Beautiful song...full of meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

"Fix You" by Coldplay is one of those rare songs life allows you to "experience" beyond a mere listen. The lyrics are superbly written, the music is dull of atmosphere and emotion...this song speaks to everyone. A good friend of mine had a very sick child. She was only 4 years old, dying of a vicious form of cancer. They did everything within their power to "fix" her...but could not succeed. The loss if a child is the worst kind of hurt...a love you cannot replace. Tears came streaming down all our faces the day that little innocent Angel died. "Lights will guide you Home" little one....God bless.

heartbroken | Reviewer: no name | 9/29/10

I've had enough of England. I'm SO ready to just get the hell home back to CO. Nobody wants me around anymore, not even my dad. He used to treat me like his son, but now he just tosses me around like a beanie baby. And at school, the people there don't want me around anymore, no matter how much they say they do. I value actions more than I value words. The people I know are all American, and in America, they say that talk is cheap. TALK IS SO DAMN CHEAP. Even as I sit here typing this message, I'm alone. All my "friends" are over there chatting, laughing and having a good time without me. They don't care, not one bit. I'm pretty sure they want me gone. People (adults) say to me that when I'm older, I'll remember England as a wonderful experience. I'm sure that's true, but I'll never forget the bastards at Menwith Hill that defamated my life so heartlessly. I've recently learned that love makes everything work, even war. Those soldiers fighting in war are not fighting because they hate the opposing forces, no that's not why. They are fighting because they love their country. Love runs everything, and the love that I describe is love in general. Friendship, romance, family. Love in its finest definition. I'm full of love, but now I'm not just gonna hand it out like candy. My love belongs elsewhere, and these people can go away forever, leaving my life permanently.

Peaceful sounds | Reviewer: Rudolf Eskola | 9/17/10

Music was like this 4 - 6 years ago. Lovely and peaceful sounds. This song will played when I want to calm down or then when I am going to sleep. Coldplay's X & Y album is perfect. For every needs.

I say that I prefer that hard rock rather, like Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin etc. However, they don't offer anyhing like this.

I love this song | Reviewer: Razorsharp | 9/13/10

This review reminds me of a girl i loved, a girl i loved and she moved to a different place, and i loved her so much, not the short term love-type "She has a sweet bodie i love her" etc. But the long term type, were you truly love a person.
I loved her so much i dropped weight for her, o loved her so much... I lost something i can't replace.
I tried my best and i din't succeed...

And the tears came streaming down my face
When i lost something i can't replace
When i love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

true | Reviewer: Rachel | 8/31/10

I`m eleven and this song is as true as possible about me.I was depressed when I was nine.My parents were devorced and my mom had a psycho boyfriend who she spent about fifty percent of her life with.The other fifty percent she spent was work,community college,smoking,going out with friends,drinking.About three percent of that time was spent with me and my sister.the two of us thought she hated us.Her boyfriend was a convicted criminal,as well.'when you try your best but you don`t succeed'I stopped working hard and almost gave up on everything.'when you feel so tired but you can`t sleep'I never slept,I was so exhausted at one point that I nearly feel asleep in school every day.But then,I got to live with my dad and things became remotely better just this year.I believe that this song`s lyrics are true for almost everyone.

Stuff | Reviewer: someone | 8/4/10

I think this is a beautiful song. Not only because of the lyrics but of the piano. I have no sad story to tell, but I can share what I feel when I listen to this song. It reminds me the feeling when nothing goes right, when u think this is the end, that everything's wrong and u can't see the light.. For me its like when ur down, look at the facts, the past and ur past actions and review them. "When the tears come streaming down ur face" I think this has happened to so many people, cry when u don't want to but u can't avoid it.. u feel as such a fool because everything's out of control and u can't even control yourself. "Lights will guide u home" for me its like.. let the destiny do what it has to. When u can't do anything else, when u've tried ur best but still things are not how u want them to be, don't give up but don't keep on it if its not the best.. maybe the best is to let it go and later u'll find out. Sometimes we need limits, and when ur young u only know what u want but not what is the best for you. I've learned a lot from my mistakes and other's and I can say proudly that some things that I thought were so bad, weren't at the end of the day and I learned to trust in God and destiny when there's nothing left to do. I think this song is also about taking chances life gives us, don't stay there and wait for life to go, u have to take what life gives u and if u don't like it change it and turn it into something great. And at the end, when u do everything and still destiny is an unfair player, I'll be there for you, whenever u need me, I'll stay to fix you.

