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excited about release of ghost stories | Reviewer: the bi-polar bear | 3/4/14

seeing the news of coldplay's upcoming album reminded me of when i was 11 and i heard the news of that other fab 4's second album (in north america) release.i used to feel a certain pity for generations that had nothing comparable to the Beatles to grow up with.this generation needs no pity they have Jon,Guy,Will and Chris.only heard Magic once but i think it,s another excellent song. Midnight is getting better every time i play it. love the video. didn't care much for Atlas at first but it too is growing on me.thank you for your integrity coldplay.dont worry about detractors and slanderers good spirits shine through.

the beauty of melancholy | Reviewer: 11 panther | 2/27/14

after seeing a number of reviewers complain about cold play's songs being depressing I've had some thoughts. I guess if coldplay was a blues band they would be the best? What is great music? What makes a song great if not the power of making us experience powerful emotions? I agree that it is not healthy to wallow in depression 24/7 but neither is it healthy to live in the world of manic joy. There is a big difference between bittersweet or melancholia and clinical depression. If you can't feel the beauty of melancholy you're not an emotionally healthy person in my opinion. Only those who have become acquainted with sadness can experience the highest levels of happiness. In the course of my life I have spent a lot more money than I probably could really afford on music. I don't think I would ever waste a nickel on anyone that was making just "happy sappy" music.I haven't always loved every song coldplay has made but I've never felt one of their songs was stupid.

atlas and midnight | Reviewer: 11 panther | 2/25/14

just happened to see atlas and midnight videos both for the first time in last 24 hours. atlas was probably least liked thing i've ever seen from coldplay. midnight was kind of mesmerizing. not yet sure i love it but it is certainly interesting direction if this is first offering for a new album.

yes they are very very great in music history | Reviewer: H.C. Dudley | 2/24/14

enjoy looking at all the reviews from across such a vast age range. this in itself suggests there is far more to these guys than most artists who come down the pike. I especially loved the gushing of the 15 year old "I've been listening to them my whole life". well I am 61 and my enthusiasm for coldplay rivals that 15 year old. i have seen them all come and go from Elvis, the Everlys and Roy Orbison through the Beatles the Doors, YES Moody Blues , Neil Young, Sixpence none the Richer, Crowded House and lots of others.Iused to have a collection of close to 300 Vinyl albums.Cold Play is higher in my estimation than any of those I mentioned above.Their modesty is part of what makes them so great.Do you notice that all of their c.d.s give songwriting credit to all 4 guys on every song . This probably goes a long way to explaining them surviving 16 years as band.These guys seem to be genuinely nice people.Genius and kindness are not mutually exclusive things. Viva Cold Play. Everything's not lost.My personal favorites 1 The Speed OF SOUND 2In My Place 3 Yellow 4 Myloxyloto 5Viva la Vida.

Discovered them in 2000 | Reviewer: Les Jewell | 1/28/14

Have always been a fan since Yellow. Saw them in concert a few years back. As a black guy, it's sad that I am the only one in the audience lol. People are missing out on the best band ever. Not the best of all time, but the are up there. I say that only because I am a child of the 80's and I know good music.U2, Keane, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire, The Neighbourhood, are just a few.

Stop fangirling please | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/14

Everyone's reviews are completely irrational, Coldplay the best band ever? please. I own all their albums and I'm a fan, but Coldplay is nowhere near the top 100 acts of all time. There are many bands like Coldplay that are more enjoyable musically, but I'm just asking you to compare Coldplay to a few other bands like Keane, and Radiohead, be open-minded, Coldplay is not that great, but they are ok. They sold out with "X&Y", just listen to the quality of their first two albums compared to the next 4, so sad.


"Parachutes" - 8/10
"A Rush of Blood to the Head" - 9/10
'X&Y" - 4/10
"Viva la Vida... And Death and All His Friends" - 6/10
"Myloxyloto" - 4/10

and "Atlas"? come on guys, big disappointment.

