Best song ever as well as the lyrics | Reviewer: Beverly Schoeber | 6/29/14

I lost both my sons one just recently my baby at 46. This song reminds me of their lives and their deaths. It is beautiful and the epitome of love. I cry every time I hear it.

Connections! | Reviewer: Silvia | 1/20/14

Every once in a while I get a time in my life when I can feel myself written in this song. Every single line reminds me of certain events that are very painful to think about. I'm sure no one actually cares, but I just need to tell someone what this song means to me, so too bad: I have been striving my entire life to be as good in school as my 4.0 siblings, but I have always fallen short. I am constantly trying, but I don't succeed. I don't get what I want or what I need, emotionally speaking. I'm not really sure which is which. I can never sleep, but I am exhausted in all possible ways. I simply lie awake at night, dreaming of all the things that will never come to be. In 7th grade, at the end of the year, our teacher had us pass around a sheet of paper to the whole class. Everyone had to write one genuine compliment on it about the person. It was my most prized possession. The comments ranged from being about my spelling to my flute playing to my smile. But they all felt real, and I was so happy to know that at least some of them actually believed this. But then one day I stuck it in a bag with my water bottle, and it got wet. The marker smeared, and now it is illegible. I can't replace those sentiments, that acceptance. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I lost it. About love- I really like this guy. I let him read my journal, which had an entry about my crush on him in it, but at the end I added another page (full of lies) saying that I didn't like him anymore. He asked me to tell him how I felt about him "no bullshit". I said I didn't like him. Then he said he liked me. I felt so stupid and sad. It wasn't just that I blew my chance with him, but how on earth is he ever going to trust me again?! I regret that conversation almost more than anything. I can't see the lights. I once saw them, but they're gone. And I'm lost. No one can fix me. Whether I go to Heaven or Hell, I'll never let it go. I don't know what I'm worth, but my estimate is not much. I want someone to fix me. I need someone to fix me. But no one tries. Or maybe I don't want to try myself, and that's the real problem... I'm sorry to vent. But thank you so, so much, to anyone who listened. I really appreciate it.

34103070674978532046 do not ask why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/13

To me is the song about christmas. We try as good as we can with things, we get what we want but not what we need and the lights will guide us home. Oh and as usual, there is always one and another that dies during christmas.

A Greek Tradegy | Reviewer: Craig | 7/26/13

If you've ever 'loved' a BPD & sought to 'fix' her, you'll recognize the sadness when you finally admit to yourself that its something she can't help and something you can't change. No matter what you do, you cannot 'fix' her -- indeed, she will resent your having even tried. Some things in life just have to be accepted: you must admit your limitations & move on, knowing she has a tragic future ahead of her and will have such a deleterious impact on all those she has, and will, meet. You only hope she remains oblivious to the harm she will do (especially to her children).

Fix You | Reviewer: Alex Leao | 7/3/13

I just want to say that this song has touched my heart so much, and it makes me remenber the most sad moment I have ever had, when I lost my Mommy for example, when I lost my sweet, how wonderful and true it is!

Somegirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/13

I had been listening to this song more often these days .. I just feel it in my heart .. This song can put the happiest person into the worst mood ever .. I cant speak about my own problem because it would sound rediculous .. I mean making a man your dream is something wrong .. And as what they always say when you love too much you get hurt very much .. Ummm I will pass through this shit strongly I hope .. I have to move on ASAP .. Yeah man thats life damn!!

So sad, but i love it | Reviewer: Gwendolyn | 5/12/13

This song is one I have cried to many times and I think if you want to cry with a song, this is one of the best. My best friend first got me into Coldplay and I have been hooked since. This song is so sad, but I love it all the same. It's really a wonderful song.

Fixing your life | Reviewer: Anonymous003 | 3/25/13

I think this song means so much to so many. Personally it reminds me of my friend all helping each other to get out of suicidal thoughts and to stop everyone self-harming. More succeeded than didn't and when those that passed let us go everyone turned to me and told me to listen to this song because they have "moved on" (their own words) and they could see I was not letting go. I miss them so much but I know one day I will see them again soon. Catherine, Siobhan, Erin and Sinead, thank you for teaching me so much. :)

coldplay all the way | Reviewer: bsmch | 2/3/13

this song is undoubtedly the best song to cry with. when you loose something u cannot replace, when u love someone but it goes to waste could it b worse, lights will guide us home are some of the unforgettable linesss. love u coldplay. coz u create a music that will last as long as good music is concerned.

Reality | Reviewer: Aly | 1/12/13

I always want to be a successful in my career. I try to do the best but it's never not good enough. A friend just said that my dreams are nonsense, I feel so bad because I really can't thing a life without my dreams. They are my only hope to live. I listened this song and cried so hard. It's so meaningful to me I can't even describe it.. Saw all these comments and felt happy because music is so strong, it can help all of us! It's a pure medicine. Thank you coldplay!

Track | Reviewer: Hitaheta | 12/26/12

Unlike other artists this guts are so powerfuful. This track makee tou reminise all the misery you have experienced n your life. Somehow you get this courage, the song gives some liverage and a heavy jumpstart. I love it.

my cry song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/12

i am going through the toughest time of my life. i am 26 yr old guy. i recently had a break up with my girlfriend. we had been together for 6yrs. i tried every possible way to bring her back in my life. but i failed. we both were guilty for this break up. i became to much career oriented. n nelected her and didnt gave her much time. i now feel that the world have come crashing down. so lonely i am. i hear this song all the time and just cry. it made such an impact in my life. anyone reading this plz dont loose your love.its so beautiful. and when u loose your love nothing can hurt u more. coldplay u are my ray of hope. hope i can have a new beginning in the near future. from india kolkata

Need it. | Reviewer: gl!tch | 11/26/12

My wife has been having an affair for the past 6 months and does not want to cut the other man out of her life. I was introduced to this song by Pandora and can't stop listening to it. I'm thankful that Yellowcard made a cover, and I identify with reviewer Sav in how I hear God in the song - and even now as I'm starting to get my life back together I know that I'm going to mess up if I don't give the situation to Him; hence, "I will try to fix you," - God.

Also, "I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons is another easy to spiritualize song.

The only song that can make me cry | Reviewer: Just someone | 10/12/12

This song is so beautiful, and it matches what I'm going through perfectly. Every time I hear this song, I'm reminded of all the pain. And I cry. I should hate it because of that, but I love it. Who could hate this song? Even people I know who aren't into Coldplay can't say "Fix You" isn't good. It's just so lovely, and I want to keep the lyrics all to myself. I know I'm not the only one that thinks the same thing. "This is my song." I'm going through a lot-this song...just...well, said almost everything. It's special. <3

A song of hope | Reviewer: Robert | 9/26/12

My name is Robert and I am a drug addict. Every word in this song happened to me in my recovery. Always stuck in reverse!!! I did try my best for long to break my bad habbit that pulled me away from my family but i just did not succeed.I always made a plan to get my fix what i wanted but it was really not what i needed. I was always tired but too high to sleep. I know what it means to be stuck in reverse.

The tears did come down my face so much but it is too late for me because what i lost can not be replaced. I do love my x fiance but i let it go to waiste.Could it be worse? Yes it can because I am about to hit rock bottom.

This song is the guide line of my life because she is still trying to fix me. Please help, not for pitty but just with a prair.

Robert v Tonder, Jhb, South Africa