decided to record it after he died was entitled Til Kingdom Come. See you Soon is a great song but not Johnny's

song history | Reviewer: amber | 8/1/07

i looove this song. <3 it was actually written by Johnny Cash after his wife died, in memory of her. it was supposed to be a collaborative effort but Johnny himself died before recording started so coldplay finished the song for him.

love this song. <3 | Reviewer: qam | 6/23/07

I wanna hear this song all and alll over again, I really love this song. <3 I guess, i have like never heard any coldplays songs, but now i'm thinking that I have to go and listen all of coldplays songs, because this was great, so there may be like thousands of great songs. jei. kiitos oli oikein ihana. :)

i love it! | Reviewer: mria paz | 6/2/07

i want that my friends listen this song when i died ....

that is what i want!

atually i really love all coldplay's songs...

i love hem!!
i really do... even the words are enought for explain that i feel when i lesten them...

i love them...
they explein all my feeling... its great!

i love them!!

Coldplay's best | Reviewer: Eaze | 3/1/07

The scientist is great, but this one is the best...first time I heard it was on the extended/special version of the debut album Parachutes, but is actually a track of the Blue Room E.P. (an album before Parachutes wich served as promo).

see you soon | Reviewer: emily b | 2/10/07

this is one of coldplays greater songs
you should all listen to the version done by lisa mitchell not as good as coldplay but its awesome!

LOVES THIS SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Autumn Brown | 12/8/06

This is one of my favorite Coldplay songs, I cant live a day without listening to it... Heck right now I have it on Repeat... I have listen to it literally 100 times!