Tears for Fears... | Reviewer: Seneca | 10/5/07

This song.. will forever be close to my heart. I fell in love with my best friend... and he doesnt have a clue. He moved far away a few months ago.. but now hes back. He started to tumble downhill since he left, and now that i can see it, it kills me... and this song gives me hope for him every time i hear it.

respect coldplay! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

i get tears in my eyes every time i hear it
they played this song on my grandfathers funeral
everybody in the church was crying.
it was one of the most deepest moments in my life
it showed the deepest respect to my grandfather
thanks coldplay!

love | Reviewer: ellie | 10/3/07

this song is the greatest song ever.
and the lyrics are so just amazing but i am sad to say that my friend died and this was played at her funeral :( so it will always remind me of her luv you loads greatest mate
coldplay are the greatest band =D

Because love is unconditional | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/2/07

There's this guy I've been in love with for the longest time. But he does not feel the same. never had, never will. We are kind of good friend now. What kills me though, is this feeling that, no matter how hard I try, I'll never be good enough for him. He always manages to find my bad sides, and point them out. I know that's not how love should be. Cause as this song tells, love is always there. When you're down and out and sad and unsuccessfull, you will still be loved. And he will try to fix you. Not bring you down.

april | Reviewer: april | 10/2/07

this song is beautiful
my boyfriend and i broke up
on friday over stupid reasons
and it sucks that for reason i dont get
he just completely changed
"When the tears come streaming down your face
When you love someone but it goes to waste

it reminds me of him

Depressed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

I met this girl, and we really loved eachother, or i thougt we did. When it was about to get serious, she asked me to wait. Two weeks later she is together with my best friend. Gonna play this song for him, telling him how i feel about them

JUST FRIENDS | Reviewer: ummm | 9/30/07

my friend just broke up with this girl that cheated on him and ive always liked him
and now we're kinda "talking" but he cant get over her and im putting this some on my myspace to let him kno i understand and im here to make you better to fix you

:'( | Reviewer: Lizzie | 9/28/07

We chose this song to sing for our show in secondary school. It was about abuse. We brought so many tears to people's eyes, it incredible.

I also used some of the words to show how i felt to my ex.

The words and the music together makes such an unbelievably powerful song.
I love it.

Heart-renching. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

We used this song in our show in secondary school. It was all about abuse, whenever we performed it, we brought people to tears. From teenagers to the elderly. It was incredible to be able to do that.

I also used some of the words to show my ex boyfriend how I felt when we broke up.

It's such a powerful song, that everyone can relate to.

I just love it.

Paraguay | Reviewer: US Student | 9/20/07

I remember hearing this song when driving through a slum in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and resolving to fix the poverty that people were thrown into. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

Love this song | Reviewer: Car | 9/19/07

I think for me, it's the first verse, when you feel so tired that you can't sleep, stuck in reverse. THat sums up the past year for me. To me I interpret this song as the lights of heaven guiding me home and heavenward and that will be the ultimate fixing. The song has such emotional content and musically, it just hits you. The way it builds and builds. THe video is also fantastic. I think they really did a great job with this song!!!

Life | Reviewer: deviola | 9/18/07

This shows pretty much everything in your life that you've been through. No one is living in perfect situation. Everyone has their bad situations in life. Even though you have a terrible situation, this song made me realize that there's always someone who has the same situation and knowing that I'll never be alone because someone will always be there for you. This shows that i shouldn't be sad in anything because family and friends will always be at your side when you need them.

Love | Reviewer: Linda | 9/17/07

I really love this song...
It´s so my life, it says so much.

My boyfriend died last year - when you lose something you can´t replace.

I haven´t been looking at other guys until some week ago, down in Turkey, when I fell in love with one of my turkish friends that I have known for some years, and now I´m back home, many miles away - when you love someone, but it goes to waste.

about the song fix you | Reviewer: Jimmy | 9/17/07

this song makes me cry everytime i hear it.. the melody his voice, its a fucking big feeling it subscribes much of my feelings and tears. its fat and pretty to cry with coldplay, cause they understand you!

Neat | Reviewer: Ty | 9/14/07

Neat track.....heard it along time ago......was into several relationships after my first relationship broke.(open relatioships) never believed in commitment because my first relationship was a disaster. And when i first heard this song...Was with friends and he has taught me a lot.I've changed from what i had become,to the way i was when i was in my first relationship. COMMITED. He has indeed, FIXED ME. We been seeing each other for 6 months now and have not had anyone else in my life apart from him.Guess at times we all need someone to fix us :)