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Performed by Coldplay

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Great song | Reviewer: Mike | 7/19/07

I love this song. I find alot of meaning in this song. It's one of those songs that you can find multiple meanings in. I am going to sing this song to my wife when we renue our vows. Because I take out of this song for better or worse and if she gets sick or hurt I will try to fix you. I get the meaning of break up too but like it says try to learn from my mistakes..My favorite from coldplay....

touchy- definitely | Reviewer: elizabeth | 7/17/07

this song is not simply about breaking up. it has many layers and meanings. but underneath the words lies the real touchyness of it. it lifts your soul up into the heavens- thats it.

Great | Reviewer: ncati | 7/11/07

Fresh out of a relationship of two and a 1/2 years...i listened to this song and i knew it was over before we broke it off..i tear when i listen to it.

listen! | Reviewer: sanna | 7/7/07

I just heard this song but not with coldplay but with Young@heart sooooo tearful and true I just had to listen to the original too.

touchy | Reviewer: Pam | 7/4/07

The only word that comes to my mind is TOUCHY. This song is extremly intense. It expresses the tings that are on your mind, but still can't become words.

Multiple Messages | Reviewer: Ellie | 7/1/07

When I listen to the song "Fix You", or any of the Coldplay songs for that matter, I find that there are a TON of different messages that are fit into such a short amount of space. It's very interesting. Each line says something different that doesn't necessarily have to be relevant to the song, but it still somehow relates back to the main idea. Perhaps the best part about all of the Coldplay songs, and especially "Fix You", is that they are open to free interpretation, and so many different messages and ideas can be derived from each individual part of a whole.

mediocre brit pop track | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

Any later release of Coldplay's has not anywhere near lived up to their stellar, stripped down debut album. I guess that's the curse of all the overrated brit pop kack that hits the market in ever more predictable intervals.
This is one of the better latter day Coldplay tracks, just above mediocrity IMHO.

about the song fx u by chris martin | Reviewer: pynnpynn | 6/30/07

This lyrics and the melodies of this song touches my fellings.i choose this song 'song of the year'

yeeh good ., | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

When i try to find a better melodi.. i never give a succeed (:

OOh it´s so good . but yeeh i cant so muchenglish you maby can se it right now . i dont write so good . but well , you maby can se what i was writing .

my favorite song, EVER! | Reviewer: a girl | 6/26/07

this song is the greatest.
its so sweet.i find it really touches me,
its one of my favorite songs from them.
i simply love this song!

fix you | Reviewer: Tammy | 6/24/07

this song is beautiful.. coldplay makes wonderful music.. my boyfriend broke up with me and i cannot relate with this song any less..

Crucified | Reviewer: Mem | 6/23/07

this song reminds me of Jesus Christ Superstar, and i always think of closing night whenever i hear it.

amazing | Reviewer: Brian | 6/22/07

I truly cannot remember the last time I head a song that brings out such emotion. Seeing the trailer for the World Trade Center movie made me literally break down into tears as this song played thinking about all the people who lost someone and needing fixing of their emotions and lives because they were just broken by the events.

The rise in action in the song from begging to desperate is what makes it so striking and gut-wrenching. It is just unreal. Coldplay is very special, and Fix You is proof of their capability.

Too bad so many fanboys have jumped on the Coldplay bandwagon and think they need to bang their heads and act like idiots to enjoy such a fine group of musicians.

Thank you for this song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

I've started univesity this year and I really miss my home and my family. So whenever things get rough, this song is my connection to home and it makes me feel much much better. It's my top pick lullaby and consolation song. Besides, I've seen then performing... they're incredible.

Amazing | Reviewer: April | 6/21/07

This song is simply amazing. I get shivers when i hear it. Something comes over me. I think this song touches everyone in someway.

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