love hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

so i've been with my boyfriend for so long but i'm so confused coz i like this other guy. this song explains it all coz my bf is what i need not this guy. but "if i never try i'll never know" tears are streming down my face all the time and i really need to be fixed !! i'm so confused.

i think that i failed.... | Reviewer: marina | 11/11/07

I live in Greece and yesterday i had my proficiency exams....The listening was really difficult and i probably failed...
''when you try your best but you don't succeed...''Unfortunately that's me...

Great song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

Im missing my sweetheart.Tried to be together but its failed...
The song reminds me of what I tried to do to help her away from her truly horrible situation...

fix me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

i cannot get this song out of my head...i just need to listen to it and cry because it basically is explaining my life right now - i need to be fixed.

stuck in reverse | Reviewer: simonette | 11/2/07

when i first heard the song, i felt the sadness in it and i immediately got attached to the song. and when i heard the line "stuck in reverse", i realized that that's me! i am stuck in reverse. i am getting what i want, but are these the ones that i really need? well, a song for those who want to reflect on their lives. just great listening to it over and over again :)

just what i was thinking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

this song explains exactly the way i feel about my best friend....i have been in love with him for the past 5 years and we went out last year....we broke up but are still just kills me because i want this to work out so bad but have no idea if it will...i guess thats learn as you go

GOODY | Reviewer: Emotionian | 10/30/07

This is one of the song that I will perform in music performance. This is a very emotional song and I first heard of it, my tear come streaming out of my eyes, so sad!! This is a good song both in terms of melody and lyric.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

This song is extremely personal because it says everything my heart is afraid to say:
my boyfriend and i broke up last night, we know we are in love with each other immensely, but are horrible as a couple; i wonder if that's possible but its how we feel.. This song reminds me of how our love will never die.. but we just can't be together..

just a song | Reviewer: itchy | 10/29/07

this song is so strong but also so weak.
i can't say how much this song means to me.
its just great to hear music and you see thats its not just music, its not just a song or whatever. it is art. everything, every song, picture which makes people thinkin of times in their life. which wake up emotions in thier heart. thats the mark of any good art. and this song is one the rare songs with "hurt" from the NIN or under the bridge from the RHCP, makin me wonder how wonderfull the music can be

Rest In Peace, Riccardo | Reviewer: Linea | 10/25/07

When I listen to this song I think about a person that I miss very much and I hope that light's has guided him home.

great song | Reviewer: samantha | 10/25/07

this song is truly a life saver.
i was at the worst possible time in my life
and i listened to this song non-stop.
this band and this song are my savior. (:

=[ | Reviewer: laurence | 10/19/07

this song is amazing

my mum died of breast cancer a few weeks ago, this was played at her funeral and it shows what she means to me. thanks coldplay... wicked song.

laurence, 13 years

Music's beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

This is one of those songs that truly demonstrates the beautiful effect of music on our lives. It is simple, but amazingly effective. I don't think you can truly experience the unbelievable passion of this song without also having known the unbelievable reality of love in all of its painful and wonderful twists. This song expresses that with clarity.

squirrels | Reviewer: lillypop | 10/6/07

IL this song, it's really emotional and makes you want to cry! + it say's things that everyone expieriences in lives and it's a really good song / (L) this song.xx - lillypop

squirrel | Reviewer: lillypop | 10/6/07

IL this song, it reminds you of all the things in life that you've lost / and makes you want to cry / (L) they're band + they're song