Eyes are Wet | Reviewer: Sir Psycho Runner | 4/30/12

Coldplay. Hands down, one of my most influential bands that have helped me emotionally. Beautiful lyrics, and their melodies are just so sick..I do admit this song makes me cry, and the crying even harder towards the end, but afterwards, I feel alleviated and it gives me strength to endure once more..hope to see these guys love and thanks them personally for all they have done for me.

Fix you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

This song is my song to myself. No matter what I am going through... I will be able to get through it. Many people believe this song is a song to a lost love, a death of a loved one, etc... this song is for me. When I am down, I listen to it, realizing that there is no one in the world that can help me, except for me. I will be tattooing these lyrics on myself one day.

When your too in love to let go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

I never believed in love at first sight until I met her. She was everything to me there isn't a day gone by where I don't think "maybe I could have done this". We went out for 2 months and they were amazing then she dumped me. I became depressed but no way of expressing how I felt. Then I heard this song for the first time and I cried and cried for hours thinking about her. When you find true love never let it go because it's amazing.

My boyfriend :( or ex | Reviewer: Sav | 11/2/11

I feel like the chores is god trying to help me but like they say i just can't let go. Today were having a talk and im going to beg him to please come back. I just bought him a ring and during our break up it came in the mail, engraved and all. Its only been a few days but its been over a year and plus months together. And it was all a misunderstanding. :( I have no clue why i am venting this on a website review but its a song that is more than just loosing someone in death I've lost someone so close, we had plans of living together and joked about getting married. Its hard to go from that to nothing. </3 I love this song and i hate it because of its truth.

RIP | Reviewer: RIP | 10/29/11


This song is awesome there is no arguing about it.But ... I'm not sure about having someone that u cant replace maybe it's because I havent seen a person that whould do so.So if I do such a thing I will surely get broken.

My first | Reviewer: Jes | 9/18/11

My boyfriend gave me this song on a mixed cd for our first anniversary. One night when I was coming from his house I was listening to this song. I fell asleep at the wheel and will always remember that my first car wreck was to this song.

just not sure! | Reviewer: babak | 8/17/11

This song is awesome there is no arguing about it.But ... I'm not sure about having someone that u cant replace maybe it's because I havent seen a person that whould do so.So if I do such a thing I will surely get broken.

If you never try, you'll never know just what you're worth | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 7/26/11

This song is the anthem of my separation from a 25 year marriage, which had felt cold & punishing for almost all of those years, but, in spite of knowing all about abusive marriages, somehow I had not been able to find the words to explain what was so wrong about my own. Through all those years, I grimaced and winced, and when my vehement protests failed,every time, I (mistakenly) accommodated and complied and thought it was my fault.I kept leaning on what was good in my husband to keep going, and maybe to blind myself to the reality.
This song was released around the time I suddenly realised how unhealthy and strangulating my marriage was; I got a present of the CD, and played it in the car..and was transfixed by the song. I sat and cried, tears streaming down my face, for a very long time and played the track over and over again. I loved someone but that love had gone to waste; and now I would lose someone I could not replace.That was six years ago,and I still cry at this song; the brave part is that the only person who can fix me, is me.. and I will. :)

powerful | Reviewer: <3 | 6/3/11

This song is so powerful and full of emotions. This was the song a beautiful lady came in to when we said goodbye at her funeral today! The impacted it had on everyone in the church...was, unreal.
She loved songs with meaning, something she can relate to or just have fun with, this song was on of them.

So this song, means a lot.

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

However We lost someone we could never replace and our love for you will never go to waste as your shinning down on us with a big smile. Hello beautiful angel
Love you lynne <3

Opening the can of depression! | Reviewer: Stelboy | 3/11/11

I believe that everyone can identify to the lyrics of this song. Only a very rare person who has not suffered in any way will not be affected by the depth, regarding all areas of the track. When listening to it, you feel separated from the company that your are with and in a sense feel alone. This is how powerful the emotion that is drawn out of you is. When singing the word "reverse" he deliberatly goes out of key which is so poiniant. the chorus is also left at the end of the song helping it to flow, as tension is built up throughout the beginning and released at the end. This one may go in an all time top ten Depressers. Great composition, well done lads!

fix | Reviewer: martin | 2/11/11

The song is all about how we keep going and going in circles .. we find ourselves in the same place ... but it may be sad ..its suppose to open your eyes and let all your bottled feelings out ..we lose people everyday ... we try to act like nothing is wrong share your feelings let them out don't hold inside .. to where the light of someone is there to fix

wow | Reviewer: Shandeh | 2/10/11

This song is just the most beautiful thing. The emotion in the lyrics and the backing music has to be heard to be believed. I'm not normally into the sadder sort of music, with a few exceptions I listen to because I love the sound, but this just speaks to me on such a basic level, I can't skip past it in my playlist.

My taste in music changes according to my mood but this is one of the very very few songs that feature no matter what.

12/22/2010 | Reviewer: ashley<3 | 12/22/10

this song brought tears to my eyes. To me, coldplays music has always been moving but this piece just touched me. It so fits my path of thinking at this moment in time and sums up how i feel and how i have felt. Trying my best but not suceeding.....getting what i want but not what i need.......tears streaming....it just sums up whats been in my heart and mind for a while. I commend coldplay for creating a piece so heart felt and beautiful. The composition is extrodinary and the lyrics are so fitting to the melody. They sound so thought out and this song is just amazing. Coldplay, you guys rock!

Great Song. | Reviewer: Adamm | 12/8/10

i just came home from school and listened to this song. that day at school, i had just lost a valuable friend, and listening to this song had made the loss even worse.
i'm not offending this song. i'm just saying how powerful the words are.

the meaning brought tears to my eyes, but the funny thing is, i'm a guy ..

Read it, please! | Reviewer: Fix You II | 11/6/10

I listen to this song, every time I'm sad, every time I have these tears that-like the song says- are streaming down my face.
My dad died in 2001, when I was only 6, but I doesn't makes me feel sad. I cryed, but not as I cry now. Because, now I know what I've lost. I have 15 now, and I knew this few years ago, when I was in bed, listening to this song.
Every time I listen to it, is like I listen to my father saying: "you can do it!" and I want everybody to feel this feeling, because it reconfortates you! I hope you will understand me, love you all!