what a song | Reviewer: fatikaye | 1/5/13

for me the song is about someone who's badly longing for his love one cause they are apart. despite of the loneliness, still he hopes (represent by the sun)and looking forward that nature(gravity) would let them be together.

my interpretation | Reviewer: baallsdude | 8/4/11

This song is just outstanding. It's so emotional, and everytime I listen it's almost as if the lyrics are tugging at my heart. The first verse in this, to me, means the point of time when you're waiting for someone because they are everything you know? The part can you feel my heart beating - that is saying can you feel what I feel? Do you understand? The chorus is what really gets me. What better way to explain your love for someone then to relate it to the feeling in your chest, as if gravity is what pulls it together. The feeling of your heart jumping out of your chest, your stomach dropping, it's all a relation to gravity. The way he writes how gravity pulls them, is saying how love is pulling them together. When he says pushes on everyone, he's saying that it's just them, no one feels else feels what they have. Or what he has. The second verse explains how no matter what, he will be there no matter what. He's trying to show her that and he's willing to do whatever to show her that. Basically this song is about love, and that feeling you get when you feel as if someone is the gravity pulling you together and tugging your heart.

For you CZM!!! BMW!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/11

I was trying to see myself between the lines. A huge part of my is hoping that it was for me and I was the one he was thinking while listening to this song. I can't shake the feeling that it is going to be you and me... in the end, which matters the most.

Ritesh Wakode | Reviewer: ritesh wakode | 3/19/11

This is all about the gravity in the love. There exits a kind of feeling inside when you feel like you are in love.

This songs feels to be based on the personal feeling when you miss someone you loved.

The lyricist says that he miss his lover after a long time and the turbulance that is created in the heart is explained in the song.


and still.... | Reviewer: Eth | 9/23/10

Oh Gia...Same story here only the girl is a very sweet dear friend of mine, and even though they broke up long ago I just can't hurt her like that knowing she's still not -and never will be- over him!...too bad it was too late when I found out he liked me all this time and I thought he only cared about her.

anyway this song is really nice, HUGE fan of Coldplay ^_^

such a long long time | Reviewer: giA | 1/29/09

about four years ago i met the most wonderful person that i've ever known...a friend of mine introduced him to me and my 4 best friends...from the very first moment i saw him i fell for him...we all did so we backed of, we didn't wan't to ruin our friendship for a guy...but one of us thought of him as a trophy and finaly got him...she treated him terribly but he was so inlove with her!the worst thing is that i became his best friend and he told me all the problems in their relationship, she cheated on him and he didn't know but i couldn't say anything because she was my "friend"!a few months later they broke up...she broke up with him actually, and he was heartbroken...and i was there to pick up his pieces. After that, i no longer speak to her so much, because i realised she played not only with his feelings but with mine also because she knew how i felt about him...Now, four years later, he is inlove with me and i finaly can show him how much i love him...the only problem is that after all this time i've been waiting for him, i feel like i have betrayed my friend...!

baby it's been a long time 'waiting' such a long long time...

A correction | Reviewer: Sadat | 10/12/08

there's no doubt that this song is a great song, and even greater performed by coldplay, but just a correction made to bremix comment, this song was originally written by chris martin to Embrace, so it's Embrace's song but writteb by Chris martin....neverthless, it's much better with coldplay attitude :D

Oh my god | Reviewer: CP FAN | 10/5/08

Clocks and viva la vida are the best songs I have ever heard for some reason the said me into a deep though i can never leave viva la vida reminds me of a book called Inkheart and one of its characters I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! =) Gravity is awesome keep it up up

YES | Reviewer: Jamie | 4/15/08

This version of the song shits all over the version Embrace covered.

Embrace tried their own lyrics on the second chorus and just ended up pretty much repeating the first verse.

the second verse is my favourite.

Chris Martin is the single most amazing song writer ever.

Coldplay are the greatest BAND ever.



this song makes my heart leap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

this song is so beautiful... it makes me ecstatic and sad at the same time.. i feel at peace, like there's something real in this world, like i'm really close to someone. that part at the end gets me every time, it's so emotional.. really a deep, beautiful song, a true work of art

Coldplay is great!! | Reviewer: Orlando | 8/27/07

This songs has come to be some like as an hymn. It's incredible listen it when you are with a very special person. You feel like toucihng the sky... Time is stopped and the space is just those that exists between two bodies...

------ About the song Gravity performed by Coldplay | Reviewer: Bremex | 6/20/07

You people know it is by Coldplay and Embrace borrowed right?...a lot of people thinks it was actually writen by Embrace...

amazing | Reviewer: Dede | 6/5/07

Coldplay is my most favorite band, and this would have to be one of my FAVORITE of their songs.

One of the best tunes ever!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/06

I believe this version of Coldplay is much greater than Embrace's one. The tunes in this version are filled with mystery and it haunts you that you can't get it out of your head. Even the lyrics are slightly different from Embrace's version; but it's changed to a big different meaning, which much more emotional...

gravity | Reviewer: hughie | 4/5/06

a funny thing happens with this one - you listen to it you think you are being lulled into a deep sleep, then you hit the sack and can't sleep 'cos the tune is going round in your head !! - typical of Coldplay to get right under your skin - magic stuff.