war | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

I agree with the ideas of this song and understand all the controversy. We were the ones that were attacked, Im glad we went and retaliated against the ones who did it. However I do think we have done all we can do. It would take forever for the U.S to turn Iraq into the nation we want it to be, in order for that to happen a leader from inside the country would have to convince the nation...much like Hitler (with different views of course). I will probably never go into the military but I will go into public service as a police officer so for one of our soldiers to call all of us who stay at home and work cowards hurts me. And for that soldier to call a man that wrote a song with him in mind a faggot is wrong but I still respect that soldier for fighting for my freedom, allowing me to go to college and pursue my dreams.

Whatever | Reviewer: NO | 4/23/10

Anyone that "prays for peace" as these lyrics say doesn't need a folksy cheeseball war song to hum along to. This is macho cliche of the highest order and doesn't have an ounce of solemnity to it. Don't just "support" the troops, respect them and reject such lame attempts to turn very serious stuff into a juvenile singalong.

Masters of War | Reviewer: jazzpreacher | 1/21/10

Dylan said it in his Masters of War. Mr Black says/sings it in his own way (admittedly not perfectly, but still): War is wrong, war under wrong premises is even worse.

Opposing an unjust war is not unpatriotic it is a human right.
Opposing White house policy is not un-American, it is looking at the world from a wider perspective.

Iraq and Afghanistan have already drained the US of billions of dollars and good men and women. No more!

Puting the same resources into peace-building and diplomacy would be a first step. And don's say it would not work. Because it has not been tried yet.

America..."We the sheepole..." | Reviewer: Chuck Davis | 1/2/10

Clint Black...you suck! America and thier idealogoies suck too! For those of you that haven't been to Iraq in a uniform need to shut your pie holes! I'm sick of all these stupid songs, "Have you forgotten", "The Red, White and Blue", shut up already you dicks and dickettes! Strap a uniform on and go...that's what I thought...douche bags! Screw America and all these damn rednecks that are all about "kickin ass and takin names." Get an education you dolts! Here's an idea, all of you that are pro-american and support the troops, get together like this faggot that had the million man march and have a big hat and put a dollar in it. When a unit gets home, give them their portion! Other wise keep your damn pro-american redneck crap to yourselves. "Put a boot up thier ass...", hell I'd love to put a boot in middle middle america's ass! Now, take what I've written and hang yourselves with your stupid lyrics and redneck beliefs! This one is for the stupid celeb's that come to Iraq or Afghanistan, don't come out! Everytime you do, I have to fire up a bird (because you're affraid to go by convoy) especially for you and risk my neck on a stupid worthless mission to cart your ass to another FOB! Think about that you dickheads next time you come out to! Next time you come out to a hot zone take a convoy you chickenshits! You've never had a "pucker factor" in your life, get some balls! Put those words of how "kick ass" you are in a MRAP! Suck me you fools! SFC. Davis! Come see me, I'm at Firebase Tombstone, Afghanistan!

Prayers and Respect | Reviewer: forHim91 | 6/6/09

To all you men and women active at anytime in any branch of the service, I THANK YOU! I've known a few good people that have had to leave their families to go to war and they have all come home when so many haven't. I pray for those that are there and those that know their going and those that end the day not knowing. I'm praying for you! Thank you for giving so much for the one thing that will never be free. When I go to Walmart or McDonalds late at night and I choose which job to take and what to wear and the church I pray in I remember our wonderful American soldiers that have given us the ability to make our own choices. America and all her fine soldiers, I stand and I salute you! Thank you and God bless America!

