awesome | Reviewer: nara | 5/23/10

I've been a fan for ten years now, and it's crazy for me to think it's been so long. I went to their show in Sao Paulo and it was Chris' birthday and we all sang happy birthday, and it was amazing. This was the last song before the encore, the show couldn't have ended in a better note.

Irresistably Coldplay | Reviewer: Myk | 4/7/10

Coldplay ws 4 long my best band,then they became very popular n i startd paying little interest 2 them bt with d release of Viva la Vida i just cudnt resist d album! I love d intro 2d chorus n d chorus of Death n all his Friends very much. Life in Technicolors great too!

Last Night ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/09

I went to the Coldplay concert in Toronto last night.
The finale to the concert was Death & All of His Friends and I've got to say it was amazing.
The song itself is so inspiring ...
It was a strong finish to a phenomenal concert.

Coldplay made a cd "Left, Right, Left, Right, Left" that everyone attending the concert was given free.
And, they sang happy birthday to their drummer, Will.
They're a generous band and their sound (new and old) is amazing.

Cool! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

What really makes Coldplay work for me is the lyrics. Somewhat religious, all powerful, coupled with great music. I woke up this morning, played Viva la Vida for the first real time ever, and fell in love.

The Lyrics Above are Inaccurate | Reviewer: Gunner Derrickson | 12/19/08

The lyrics given above appear to have been entered as a prank by a middle school student who still finds profanity and sexual innuendo to be the height of humor. Coldplay generally does not use profanity in their lyrics, and the song "Death and all of His Friends" does not include any of the words mentioned above. The moderators of this site should change the lyrics to reflect the content of the song immediately.

Well done!!! | Reviewer: Noel | 11/27/08

Its rare that you can pay 12 quid and walk away as if you ripped off the artist. Definitely Coldplay's best work yet!!! This song gives me the same feeling I got from Moby's "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters".

COLDPLAY FAN FOR LIFE! | Reviewer: Jon Shockness | 11/22/08

Though this is my second favorite song on the VIva La Vida album this whole album and their catalog is CRAZY good. I'm really a Hip Hop fan but come on, how could you deny the genius that is Coldplay? Especially when they do tracks with one of my favorite artists Jay-Z. This song is brilliant, the words are brilliant and this album is brilliant! Check out Lost (my favorite)

The best album ever. | Reviewer: Anonymous2 | 9/8/08

There is only one word to describe this album: MASTERPIECE. I think that "Viva la Vida" is the best album a group of musicians have ever created, because it touches your soul. Each song creates a special atmosphere, and, in my opinion, makes you escape from reality. I think that the best song of this album is "The Escapist", I don't get tired of listening to it. The best musical invention in decades!

the only album where i liked everysong. and ALOT | Reviewer: joel | 8/27/08

this album. a word i cannot describe. Coldplays indie sounds just got better. their style is soo unique soo original. the first ever song i heard was Violet Hill. and i liked the i searched it up listened to their songs and man did i ever fall in love with Viva la Vida. after that i bought the album. then i listened to the other songs and MAN it was worth EVERY single penny. coldplay really knows how to make a song sound amazing. the lyrics and melody. Every single songs chorus sounds PERFECT. Coldplay really nailed it on this. this album can start a new type of genre.

Whole Album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/08

I bought the cd just to listen to Viva la Vida. When I first listened to the whole cd, I thought man Coldplay did awful on this one, after a few days of listening to Death and all his friends, Yes, Violet Hill and all the others. I fell in love with the whole album.