God grant you peace. | Reviewer: Alina | 8/23/13

It is a song about someone you love. You can say it is about a lover singing this song for someone they love.

But for me.... it is for my uncle. He took care and loved us deeply. Once I realized how much I loved him; how much of a father he was to me - he died. It happened just recently.

I am planning to write a book about him in the future. He was a respected man, and believe me, hundreds of people cried for him. He was a beautiful person, but he was taken. I was scare to meet him because I thought my feelings could be read. He taught hundreds of people so much. My father says, "He taught me, and I think his purpose was to teach us. He told me to compromise; learn how to compromise. And when I finally learned how, he was gone."

For you, Professor Munir Rizvi. Thank you.

lyrics inspired by a hymn | Reviewer: Mark | 2/17/11

This song was inspired by a Christ centered hymn. Look it up. My Song Is Love Unknown is a hymn by Samuel Crossman, written in 1664. No person can ever love or be loved the same way God loves. It would be cool if Chris Martin was singing this to Christ also.

=( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/10

this song makes me cry because the guy i love with all my heart broke up with me. I can't get him off my mind and would give anything in this world to be with him. After all the time weve been together, he throws it away. =(

My message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/10

For those unable to love....this song helps it....for ones unable to see a dimmed light in the distance and your long journey ahead just to get to the tip of what u find and call love....this song....thanx coldplay...sincerely your...rhanel foster

trying to get my message home... | Reviewer: Jess | 4/27/09

This song really means a lot to me...my boyfriend of a while just broke up with me because he said he needed space but there is nothing in the world that I wouldn't give up just to have him again. He meant the world to me and we still talk but every time we do talk, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him and it's just so hard. This song describes exactly what I am dealing with right now and it makes me so happy yet sad when I do hear this song. I am nothing without him and I would do anything just to get it through his head that I will always be there for him and how much I just yearn for him still...thanks Coldplay, for writing this song. It's utterly beautiful.

love me | Reviewer: mezzanine | 4/26/09

do we really need a half in this world to be happy with ourselves?do I really need to be loved by another person so that i can feel complete? i think is wrong to think about ourselves as being incomplete without the attention,passionate love of that special person.of course it is special, and we prefer to share only with her,but we should live more trough ourselves,love ourselves more, but not in a selfish mode.we are loved by others just the way we love ourselves.

a message; my thoughts | Reviewer: kevin | 1/22/09

I never fail to be moved by this simple, understated, honest piece of art. It's the happiest song ever and yet it reduces me to tears every time the 'twist' of the last verse kicks in '....I love you please come home...'This song makes me think about how much I love my wife and baby son, I dont know why but it just tugs at my heartstrings so much.....easily my favorite coldplay song. Simply put- this song is awesome.

Im sorry | Reviewer: You know who I am | 11/24/08

Im sorry..of all my heart..you knew...you knew that I love you right?..and that I always been since you first started to "really" talk to me and realized..that afterall im not just weird or odd..im..me..someone who wishes for you to feel the same everyday...and everyday..im together with her...thinking about you...its such a pain...and now that we're even more far apart..will you ever forgive me?..I still love you...and my heart is in pain everyday..for being with her...yet...I can't hurt anyone..im hopeless..and..silenced.. and again..I love you ...of all my heart...you know who i am if you read this.

Secret loving | Reviewer: Brian | 10/31/08

Whenever i listen to this song, I remember the girl I love... She doesn't loves me the way I love her, but I want her to be happy forever and ever, even if I have to sacrifice lots of things which are important to me...
i just want her to be the happiest person in this world, even if have to never be with her... Someday, I'll tell her how big is my love.

Great song, Coldplay!

I am touched too | Reviewer: James | 10/30/08

I always like this song but ever since I broke up with a simple girl named Justine from ND this song means a WHOLE LOT more to me. I miss her dearly and yet there is nothing I can do to prove to her, she's fed up with me! :( I wish I could strum my guitar and sing this simple and yet truthful song to her. And now I can just practice the song and play it like she could hear me. I love her and that will never change!

truly inspiring & heart crippling... | Reviewer: > > *A.B* < < | 10/28/08

this song is something special...as quite a few of the coldplay songs are, but this is somewhat a bit more special. i can listen to this song over & over again without getting bored of it. the same words hit you every single time. coldplay are a very unique band themselves...the words are magic & are very creative. they get you thinking about things in life over & over again. and as not many other songs have, the song has a meaning. if you are feeling the same way as the words are said & what the song is about it hits you like a bullet in the gut. a so so powerful song & if you ever need problems about love or relationships solved with family or partner, this will do the job. i have loved this girl for months now but not told her. when i did last month she confessed her love for me too. if only i told her how i felt about her time ago. if only i listened to this song when i first met her...we would have been together for a lot longer as i would have done what i did time before. i may only be 19 but i am old enough to know what this song is about & get strong feelings from it every time i listen to it. it gets to me every time. if you are ever down then listen to this song & it will give you a much better feeling. the song is pure magic & gives you that warm feeling inside...wrapping around your feelings like wrapping paper. something special...

hi | Reviewer: Sophia | 9/21/08

I broke up with my boyfriend because of problems we had but i still love him, and im not sure if hes the one i really want. i want to be on my own for a while to find out what i really want, maybe its my pride and im hurt from our problems, and im blocking him not letting him in. i know he still loves me, but i also know i need to be alone for a while. i hope he understands. i need some feedback...im a mess

My song IS love. | Reviewer: Jordan | 9/1/08

This song [and band] changed my life in so many ways. I even have the song's first line [my song is love] tattooed on my inner right wrist as a reminder of what this song did for me. [There is more meaning behind the tattoo..but it's a bit lengthy :] ]

For Love | Reviewer: Emsie | 8/6/08

I just have to say how sweet some of these messages are. It's lovely for people to open up and own their vulnerabilities. Too much time is spent in our world today trying to hide what we feel and pretending. What a stupid waste of energy, yea?

A leap of faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/08

This song has been pure magic in my life, and only after I experienced the pain and longing in my search for my true soulmate I was able to grasp its meaning. This song is a message of love to your love unknown, the person that you know is somewhere, loveless as you are, and that you long to find and invoke sending him the message. If you read it that way all the lyrics make sense. I listened and sung this song like a mantra as a leap of faith to find my true love, and sure enough he heard it. You need to give up your pride and hurt (I´m nothing on my own)and send a message of true love to the person who is meant to be with you, even if you do not know him yet. You need to believe he is out there alone by himself and send the message to connect with him. It is a very powerful song, and as usual with Coldplay lyrics, the simplicity of the lyrics is only apparent.