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coldplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: fidel r chavez | 1/4/11

idont know what to think about colplay but i can say that coldplay is a band very important in my life cuz i really like it n also think is amazing is the band of all the generations,the band of all the world and specially the baand of mexico cuz we love you!!!!!!!

I love Coldplay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/10

For me, Coldplay, without a doubt, is the best band ever. Beautiful personalities; beautiful people; beautiful talent and beautiful, meaningful songs. Their songs can make people feel such emotion, that I don't think any other musician has yet achieved as well as them. And it's weird when people say their songs are depressing because for a lot of people, their songs make them feel happier. Especially me! I suppose people who can't relate to the songs would find it depressing, but that's only because they don't really understand the meaning behind the lyrics. I love Coldplay. I know there's no such thing as perfect but they are possibly the nearest to it. Their new song, 'Christmas Lights' is out! It's beautiful- even better than their song Yellow, which I thought was impossible.
Yellow is my childhood song. I used to sing it all the time. I just recently discovered Coldplay again after they just sort-of slipped away from me and I'm so glad I'm listening to their music again. Their songs are like a soundtrack to my life. Coldplay are amazing.

coldplay til i die | Reviewer: flash | 10/5/10

coldplay til i die i have seen them 20 times in one year each time they get better i am coldplay daft its like a drug i need coldpay every day or am not happy i eat sleep coldplay so rock on chris jonny will and guy you guys is my god we worship coldplay.

Thx to my stupid friend | Reviewer: George | 8/13/10

While working in the jungle in Colombia my workmate play a song of this band....since then, I bought everything I got from these guys...Excellent acoustic and voice from them. I will follow any release in the future for this band....and according to some reviews, if they are gay....who bloody cares!!!!!

Coldplay is AMAAAAAAAZING | Reviewer: ColdplaysBgstFan | 8/8/10

Coldplay is the best band. Ever. Period. you hear things like lady gaga, and she sounds like crap next to them. The beautiful lyrics and tunes and Chris's voice all mixed makes me want to cry! I can play 3 of their songs-viva la vida, clocks, and the scientist. i don't know what i would be doing if coldplay wasn't here. lots of my friends think they suck, but i ignore them because COLDPLAY FOREVER!!! AND CHRIS, YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Gwenyth is sooooooooo lucky to have you. again, no singer, no artist, no band, can surpass coldplay. they are AMAAAAZING.

COLDPLAY R MINT | Reviewer: jessica kemp | 4/23/10

Coldplay is the best band ever. They are all amazing musicians and they are all gorgeous and talented. I cant beleive anyone could NOT like Coldplay i want there new album parachute it is good i heard some of there songs .. talk was the first song i ever heard by colplay my dad loves coldplay me and him drive my mam insain...

coldplay are da best ever | Reviewer: jessica | 4/20/10

Coldplay is the best band ever. They are all amazing musicians and they are all gorgeous and talented. I cant beleive anyone could NOT like Coldplay there isnt even a word to describe how amazing they are i love all there songs who knows. I found Coldplay when i first heard talk minage song and i listened to them everyday and then i fond more songs and they were just so amzing my friends hate coldplay but i dont know what there talking about .. even ma dad lovess u colplay and we listen to it full blast... we drive our mam insain ....

<3 coldplay with all my heart! | Reviewer: TTgirl | 10/9/09

coldplay is one of the most AMAZING bands to walk the planet, i have known about them sense they came out with a rush of blood to the head. I had a few songs on my ipod, after viva la vida came out i loved them even more! then once i went to the concert cuz my dad loved them more then anything, i became COMPLETELY obssesed!!!! coldplay is amazing and always will be, they are right up there with the beatles, elvis, and the rolling stones. i have learned how to play strawberry swing(one of my faves) and also yellow, i can hardly even name a top 5 songs i luv cause they are all amazing but i actually thought of 5, ps these are NOT and a specicic order...

Strawberry Swing
Everything's Not Lost
Death and all his friends
Lovers in Japan
Viva la Vida
Violet Hill

Well that was more then 5, but i could care less..haha and pllllz coldplay read this cuz i wanna play for you!!!!!!!!!!


The Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

I am a music lover and I always have been, but no band has ever touched me as deeply as Coldplay. Without realising it I basically grew up with their music, and every song they've released has at one time been my favourite. From Yellow to Clocks and In My Place, The Scientist, Speed of Sound, Violet Hill, Viva la Vida, all of the songs are beautiful. But until recently I had no idea who sang them. It must've been fate when a copy of Viva la Vida came into my posession last December, and I fell in love with the band. Listening to that album for the first time was almost like a religious experience. I was enchanted, and I knew I needed more. So I went out and bought their entire discography and now I am completely hooked. Their songs inspire me like no other. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to win tickets to one of their concerts: I cried twice and I danced and sang and laughed and it was just the best thing I've ever seen. Thank you Coldplay for being my musical soul-mate. :)

... | Reviewer: Queli | 7/18/09

You could wright that the Barcelona trainer, Pep Guardiola, plays "Viva la Vida" for his team before every match, and look at them, "Copa, Lliga & Champions"! If you want to.
It would be great if they'd come to Mallorca, though... I feel stranded, no bands ever come close to were I live!
I discovered them quite recently and I'm really impressed, even my little brother likes them! I play volleyball humming "Viva la Vida" and my team mates look at me in a weird way... xD
I like them more each day!

Coldplaaay!! | Reviewer: EenaA | 6/8/09

Coldplay is great!I really love them,because their music is so different, and relaxing, and beautiful and, and's hard to explain those emotions with the words :) It would be great if they come to the Serbia(Belgrade), but...:(

coldplay rocks! | Reviewer: aaron colbern | 5/28/09

Once I was in the car and I was listening to "Viva la Vida" and I absolutly loved it. It was like I had just became a new person and I had a completely new idea of what a good song was. I asked my dad "who is this?" and he said "it's Coldplay, only the best band ever" and from then on I couldn't get the words out of my head!

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Gina | 5/29/09

I love you guys!!! Your songs are full of beautiful lyrics that inspire my soul...From the first time I heard you guys I fell in love with your music!!! I can't wait for July 2009...I'm going to your Viva La Vida concert here in Southern Cali....Keep making wonderful songs that put a smile on millions of people's faces!!! God Bless you Coldplay!!!

thank u to my brother | Reviewer: EB | 4/6/09

i simply am OBSESSED with coldplay! my brother and i were in the car and he was listening to white shadows off of x&y. i asked him WHO THE HECK IS THIS???!!!, b/c i just loved that song. he said, It's coldplay. i had never heard of them before, and from then on every time i got in his car i asked to hear that song. at one point my mom, who had listened to the cd and loved it, "barrowed" the cd from my brother. needless to say, she never gave it back!!! lol. Somewhere around 6 months later my brother was listening to the cd Viva La Vida. Again, i loved the music and asked, WHO THE HECK IS THIS????!!!!
my brother laughed and said, It's coldplay. after that, everything was history!

(oh and, Chris Martin is the most gorgeous man ever by the way!)

coldplay (best for me) | Reviewer: nice nice extra nice | 4/2/09

i think coldplay are the best... but some small group of people from here (malta) think that they are gay... and when you here the lirics thats what you think first.. when i hear their songs i just relax... and i wish someday coldplay come here in malta and i assure you they willl have fun with the maltese presence...
love all there songs... <3 haha

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