My song is love unknown | Reviewer: Messenger | 1/31/08 been in a distant relationship for nearly 3 years now, and i know what the lyrics are about, i can undestand them and they hit me everytime. It.s painfull to hear this song when longing for the person you love. This song is pure, it.s like it is standing alone in deep space and sending impulses throughout the galaxies... inspiring

------ About the song A Message performed by Coldplay | Reviewer: Ninah | 8/14/07

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard - you can feel the soulful singing tugging at you as you hear the words.....what beauty.

beautiful | Reviewer: porsche | 7/15/07

this is such a beautiful song, I love it so much and never get sick of listening to it. My favorite song from coldplay and can always make me smile when I'm feeling down.

hello | Reviewer: Hamid | 6/16/07

a message is magic song. i can fly with that magic simphoney.cold play is very best band in the world.crazy in love & crazy in feel. i love cold play. i am hamid from iran(asia)

a beautiful song | Reviewer: santy's | 6/14/07

this song, is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard, thanks coldplay!

im not giving up on you because i believe in your love. | Reviewer: Big-Hill | 5/20/07

the song is about missing your lover, ill do anything to get you back, i learned my lesson by being lonely, now i know what you are worth and i will prove my love to you, i feel something that i never felt before and it's killing me you're not by my side.

Something to think about | Reviewer: Karl | 4/28/07

Just remember if your love wants to be on their own, after all, you might think you should be by someone's side but maybe they just want to be alone.

Wonderful lyrics | Reviewer: Leigh | 4/16/07

Such a poetic song about a man who truly loves his girl. Living in fantasy land while listening to this song is a good thing. Not their best song ever, but wonderful lyrics.

Love | Reviewer: Flower | 12/2/06

A message is such a beautiful song. It makes me want to tell everyone who I love because this song reminds me of how hard it is to keep it in. Coldplay always seems to know exactly how I feel!

Great message | Reviewer: Siyanda | 9/6/06

A Message is a powerful track that has personal meaning to me and I would love to see Coldplay perform this song live in the shores of South Africa! It's a beautiful song