coldplay | Reviewer: kash345 | 2/17/10

yo, coldplay are the best band ever one can be.. Their every single song touches every fuckin soul n heart.. Even in the end they touches some dick-head's like Dragger souls as well .. I bet you ppl coldplay next album would be again with some new and exciting ideas.. Love alternative Rock Love coldplay..

Peace n' Love guys! =P | Reviewer: Tajarnia | 4/2/09

Good song, one of my favourites by Coldplay. And hey, why is it necessary to bash Dagger anyhow? He's entitled to his opinion. Unless we're insecure about our own liking of the high lyrics of Coldplay and find it necessary to justify our own liking of it by beating down anyone who mentions it.


*prepares to be beaten down*

Seriously? | Reviewer: Danny | 2/11/09

Okay, okay, maybe Dagger wasn't very nice about Coldplay's songs. But honestly? You guys find it okay to put down others, just because he put down Coldplay. Seriously?

Anyway, great song and great band. They're one of my favorites! God did indeed give us talents and put smiles upon our faces. Let's use them.

God indeed put a smile | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/08

DAGGER: its people like you that are a waste in this world both metaphysically and spiritually. This song is FKING great, just like their other songs; there's no MANLY or PUSSY songs...songs are meant for anything and anybody and they can mean anything. So take your close minded comments and shove them up your ass.


love this song | Reviewer: Ellie | 11/6/07

DAGGER, its little boys like you afraid of their feminine side, AND YOU DO HAVE ONE who are less manly ok??? coldplay are more man than u will ever be

the best band | Reviewer: paauuu | 10/12/07

this is the best band in all the world..
and how can someone say bad things about them.. and like them too..¬¬

such a loooseerr

loveee coldplay =)

Hahaha, wat a macho wanna be | Reviewer: FmFatal3 | 9/25/07

Dude, no offense but. the only guys who are smart and strong are the ones that are not scared of wat their friends or family would say if they started singing with such a sexie voice. the strongest men are the ones who know theyre so manly that even if they put on women clothes for fun, no1 would think theyre homosexual. Theyre not scared to show the feminine side ;)

this song is great | Reviewer: hulk | 8/20/07

so, dagger, you think you´re a man? ha ha, i think you are just a fucking pussy, this song is great just like all the others from coldplay. and there´s nothing you can do about it

ahh sad people | Reviewer: anon | 6/29/07

dagger if everybody liked the same things life would be pretty boring .... anyways this song is genius as are all the coldplay songs hope to hear a new album soon :)

Dagger you faggot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

You obviously dont know a fuck about music, so just shut your fuckin mouth and die.