Oh say can you see... the CRAP!!! | Reviewer: Big John Hamhock | 8/15/05

I have no problem with patriotic songs. I love my country, and as a vet I dare anyone to challenge that statement. But I'm sick as hell of this crap. This song is nothing more than Mr. Black doing what sells during times of war. I don't even have much of a problem with that. People need rallying points. But this is ridiculous. "Good old-fashioned lead"? Come on. Calling people cowards who are willing to take steps that ensure their own demise to further a cause, however misguided, that they believe in? It's just stupid. Granted, I haven't heard the song, so this is based solely on the lyrics, but you can support the troops without further spreading untruths that have been completely discredited. For lazily spouting mindless crap to get my less learned redneck brethren all riled up, I give this song's lyrics a big, fat F.