... | Reviewer: Aya | 3/31/07

This Song Is Simply Amazing. It's Too Bad They Aren't Well Known Among Most People. Some People Fail To Listen To Good Music..Cold's Albums Are The Songs People Should Be Listening To. They're Songs Just Make You Feel Like You're Not The Only One In This World That Goes Thru Rough Times. I'm Cold's Biggest Fan..And I'll Always Be...

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/06

I've always been a fan of Cold, and this song.. as soon as I heard it I instantly thought "This is my new favorite Cold song". I'd memorized every line of the song way before I even thought to look at the lyrics. If I were on American Idol, I'd definitely pick this song as my final performance.

Amazing and deep. | Reviewer: Cold fan | 2/15/06

So many people today think that rock and metal artists have no soul and only care about themselves. What they most likely don't know though is that this song was made because the lead singers sister was suffering from cancer. This song was actually written in her room and every lyric and word is dedicated to her in every way. For any artist to do that i have nothing but the up most respect for them and i hope Cold one day make it into the big time because they definitely deserve it.

Absolutely Wonderful !!!!! | Reviewer: Precious | 2/10/06

This song touches me so deeply, I just don't know if there are enough words to even begin to describe how absolutely wonderful this song is...You have to hear it for yourself to totally understand ,reading the lyrics is one thing but to hear Cold sing it is another level all together.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/05

Personally,I tear up just hearing this song... It's beautiful. I don't think reading it does it justice though. It's definitely worth checking out...