Good Band | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina | 1/23/14

Heck I like Coldplay, their first two albums were amazing. After that they sold out completely leaving us with garbage like "Fix You", yea, I'm sorry fans, I also used to be a huge fan that thought Coldplay was "perfect". But as I got into more music I realized Coldplay was not at all as great as I thought, especially when "Myloxyloto" came out. I hope the fans don't hate me, but Coldplay's sadly no more than a regular pop act now, pretending to be kings of the world, however, I think they would have a better prep if a specific member of the band stopped being so, something. They had a better future musically before they released "X&Y, they were doing so well, you can tell the quality of their music dropped, the production on "Parachutes" is amazing, and very impressive for a young band, but everything after "A Rush of Blood to the Head" just sounds plastic. However Coldplay seems to be loved by everyone with a growing taste in music so sure, I'll hand them that. They're ok when they play live, sort of boring but who cares when you're at a concert anyways right?

Similar artists: Keane, Snow Patrol, U2, Travis, Radiohead (Just a little)

Sorry to all the fans out there, but this is my personal opinion about them, just be a bit more open-minded and listen to more music, there's a lot more enjoyable bands like Coldplay out there.

o.O | Reviewer: Aaliyah | 9/12/13

I don't exactly know how to begin talking about Coldplay...Theyre just simple amazing... everytime..someone asks me who's my fav band? I should out "coldplay" I honestly don't know how some people think theyre depressing.. guessing they don't know what good music is..<3

ATLAS AH | Reviewer: Wired car kid | 8/18/13

omg. best. band. ever. I haven't found a SINGLE song out of there (more than 60) collection that I am the slightest bit disappointed!!!!!!! Its amazing how after 14 ish years they can still create FANTASTIC music. They are the band that will never die. Coldplay, you have to stay together.

These are my top 10 :)
if you havent heard of them. here of them already.

Fix You
Hurts like heaven
the Scientist
Charlie Brown
Speed of sound
Viva la Vidaaaaaaaa
sparks/Every Teadrop is a Waterfal


Coldplay is my favorite! | Reviewer: Abby | 12/25/12

I'm 15 and I've been listening to Coldplay like my entire life!!! I absolutely LOVE Coldplay!!!!! I own ALL of Coldplay's albums!!!!
Coldplay's songs are so inspirational, if I'm feeling sad I can just listen to any of their songs and I can feel great! Their songs are amazing u can't even chose just one as my favorite!

Great show last night | Reviewer: Susan | 8/2/12

We have all the albums. I remember reading about them one night at dinner and didn't know about their music. It is addicting.
I saw them for the first time last night 8/1/12. Such a great, great show.

Awesome Band | Reviewer: A Person | 5/2/12

I really love this band! My old #1 song used to be Viva La Vida, but now after Mylo Xyolo (I Don't know how to spell it) Paradise is my favorite by them. But, I personally believe that they USED to be rock, but now are pretty much a Pop band, kinda sorta a rock band. Just my opinion, so don't get your panties in a bunch anyone.

Una voz Unica!!! | Reviewer: Enrique Bautista | 9/11/11

Los escuche por primera vez con "Trouble" en Radioactivo de la Cd. De Mexico y fue desde el primer momento que cai rendido al estilo de su musica. Recuerdo que el locutor decia que era la primera estacion que tocaba su musica en Mexico y que llegaria muy lejos esta banda ya que Yellow habia sido ya todo un hit para los radioescucha de la estacion y seguro que no se habia equivocado. Larga Vida a Coldplay y la inigualable voz de melancolia de Chris Martin que revasa fronteras e idiomas para sentir la pasion de una musica tan original y que me hace disfrutar cada una de sus letras y acordes.

Atte. Enrique Bautista Barroso.

Best Band Ever | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/6/11

I love all types of music reggae, pop, rock, etc. But when i heard Coldplay for the first time which was the song "Viva la Vida" I fell in love with their songs (yellow,violethill,talk,lost,cemeteries of london etc.). It was an amazing thing to have discovered them, because now I listen to them almost everyday. Their just the best!

Wen u're Gud u're Gud!! | Reviewer: gideon banda | 1/4/11

Rock =Coldplay. if people dont know rock music play them Coldplay and i can assure you they will never regret.. I LOVE all the songs done by Coldplay including the Escapist from Viva la Vida album. Wil, Jo, Guy & Chris arrange to come to Zambia!! I wish i could see you perform live!! By the way how did you come up with the band name?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Coldplay.

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