Absolutely fixed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/08

This song means so much to me:
I listened to it day/night when I dumped my ex-boyfriend after finding out he was cheating on me. During the flight from London to my home town I cried and wished the airplane would just crash down.
But after couple of months I met my real love I have been together since 1,5 years! He knew this song and wrote a letter to me: I'll fix you!
For all who are sad wright now: There will be happines, just be patient. You'll never know when it comes.

unfixed... | Reviewer: tears stream down your face | 9/26/08

why is this person leaving you?

i understand what you mean, i'm listening to it now, i'm all emotional with everything going on in my life one would think i'd keep away from music like this.

crying so hard | Reviewer: unfixed | 9/17/08

this song is m favorite. listento it evey singel day, ad i dont know why, cause it makes me so sad. Every word explains exactly how i feel, and reminds me that the person who could fix me will soon be leaving forever. Love is so cruel.

My Son | Reviewer: Ann Gowans | 9/11/08

I have just discovered this song. My only son died on his motorbike in May this year 2008 and this song just made me cry so much. Such beautiful words. Can;t say anymore just crying.
Thankyou. I wish you could Fix me.
His Mum,

majestic | Reviewer: jaervn | 8/31/08

i'm always the big fan of coldplay..this song just made me love them stronger than ever. i'm pleased to hear that this song give such a big positive impact to the others too.kudos to u coldplay. never stop from giving us songs that touch our heart n soul.godspeed.

mind-blowingly beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

what a song. it's heart-wrenching. i can relate to the lyrics so well, and i'm sure so many of us can.
this song is so beautiful and so touching, i don't even know how to describe it.

thank you coldplay, for making a song that truly goes inside and touches one's heart. <3

Beautiful | Reviewer: Gage | 8/11/08

Ever since this song was used on YouTube video about former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, this song makes me break out crying everytime because of what is so wrong in America today. Ron Paul was our last hope this election cycle, but now it's all over. God Bless You, Dr. Paul.

Ammaaazzinngg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

This song always gets me. It always seems to have a greater meaning everytime I hear it. For me its not even about lost love, it always goes toward my broken family. It makes me cry almost everytime. The words just hit home. Coldplay is genious.

feeling empty | Reviewer: pacific | 7/21/08

wen i listened to this song..1st time i felt as if i m hearing god,s voice ..so motivating so peaceful...each word a pearl..sometimes we need some special voice ,some special words , this song heels .it really heels...kudos to coldplay...best song ever

Mind blowing | Reviewer: Sarang | 7/11/08

This song is just awesome. This song just plucks a string of my soul. Its just so peaceful. It is not very close to me or does not remind me of any1 but simply makes of feel that i am traveling into some other dimention of space where no one can disturb me.
It just sends a warm wave into my body when i listen to it. This is the magic of music.
Rock on coldplay!

wow | Reviewer: spence | 7/10/08

you know I've had a lot of major surgery done, and this song really haunts me and makes me cry about it, but i feel blessed to be able to listen to it. I'm only thirteen, but once that simple solo comes on, i remember walking down hospital halls with tubes hooked up to me, and its so hard not to cry. I just want someone to tell me a simple meaning of the lyrics, i would be so so so thankful.

What can I say..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/08

This song is AWESOME. Very powerful and emotional. I like Coldplay even though I wasn't too keen when they first came out.
Excellent song though. Gotta be in my top five (along with Creep (Radiohead), Broken (seether) and Hollow (Godsmack).

Peace and Love people. Lets change this World or the better..


Love It | Reviewer: Lou | 7/4/08

i absolutely adore this song, it helped me to get over the split with my boyfriend of 8 years, i used to get ready for a nite out with the girls and dance around my room singing it to the top of my voice, even if i was having a bad day and crying my eyes out i'd put the song on and sing along and somehow it made me feel that little bit better. thank u coldplay, i know chris wrote this song for gwyneth for when her dad died, but he has also helped so many people get thru painful times in their lives and for that he shud be very proud !

wow | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/18/08

just thought i'd point out that there are ten pages of reviews about these lyrics. i think that music has a job to capture certain feelings in a person, whether it's happy, sad, angry, etc. that's what makes a good song - some songs may have a good melody or good lyrics, but this is definitely one that captures the two so perfectly together that it can do as much as make people cry. wow..that's pretty good.

young at heart | Reviewer: D | 5/29/08

Has anyone seen Young at Heart? This is sung during that and it is powerful--life is about living but we all lose someone at some point in our lives. No one is permanent. You just have to know that those who really love are the ones who stick around. And don't need to fix you to do so.