Viva La Vida may actually change the world. | Reviewer: David | 8/21/08

When asked about Coldplay's latest release, Viva La Vida, Chris Martin sarcastically said: "It will change the world."

However, Martin may not need the sarcasm when saying that about such an epic achievment. It is not an exaggeration to say that Coldplay has achieved an album that can reach any person on earth.

The sounds are so powerful that they transcend genres and resound in a persons heart.

The whole album may not flow flawlessly, but each song is orchestrated with amazing dynamics.

I challenge anyone to list to the first and last tracks of this album and not feel something.

n/a | Reviewer: AMP | 8/21/08

Personally, I was never a fan of coldplay, was toom much the sortof thing my mother liked, but i gotta say, the new album is briliant.

this song especially suprised me, cos it was sortof out of place on the album, but good all teh same....

Modern Classic | Reviewer: Rick Cooper | 8/3/08

Chris Martin and his band mates have achieved what most bands only dream about, a classic album unlike their earlier endeavors. Viva La Vida explores deep themes with melodic precision. It reminds me of Tears for Fears "Raoul and the Kings of Spain" which explores many of the same themes in a concept type album. Where as most groups are searching for good material by the time they have released three or four albums, Coldplay seems to be just getting started.

They're back! | Reviewer: Jen | 7/28/08

This album is amazing! For the first time in a while I'm in love again w/CP (not a huge fan of X&Y lyrics/sound). Exactly how many different instruments/influences do you hear in this album? It is so diverse in sound...a class of its own. Some influences I hear.. african drumming, is that a sitar, a little classic rock...oh my. Yay CP! XOX

Jared, I feel the same! | Reviewer: Kyle | 7/22/08

Death and all his Friends is my most favorite song on the WHOLE album. It gives me chills and I just love the whole thing, its so perfectly put together I just cannot imagine a more perfect harmony and melody.

OMG! | Reviewer: Mark | 7/17/08

This album is truly great, infact, it is infectious, the more u listen to it the more and more u like it. The quality of the music, the great lyrics and the way they are played all contribute to something special. This album has engraved coldplay into the stars as one of britain, and the worlds, best musicians. Eat ur heart out Beatles, the 21st century have our own iconic band....what a masterpiece!

Brilliant | Reviewer: para | 7/16/08

The best thing about Coldplay is that all the songs are different and if you hear a song for the first time you know that it is Coldplay. Unique!

I can't name any other artist/group who come close to Coldplay.

We're back together, Coldplay and I | Reviewer: Annie | 7/13/08

I had a rather short lived but fierce romance with Coldplay when Parachutes came out but somehow we fell apart shortly after this. I've been liking them, alright, but never made it to listen to a whole album again. And now Viva La Vida - all I can say really is Wow! It got me right away and I'm not sure when it will leave me again. But since time has progressed this even has the potential to be a lifelong romance this time. There are very few albums of which I am certain that I will still be listening to them once I am old and grey, but Viva La Vida instantly became one of them before Life In Technicolor was even over!
I can only quote John, the reviewer before me: "Martin and his chums are, for me, now up there with the very greatest of the last 40-odd years."

Death and all of his friends | Reviewer: Jared | 7/12/08

The CD is fantastic and very well done. I have just about all thier collection and this CD is just as good if not better. The chorus part of Death and all of his friends practically gave me chills and the ending in the same sound as the intro song "lIFE IN TECHNOCOLOR" gives the CD a setting to tell a story. I like that in music. Ijust wish more radio stations played this artist more often.

Those who are dead are not dead, they're living in my head | Reviewer: John | 7/4/08

Not only a fantastic album, music-wise (although I often hear the Edge's guitar, eg.,Death and all his friends 3:39) but the theme is so important. It's actually made me, a dyed-in-the-wool sceptic, think that, as Chris Martin says "there must be something more". I received the record on Tuesday and, according to i-Tunes, had played "42" 26 times between 8 and 4:00 on Wednesday morning! Superb. I´m 61, I remember the same feelings when I listened for the first 50 times to Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, Blonde on Blonde, the Division Bell

Plant said: "The best thing you can do now, is trade a smile with someone who's blue now"

Martin says: "Those who are dead are not dead, they're living in my head"

Lennon said: "Imagine all the people.."

Dylan said: "How many roads must a man walk down.."

Martin and his chums are, for me, now up there with the very greatest of the last 40-odd years.