I'm already here. | Reviewer: PFC Fleurent | 4/20/09

i'm in iraq right now, doing what God brought us here to do. i don't care why we're here, all i know is i'm away from my family for tyhe next 10 months, already been here 2. don't know what the future has in store for me, but hope to get some, it's an army thing, civilian wouldn't understand. I live by the soldiers creed, and i'll die by the soldiers creed. the third line of the creed; I SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, AND LIVE THE ARMY VALUES. that's what each and every soldier is here for. . . . . . you. for those who don't know, and probably don't care, but i pray every night, hoping to wake up the next day, and pray the same for all the people i swore to protect and defend.
hope you can understand and appreciate everything we're (as in the entire military) doing everyday for you guys, the ones back home, who can't, don't, and won't fight, don't worry. . . . i got'cha. bless all who read this, and thank you for your support.
PFC Fleurent

From a soldiers mouth | Reviewer: NavyMan | 11/29/08

I support those out there. You should too right or wrong men were killed now lets get our ass out there and kick their ass!!! Have you all forgotten? Wake up, get real, and deal. This is Live.

p.s ya ill be going to iraq COUNT ON IT!

Good talk. | Reviewer: Clint Black | 7/28/08

Just curious but why does it seem like it's only us country-western musicians who are pro Bush and Dick? Everyone else is all Anti-war and killing and all that fun violent stuff! Come on people open your minds a little bit and buy a fully automatic assault rifle! Don't tell the Dixie Chicks I said that, I'm still trying to score that orgy!

One of the worst songs ever "written" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

Putting aside the fact that Clint Black's opinion about people who oppose the Iraq war is un-American and idiotic, the lyrics to this song read like they were written by a mentally challenged third-grader. It's like he wrote a bunch of tired cliches on slips of paper, shook them up in a bag, and drew them out one at a time to come up with the lyrics for this song.

But yeah, this song is horrible. And the Iraq War had nothing to do with our freedom because Iraq was never even a remote threat to our freedom. And if Clint Black is a "hi-tech GI Joe" who "pray[s] for peace [and] prepare[s] for war," sounds like he's perfectly suited to head up to his local recruitment office and put his money where his mouth is. We can send him over there to get shot at, since he loves the war so much, and we can bring home one of our guys who would rather be at home with his family and get him the PTSD treatment that he probably needs by now.

Different isn't always wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/08

I don't have a problem with people writing, singing, and enjoying whatever songs they please; freedom of speech is, after all, granted by the First Amendment to our Constitution. However, I do take issue to the idea that those of us who dislike this song are unpatriotic, are communisits, and/or should go join the Iraqi people. What happened to the idea of freedom of opinion, may I ask? I dislike the lyrics to this song (I've never actually heard it, so I'm having to base this off the lyrics), mainly because they imply that suicide bombers are cowards, which I don't believe they are. They are people who believe in a cause and are willing to die for it. You could argue that they are misguided, because they believe they are doing God's Work, but first of all, who says all of them believe that? Some, perhaps many, don't believe this will insure them a place in heaven, but are simply willing to die for a cause they believe just. Second, what proof have you that they AREN'T doing God's Work? It may not be your personal version of God's Work, and you may not believe they are, but perhaps God has a plan no one else understands and it is the job of those people to die for it. That is, of course, assuming you believe in a God who has a Plan, but that is a totally different debate. Anyhow, would someone care to point out the difference between the Iraqis fighting for their country and their beliefs and the citizens of the U.S. fighting for theirs? I mean, were we the ones who had strangers in our country, trying to change our lives, supposedly for the better, wouldn't we resist, too? Wouldn't we do whatever was necessary to protect our rights, beliefs, and country? What is the difference between suicide bombers of Iraq and those Americans who give their lives for a cause in which they belive?
Anyway, I fail to see how my opinion on this song makes me a communist and I would appreciate it if people could, before posting comments, remember that there are other people in this world who may have different opinions, and that doesn't make them bad or wrong. After all, in a sense, isn't our right to have different opinions one of the rights we are, supposedly anyway, fighting for in Iraq? I cannot think of a worse way to dishonor the memories of those who've died for our country, and those still fighting, than to try and deny other Americans one of the rights for which they fought, and perhaps died.