This is my poor opinion as a teenager but I hope it can be useful to someone, I like writing.

my "translation" | Reviewer: sagi | 7/24/10

i got really nice - many times i hear this song i imagine a video clip (if there is one i didn't saw him yet) it goes like this:
it based on the guitar - in the song fix you in the beginning the guy (the singer) go to a funeral because his guitar had broken and the sounds of the piano will be the organ in the church later on the singer ask for a guy there to fix his guitar making it now playable but yet it just a classic guitar - then the guy is really happy and he start play the guitar - after that he fix is guitar again making it electrical guitar - then there a solo - some part are missing to my "translation" to the song you can fill them up - of curse i know its not what the song really talking but it can be beautiful video clip.

Hope.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/10

Like anyone who truly appreciates this song, i recently experienced a break-up that truly broke my heart. I'm a single woman with no children who fell in love with a single father of a beautiful four year old daughter. He struggled financially and emotionally and because i had the emotional and financial resources to do so, i dedicated my life to helping him get on his feet. He's now back on his feet, but has shown me no appreciation for what i've done to help him. I'm crushed.
When i hear this song, i feel the sadness of losing someone so important. Toward the end, the power of the music, in particular the line, "i promise i will learn from my mistakes," makes me feel hopeful that he will one day, before it is too late, see what i gave to him and his daughter to make their lives easier.

Fix you. | Reviewer: Niki | 7/15/10

I can see so many way that this song could be viewed. For me, I think of my daughter. She has left for college now and is facing so many new and exciting things but also great challenges as well which IS part of growing up.... No matter what, she is loved and can always come to me for help... she is ALWAYS welcome home. :)

Fix You | Reviewer: Tess | 6/24/10

Let Go, Move On,
I know it's ironic me writing this myself, because I only came on here to look up the lyrics, but I could not help but see your post that reads "How about instead of writing on the internet how sad you are.." does that too make you sad? But how irrelevant was that to your whole paragraph? But I digress and I am thinking out loud. People can express their emotions however they would like, for instance, you are telling this person they are pitiful for writing how they feel about this song, I mean what's it to you if they don't have someone, being single is much better than being tied down. I think this song is amazing, don't you all? Each person will see this song differently and see a different meaning to the song. I heard that Chris wrote this song for Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. I find it a comforting song, I listen to it every now and then because it reminds me of Brextin, one of my teachers kids, he died before mothers day, the day he was born, he would have turned 3. I find Fix You very soothing.

Come on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

Guys, you are ruining a beautiful song by have a cyber-arguement....just leave people to posting what they want to post and you post what you want to - about the song that is! And I know this is a slight contradiction, but whatever, it needs to be said! Love the song btw, i cried firs time I heard it... sorry if thats not allowed!

In love :). | Reviewer: Chrystal Shaffer | 4/30/10

Wow coldplay you seriously blow me away with your excellence...
you are truely the most amazing band and THIS is definitely the best song I've ever and will ever hear ! Nothing can beat this.
Nothing will ever be as good as Coldplay.
LOVE YOU COLDPLAY ! haha :D.. in case you haven't already figured that out :P

To "Let Go, Move On" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

Person below me:
That's harsh. I see what you are saying, because everyone gets upset and feels like it "only happens to them", but honestly. If someone wants to share their feelings using an anonymous message, let them. Sometimes its the only way a person can.

Let Go, Move On | Reviewer: Casey | 3/28/10

How about instead of writing on the internet how sad you are, you get back out there and find someone new, someone better. There are so many other people out there also trying to find the one, and staying home acting sad for yourself will only make it worse. If they don't love you back or they cheat on you then they don't deserve you anyways. Or, you could at least fix your spelling errors... Because there are a lot of em.

Love will find you | Reviewer: Ibukun | 3/19/10

I have been reading the reviews &as much as almost every one has a sad story to tell, its something som1 somwhere else has experienced before. So we've got 2 keep moving b'cos lights wil guide us home. Home is with the right person. Love will find us all and fix us.