real song writing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

edit to the lyris
"When the clouds, take the sky
Does a soul, give you life?"

this is wrong its actaully "does a STORM, give you life" I have the cd booklet
but bk to the song its beautiful and the whole album is miles ahead of most other music out there.

everytime this song plays | Reviewer: kira | 2/16/10

I feel the sheer win of this band. I've always loved songs that sound like rain, and man this is no exception. I always thought the lyrics were "and every time it rains I feel a hole in me." hmmm works either way I s'pose.
beautiful song though, love it.

i love this song | Reviewer: Fenyx | 9/16/07

This song is so awesome and apparentaly nobody else wants to comment on its beauty. Or they are just losers and don't realize its awesome-ness. (not a real word)...