Tears stream down your face... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

This song reminds me of someone I was with for a very long time. I love him even though it does go to waste. It stings to hear exactly what I feel. But hopefully, lights will guide me home . And someone will try me fix me.

please, fix it! | Reviewer: Nancy | 3/5/10

hi everyone! 4 weeks ago, my partner for life (or at least thats what I thought) live me with no explanation. we´ve been together for ten years, and i can´t listen to this son and cry or see my life reflected in it. I can belive it yet, It´s like a bad dream... This song is my life, period!

anna molly | Reviewer: a.m. | 3/3/10

I have been listening song on repeat forever and it never gets old. I am in love with someone, completely head over heels, and the best part is he loves me. We are young and live very far apart and have completely separate lives. We have tried to make it work, but the distance is too far, and we are too young to have it work. Everything is perfect. Except the distance. We are living in a dream. and now we have decided to part so we can grow and live. I just now live with this regret and shame of never dating the one.

And high up above earth or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Could it be worst??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

i have been listening to this song probably 200 times today and each time iv'e been crying. from all of my heart. im so sad i have no word, and everytime when he says. (((when u love someone but is goes to waste, Could it be worst???))) i cry higher. i was in love for 5 years, and one day i found out, everything i do and i have done has been gone waste. he never felt,he never apretiate what i did for him. i loved him so much, i could never imagin bee with someone els than him. and it really hurts to love someone who is making you sad. it hurts sooo bad the one who you love most and adore most that person makes you unhappy, and that person cause your tears..... exactly thats what he gave me...everything everything i wanted, but not what i really needed....

never fixed | Reviewer: chris | 2/17/10

it's all that you cannot describe while you're suffering because someone broke your heart so badly. i became fan of this song when the person i loved moved away from me and our plans of living together and starting a new life togehter somewhere on this tiny little planet. i still love her though i know "it goes to waste". it's ok. someday someone will fix me.

Love | Reviewer: Rebecca | 2/13/10

"When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?"

I love so many, many people, however, I don't think anyone has ever loved me in the way I want them to love me and I am not sure if anyone ever will. That line is exactly how I've felt for years. It's about unrequited love, and it's about the loneliness of knowing that the person you want to love you doesn't, So your love for them is a complete waste . . .

fixing | Reviewer: andy | 2/10/10

its a great song as it doesn't seem to age. with every listen it gets better, or different. its the perfect song in that regard, one that will last the test of time I feel.

The song fits my life perfectly. but what hurts more is that chris wrote this song, but that is a man who has a career, a kid, a beautiful wife and arguably, life. I have none of these, I wonder if even chris would understand that?

I don't mean to be critical of him I just feel down on luck lately and feel like the most unfortunate man in life. I don't know what could be broke, but something inside me isn't working probably. i hope I fix

Lights will guide me. | Reviewer: bogdan | 1/28/10

Getting ready to start a new life very far away from home. Here's to finding my way back. Been reading all your thoughts and stories regarding these songs. You guys are all amazing. Hope all of you get 'fixed' :) Much love for you.

is sad | Reviewer: Joma | 12/28/09

I have a lot of feelings about this girl, but she have someone in his live, always failed herself and hurt me, cause she is the most beautidul girl in this land, and his wonderfull eyes dont should cry and i hope some day make herself smile y change his tears for my love, i want i fix her

.. | Reviewer: amelia | 12/24/09

i dont know what i feel with this song,everytime i listen too it, i think of diffferent situations, the loss of my baby sister, the going aaway of my father, the split within the two body names and the way everybody doesnt know what they're worth, we all take ourselves and life for granted, every single person on this world is beautiful, merry christmas from the land down under:) remember, if you never try then youll never know just what your worth.

Reviewer salma morocco | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

the song is so touching.I feel it's all about my life. i came to hear it for the first time when I realised that i couldn't have my own children because of my sterility.I have all I want money job...........but not what :i need my proper offsprings.. someone to call me mom... but thanks there is always someone who is willing to fix me .My sweet husband is doing his best to replace what I saw as irreplaceable....my gratitude to God for every thing. the problem may turn to my best.My best thanks to cold play.

meaning to me | Reviewer: Jimmy | 11/18/09

This song is really close to my life. The meaning of this song to me is that there are certain things missing in ones life which give them a strong feeling of rejection, depression or a state of instability towards living their life properly. You get everything but those are not the ones you actually need to be happy. If u r not happy with your life there is nothing that can give you that happiness except the actual thing that you need. But there is someone for everyone who wont let you leave he wont let it over no matter how depressed you get there is someone somewhere for everyone. Good Luck

heavenly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/09

I love Coldplay. Most of their music isn't heard on the radio, especially this song. Well, one day I was crying my eyes out and feeling hopeless, when this song came on. It immediately touched my soul because it was exactly what I was feeling and at the same time, I felt like it was a message from God saying, "even when everything goes wrong, I'll be right here to fix you and give you the strength you need." It is a great song of hope.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/09

the meaning of this song is that nothing is perfect. no situation, no person, no nothing. everyone and everything has a fault or a defect. but if you find that someone that will love you for you are and be willing to help you become the person you want to, then you will be fine, that is the meaning to this song, that someone or something will fix you, no matter what the problem is or how you feel, you will find that someone who will take care of you and make sure that you find your meaning and happiness, fix you is a beautiful song and is a ray of hope , yes you will lose people you love and yes you will have things you want but not necessarily what you need, but those are things that can be helped by love and finding yourself, and someone that loves you will help in those categories of this complicated life

Breathtaking. | Reviewer: ross | 11/8/09

Coldplay's remarkable lyrics capture everything I feel. With the passing of my best friend, I heard this song a couple days after and I couldn't help but breakdown. Not to mention that he had promised we'd go see Coldplay together. I've been left with this indescribeable void in my heart and all I want is to have him back by my side. All I need is my best friend with me, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.

"And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?"

Coldplay was ours. Yellow was my song for him. But, Fix You allows me to see the grand scheme of things... Either way, this song is brilliant and so amazingly written and sung. The sentiment behind it leaves me breathless, something that not many songs have done. The sentimental value behind this song means the world to me, thats why.