amazing song | Reviewer: snehash | 1/9/11

i hav been a rock enthusiast fr 8 years nw but i hav never heard or felt so mch pain dan cold..of course der r exceptions bt scooter de god of vocals...he is way he puts words wit feelings is marvelous nd de music dat comes out fills u inside...some of his creations like wasted years nd suffocate nd black sunday r pieces of perfection.

Cold = the band of emotions | Reviewer: some guy | 9/3/08

Cold is one of the best bands(in mine oppinion) ever to write and sing songs about emotions, my favotite? "Black sunday", the very first song i´ve heard written by them, this song was the one who made me knowledgeabel about this band.
Finally, a band that doesnt go: "Yo ma´ homeboy bla,bla,bla, hip-hop line, bla,bla,bla, yo momma bl,bla,bla"
one of the best bands ever!
P.S: I consider "Black sunday" as my very own themesong.

About a Girl | Reviewer: >vv< | 1/7/08

Scooter wrote this song for a little girl who contacted him and told him that her parents were abusive alcoholics, and that nobody could help her. He wrote her this song so that she could listen to it and know that others were sharing her pain.

best song 4 heartache ever | Reviewer: ion666 | 8/14/07

i tear up alittle evertime i hear it . he truly understands how it feels to be alone