Kharbani | Reviewer: Balarishisha kharbani | 12/8/12

I was so excited when i saw cody'videos I mean your videos cody like all day, iyiyi.I can say your very talented person i've ever seen in my life. I advice you cody please don't waste your talent that GOD has given to you and always remember to 'give your best and GOD will do the rest', I wish you all the best and goodluck in everything that you do.

My CodyRobertSimpson Review | Reviewer: Jasmine Spiteri | 12/24/11

Ever since Mariam (A girl from my Yr5 class) told me about 'CodySimpson' I was like "Great, Another JustinBieber?" & she was like "No he way better then JustinBieber & he's way hotter too!" & I was like "Yeah Right" So I went home from school searched 'CodySimpson' on Youtube & there he was with his new single 'Iyiyi' so I clicked it & after I watched it my world was just turned around from head to toe. He was amazing, hot, talented he was everything. I became his fan ever since that day & I have not disliked him ever since. I really want him to come perform a tour around Ausrtalia & so I get to get a V.I.P pass or even better to win a competition & win a day with him just to get to each more & get to who we really are! He is the most anazing person in the world!

P.S ILuvvYouhh CodyRobertSimpson xx xD

best story ever | Reviewer: Erin | 8/24/11

after reading about cody simpson i have falling head over heals for him he has inspered me to write my own songs .... all his story's have tuch my heart .... i would love to meet cody simpson some day ... it would be fun to hangout and get to know one another ....