loving an addict | Reviewer: mtanner | 11/4/09

I've heard this song before but today as I was working, it crossed my mind and made me think of this guy I like... He's a drug addict and has severe depression and its like getting what I want but not what I need and all I want to do is fix his problems

sentimental | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

i know that for anyone to fix themselves it takes a certain effort on their part but i am willing to support that person all the way, God will provide the rest.
i've experienced this with my boyfriend of a rough 2 years.

=/ | Reviewer: pat | 10/19/09

i always liked this song, but until this summer i rlly didnt know the meaning of it all. I lost someone i rlly loved and this song brings back all of the memories. "When you get what you want but not what you need" and "When you lose something you can't replace " rlly hit me hard sometimes...

Beautiful song. | Reviewer: Lawrence | 10/8/09

This song is just... it's so powerful to me especially after I realized I love a girl that I very likely never will have a chance with.

I've lost so much sleep laying awake at night, thinking of her and the line "When you feels so tired but you can't sleep" really rings out to me.

At the same time, so do most of the lyrics in the song, I put this on sometimes when I'm sleepless at night just writing, it makes me want to cry my eyes out when I think of my life yet at the same time gives me a bit of hope that maybe someday things will be better.

the first love the last | Reviewer: mamad tool | 9/20/09

now it's about 3 months passes that I get in love with a girl that refused my sugesstion to be a lover,and i listened to this song now ,this is the rules of god , this is a rules of nature that you should agree with this pain.that you will neveeer reach your loveeee!!!!! may be for eveeer!!!

strong.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/09

hi. you should listen the song, when your are far away from home.... I left my country and I moved far away...when I heard first time this song, I started to cry in an instant.... after 4 years, it still gives me the same sensation of cryn, but in the same time I feel something very positive, which gives me the power to go on.... its a very special song!

lights will guide you home... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

When I listened to this song, I admediatly started to cry...because this was the moment, that I realized that the one I love so much is the one I want, but not the one I need. Well I don't know how to let all of this behind...but this love is going to waist and I really hope that there will be anyone to fix me...I LOVE YOU but I don't think that I can take it any longer, just how it is right now...

Great and sad | Reviewer: Quentin | 9/7/09

I first heard this about three years ago at my school. A boy called Perks sang it asnd played it on the piano, and he was amazing, he left at the end of last term. I know it's stupid, but his voice suited it even better than the guy in coldplay's. Every time he sang it I cried because it was so sad and sounded so passionate, I'll never forget him singing it.

he said he will fix me | Reviewer: drey | 9/6/09

i had a lover who had shared to me this song and had given me his promise that he will "fix me". however our relationship has been challenged and he ended up giving up on me and the promise.

i feel him whenever i hear this song and it crushes my heart til this time that he had grown impatient with me and had decided to leave his promise broken.

surely i cannot replace him. it was also a love that has gone to waste. and i am regretful that no matter how strong my love is for him, it didnt matter anyhow.

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Cardinal | 8/24/09

First heard the song in 2005, then in March of 2006 after my lady at the time squashed my heart, I sent her a copy of the song and there was...Tears streaming down her face.
Though she's far from land where her young hero sleeps, I love her still! Good one from Coldplay.

Parent to Child | Reviewer: showgal | 8/21/09

I think this song is Chris Martin singing to one of his kids. Maybe it's how he felt when he and Gwyneth had their firstborn Apple. I makes me think of a new dad looking at his child the first time and promising to try his best for her or him.

:( | Reviewer: Inspiredbyblake | 8/7/09

My husband became mentally ill, it may have been there all along but he finally had a break down one day, and this song just breaks my heart when I hear it, had to divorce to save my life... I couldn't fix him...

sad | Reviewer: Adriano Munoz | 5/27/09

this song is a song that every one can relate to. it has sad lyrics and lyrics that can make you feel better in some way. this song has not related to me other than one time i was sick and my mom and dad helped me get better.

Wow.. | Reviewer: Lost | 5/14/09

This song reminds me of shitty my life once was, I listen and i cry. Then i think of those trying to help me pick up the pieces of my life and put it back together, to what it once was. 'Something you cannot replace,' Is someone I'd once loved; and I can never take back what I said.

Great Song | Reviewer: Tony | 4/29/09

This isn't supposed to be a completely sad song. This song is about healing, and how even when bad things happen, when everything seems to be going to waste, and nothing seems as if it can be fixed, that there is someone there to help you get you through the bad times. There is someone who cares and wants to fix you. It's not so much about fixing the unfixable, but of fixing what can be fixed, you.