My best friend, my cat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

This song immediately reminded me of his death, and it's emotional impact on me. 17 years of a perfectly paired set of human and feline personalities. He was the biggest mush, knew me and my moods and my disposition as well as I learned his. "When you lose something you cannot replace" is about the ending you cannot go back and change. The "lights" in "lights will guide you home" are the realizations that now seem so clear but we took for granted and never nooticed until it was too late.

lost in a dark forest | Reviewer: h-r | 4/11/09

well im young but i do love someone and he said that he love me 2 but every time i hear "when you get what you want but not what u need" well..i think back again like.. is it worth it or not? moreover im scared cuz this year is the bacalaureat year so this finale exam will decide how my life will be from now on.. sorry for my english cuz im from morocco and we just speek arabic and frensh...have a nice day

04/10/2009 | Reviewer: Okkie s budiman | 4/10/09

When first time i listen this song feel like the saddest song i ever heared, cz the lyrics pictured of me, all my trouble, my girlfriend n my parents left me and i feel stuck at the moment, "when you lose smtnghing that you can't replace" more often i listen this song i found new spirit in my live about" you never try you never know" thats inspiring me we should try and try and try again to elemenated the pained. Because i know my self that i'm more bigger than the problem, thanks to coldplay to created the such pricefull lyrics like this, now i can see the future in positive way, and now i'm join in positive people at "okkie s budiman.

Gad | Reviewer: Gad | 4/4/09

i dont know why all of u poeple seem to be pessimetic about this song, its kinda sad, but for some reason when ever i hear it just gives me a tinge of saddness and alot of happiness. Think i am phsyco or something

lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/09

i lost my best friend the other day he was only 30 years old. i only knew him 3 years and he was like a brother to me. now i have no friends no one to look up to and i cry at least 3 times a day thinking of how good he was to me. this song was played at his funeral and everybody cried. its not that is is a sad song its just that most of the lyrics are true and i know sometimes it looks like the pain wont go away but someone will eventualy fix us.

coldplay lover | Reviewer: always grieving | 3/11/09

i cry everytime i hear "u feel so tired but u cant sleep, stuck in reverse...& the tears come streamin down ur face, when u lose somethin u cant replace..." cos i lost ppl special in my life..whenever i hear this song it reminds me i'll never get them helps me grieve though so i love it

thanks Coldplay | Reviewer: Amelie | 3/6/09

that's worse things than a losing love, losing someting irreplaceble is a really black whole... i just wished my ex-boyfriend tried to fix me but he not even tried, so i leave him... i'm better alone, listenning coldplay than living in a false life.
... sitting, waiting, listen to them, hopping my pain go away.

Lights | Reviewer: lights | 1/15/09

"Lights", I'm interested in what the lights stand for here. I'm interested in who takes me out to "home" and fixes me.
"home" what does this word stands for here.

Help all of us, help us follow the light every moment please.. and please forgive our own foolish will. lead us every moment please, change us please, forgive us and love all of us please, evern when we go our own way, please don't abandon us and lead us to the light way

irreplaceable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

This song is mayby one of the saddest songs ever. Everytime I listen to it, I just wanna scream and cry a river. Mayby because I'm related with its lyrics.

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go

It seems I lost something irreplaceable, but I need it too much to let it go.

Olklomahoma.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08

hi, i like this song.. i dont know why, and I dosn't has lost anyone. But of some reason I don't feel me even so good(my life is good, and I can find the love almost whenever I want) because, even if the life is "perfect" so is there always something who is missing. Witch it's for me is real love. but it like this song is repairing something in my heart when i'm litsning. well, thanks for me(I know that my english is not so good)

my worst heartbreak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

this song helps me right now!! i've lived together with my boyfriend for over a year and for one week ago he told me he loved me right before we went to bed, and the next day he throw me out...he wanted to be singel so he could have sex with every girl he met...but the day he was ready to get married....he would mary the meen time: he would not have anything to do with me...and he is so angry at me, the only thing I've done wrong is to fall in love with an helps me to be mad at him, but if I get a hint that he is mad at me to...then it's hurting realy bad!! i've never done anything he could be mad about....

Heart | Reviewer: Edidiong "Altair" Ebong | 10/22/08

This song is all about hopes, dreams, pain, and oh yes, tears, buckets and oceans full of tears. "Fix You" is universal. It connects all of us 'cos we all have or will experience the 'soul' of this song. The song is saying, "I know life is hell and I'm here for you". The video captures the power too with all the band mates singing "tears stream..." at the end. Coldplay rocks eternal.

Memories | Reviewer: blank | 10/10/08

I lost the first love of my life to a Car accident 8 months ago. I was depressed, sick, and wouldn't leave my home for 6 out of 8 of thoughs months.

Then I found someone else and I felt like they fixed me. But she was having problems too. But she dumped me. :\ But I still try to help her and it's hard. She really means a lot to me.

irreplaceable | Reviewer: vp2 | 9/29/08

i remember listening to this song when i broke up with a girl who really meant alot to me for no real reason at all and ended up messing with my head so bad ive only got my confidence back 2 years on. still after all that time i cant hear this song without getting a lump in my throat especially at the guitar break toward the end. great song

Fixed | Reviewer: triksen | 9/28/08

This song means so much to me:
I listened to it day/night when I dumped my ex-boyfriend after finding out he was cheating on me. During the flight from London to my home town I cried and wished the airplane would just crash down.
But after couple of months I met my real love I have been together since 1,5 years! He knew this song and wrote a letter to me: I'll fix you!
For all who are sad wright now: There will be happines, just be patient. You'll never know when it comes.