fashion is another language | Reviewer: Ali | 12/10/11

I'm obsessed with fashion. Sometimes, if I talk about it, I notice I lose people because they have no idea what I'm talking about. It's a language all in itself. One of the reasons I absolutely love this song is because of all the excellent fashion references aside from Louis, Gucci, Prada. I could tell that these boys, Malice, Pusha T & Pharrell, are very well versed in their designers.

Dude like Snoop say, "Step ya game up"
*Double decker boat*, mediterrain up
D-Class action cuts, tuck your chain up
Liberachi fingers, niggas hit Lorraine up

Up in *Donatella (Versace)* crib, me and like ten hoes
Call from the cell phone, give me that enzo
I know what your thinking, yeah Me Too
Okay everybody meet Mr. Me Too

and Cavalli was misspelled